Why are the inserts in a blue wrap?
It is important to keep the inserts clean from dirt and oils as it will compromise the repair.

If I drop the insert in the dirt can I still use it?
We recommend using another insert as dirt will compromise the repair.

I own another brand of tire repair, can I use the insert tool out of it?
You can as long as the slot in the tool is at the bottom. Most tools are compatible with the inserts.

Will the inserts work in cold weather?
Yes, they will work. However, vulcanizing may take a little longer.

Are replacement inserts available or do I have to order another kit?
We are working on refills packs and they will be available soon. 

Why is it important to store the kit in a cool dark place?
As rubber ages, it will harden in sunlight. So to keep your inserts in top condition, it is best to store them properly.