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Can you use multiple inserts to repair a large injury?

Absolutely! By stacking or installing multiple inserts you can repair a cut or large puncture. Permacure inserts not only vulcanize to the tire, but they also vulcanize to each other to create a permanent bond.

Can this be used on passenger car and truck tires?

TECH Outdoors Permacure inserts are made primarily as a solution for off-road tires. Industry guidelines recommend that tires for highway use be repaired from the inside of the tire, and an appropriate repair unit installed on the inner liner to reinforce the injured area.

Is there any location on the tire that cannot be repaired?

On non-highway applications, such as ATV/UTV, lawn, golf, etc., there are no limitations as long as the injury is entirely surrounded by rubber.

Are replacement inserts available or do I have to order another kit?

Yes, replacement inserts are available. Item number 2228TOD includes eight repair inserts and a tube of vulcanizing fluid.

Why are the inserts in a blue wrap?

It is important to keep the inserts clean from dirt and oils as it will compromise the repair. This will also keep the inserts from vulcanizing to each other.

If I drop the insert in the dirt can I still use it?

We recommend using another insert as dirt will compromise the repair.

If I own another tire repair kit, can I use the insert tool out of it?

You can as long as the slot in the tool is at the tip of the tool. Most tools are compatible with these inserts.

Can I use another brand of repair with TECH Outdoors vulcanizing fluid or another brand of vulcanizing fluid with TECH Outdoors inserts?

No, it is important to use ONLY TECH Outdoors PermaCure inserts with TECH Outdoors vulcanizing fluid as they are engineered to work together.

Will the inserts work in cold weather?

Yes, they will work. However, adhesion of the insert may take longer.

Why is it important to store the kit in a cool dark place?

As rubber ages, it will harden in sunlight. To keep your inserts in top condition, it is best to store them properly.

Will the inserts work after their expiration date?

Yes; however, optimal performance of our products can be found prior to the expiration date.