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[text tag=”h1″ typography=”Text {color: #777777;text-align: center;}”]PermaCure Tire Repair Inserts[/text]

[text tag=”h3″ typography=”Text {color: #777777;}”]The BEST Way To Fix A Flat Tire Forever[/text]

[text tag=”p” typography=”Text {color: #777777;}”]Don’t let a flat tire keep you from enjoying time outdoors. Our Tire Repair System with PermaCure Vulcanizing Technology is a must have for anyone who rides ATVs or UTVs.

PermaCure uses a proprietary compound that flows like lava to fill the injury and chemically welds to the rubber, giving you a repair that lasts the life of the tire. The PermaCure tire repair system is so easy, anyone can use it.

· Permanently bonds to the tire

· Ready to ride in minutes

· Won’t dry out and shrink like ordinary string repairs

· Great for all types of tires – ATV, Off-road, dirt bike, lawn mowers, trailer and utility, tubeless, radial, & bias ply

When you are exploring miles from civilization, you need a product you can count on to keep you on the trail. Don’t let a flat tire ruin the fun. Trust your tires to the repair that professionals have trusted for more than 75 years.