TECH Outdoors was born from 80 years of tire and wheel repair innovation. In 1939, Charles Cornell a chemist and engineer developed chemical vulcanization of uncured rubber. This innovation led to the founding of Technical Rubber Company which is known today as TRC.

From this innovation, Mr. Cornell created and manufactured a complete line of tire repair products which now are distributed in 95 countries and considered to be the finest, highest quality tire repairs in the world and are marketed under the TECH brand.

In the 1980’s, TECH innovated again with the creation of the PermaCure insert repair. Unlike passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles who need to have their tires dismounted to be repaired, the PermaCure is inserted through the outside of the tire.

TECH Outdoors ATV ImageTECH Outdoors PermaCure repairs are uncured rubber strips that when TECH vulcanizing fluid is applied vulcanizes the PermaCure to the tire forming a permanent bond which lasts for the life of the tire. As application of this new PermaCure insert repair was explored, TECH Outdoors was born. Today the many different types of vehicles used off the road has exploded! Not only has recreational off-roading become a huge industry but so has, golf carts, lawn & garden equipment, airline service equipment even personal mobility scooters.

All of these vehicles roll on tires that when a flat is encountered need a safe, permanent and quick repair to get them back in service. TECH Outdoors offers the world’s only permanent on wheel tire repair!

At TECH Outdoors we provide you the confidence and peace of mind that your off-road vehicle’s tires can be quickly and permanently repaired whether it be to get off the trail or back in business, don’t go anywhere without a TECH Outdoors repair kit on board!