How much is a tire pressure monitor

How much does it cost to fix a tire pressure sensor?

One of my tire sensors in my Lexus isn’t working. I’ve come to depend on the low pressure light to alert me to problems with my tires. How much does it cost to fix a tire pressure sensor?

Rachel Rigolino · Answered on Feb 01, 2022

Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.

Tire sensors are a valuable diagnostic tool—so valuable that all car models have been required to have them since 2007! Luckily, it typically costs between $80-$140 to fix a tire pressure sensor, depending on your car model.

If your car’s still under warranty, the cost of replacing a sensor may be covered. Check with your dealership if you believe this is the case for you.

Here’s how tire pressure sensors work:

  • The sensors monitor the pressure in the cars’ tires and then send a signal to your car’s computer. Do check your tire pressure if the light comes on. It may mean you have a leak or even that you’ve overinflated your tires.
  • Properly inflated tires not only make driving safer, but they also result in better gas mileage.

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MORE: Low tire pressure in cold weather—and how to fix it

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    How Much Does It Cost To Replace Tire Pressure Sensor?

    It is rather impossible to overemphasize the importance of tires because without them, all engines and transmissions would be redundant. Keeping your tires in optimal condition requires you to always use functioning TPMS (Tire pressure monitoring sensors), so be sure to read this article to find out what they do and how much does it cost to replace them.

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace Tire Pressure Sensor

    It takes less than one hour to change all four TPMS modules if you take your car to a credible tire shop. This means that the costs of TPMS replacements include a minimal labor fee in addition to the componentry that tends to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $30-$50.

    Added up, it should cost you between $70-$150 per wheel. Granted, this also depends on the make and model year of your vehicle and the availability of parts. You may be able to replace a single sensor, but if the remaining three sensors are more than 10 years old, you should replace them all at once.

    What Is A Tire Pressure Sensor?

    A TPMS (Tire pressure sensor) is an intricate piece of engineering designed to constantly monitor the air pressure within the tire. Most tire pressure monitoring sensors are designed to detect when the tire air pressure falls below a certain threshold and then alert the driver via a dashboard warning light.

    These sensors are placed inside the tire and are commonly being powered by a small battery. Back in 2000, the US government made the use of TPMS a legal requirement for all cars sold past the year 2000. This means that all cars nowadays come with tire pressure monitoring sensors as they are an essential aspect of on-road safety.

    Why Do We Need Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors?

    Poorly inflated tires are unable to properly support a car’s weight, they increase your braking distances and make the car less maneuvrable, especially at high speeds. According to a prominent TPMS manufacturer Schrader, more than a quarter of a million accidents are being caused by under-inflated tires each year.

    Back in the early 2000s, NHTSA stated that tire-inflation-related issues cause more than 10,000 injuries each year, so it’s rather obvious why we need functioning tire pressure monitoring sensors. These sensors tirelessly monitor the air pressure within the tire while also communicating with the car’s ECU through low-frequency radio waves.

    Whenever the system deems the air pressure is way too low, you will be alerted which means that you will either adjust your driving style accordingly or completely pull over. These sensors also ensure that you always use the correct amount of fuel because under-inflated tires also use more fuel due to increased levels of tire rolling resistance.

    Can I Drive Without A Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

    Driving without a tire pressure monitoring system is certainly a risky thing to do, especially if you often drive at higher speeds. As these sensors tend to wear out, they need to be replaced in due time. However, most people out there use their cars for daily driving purposes and it’s not always easy to cancel everything and take your car in for a service.

    If you are in a pinch, you can drive the car even without a tire pressure monitoring sensor. However, always keep a sentient eye on your tires and be sure to adjust your driving style accordingly. If you are positive that your tires are properly inflated, you may be able to drive the car and nothing should ever come of it.

    Nonetheless, if you are not in a hurry and you can take your car in for a TPMS replacement, be sure to do so at your earliest convenience. While driving without a tire pressure monitoring sensor, be sure to read this article if you want to find out how you can tell if your tires are too low while behind the wheel.

    How Long Should A Tire Pressure Sensor Last?

    Most TPMS’s tend to last about 5-10 years, but given the fact that they are not the easiest nor the cheapest components to replace, most people tend to swap them whenever it’s necessary. This means that they tend to replace them only when the battery dies or when other TPMS components fail.

    Is It Possible To Repair A Tire Pressure Sensor?

    A TPMS fix is only possible if the reason why it failed in the first place can be resolved without needing to replace the whole unit. There were instances where owners complained about their brand-new tire pressure monitoring sensors failing only after a year or two of use.

    A common reason why is if the sensor was damaged beforehand, it used a faulty battery, or because it came with a manufacturing defect. Sometimes a brand new battery can replenish your old sensor and give it a brand new life, but you should not use the same sensor for more than 10 years max.

    Why Is My Tire Light On But Tires Are Full?

    This can be caused by either a faulty sensor, a slow puncture, swift ambient temperature shifts, recent tire replacement, or because your wheel speed sensors are malfunctioning. These sensors are not designed to last a long time and the reality of it is that you are eventually going to experience some form of issues with them.

    If your tire pressure monitoring sensor light stays on, but you are 100% positive that your tires are absolutely fine, the best thing you can do is to replace the sensor. Indeed, you can also repair it in some instances, but the price differences between repairing them and replacing them are marginal, so it’s always better to just get a brand new one.


    Most tire shops out there are going to charge you anywhere between $70 to $150 for a TPMS replacement per single wheel. This is because the components such as batteries, sensors housings, and chips tend to cost somewhere around $30-50 while the labor costs can cost up to $100.

    It also depends on which type of car you are driving, the type of TPMS, and the availability of parts. If your sensors are already more than 10 years old, it’s always better to replace them all rather than one by one, even if the remaining three are not showing any signs of old age.

    low prices in SZAO, ZAO, SEAD

    Tire pressure monitoring systems

    Car service "Your Wheels" sells tire pressure sensors in Moscow. Car owners living in CJSC, SEAD, SZAO can purchase TPMS systems with turnkey installation. The profile masters of our service at low prices will perform the installation of meters with registration of sensors in the on-board computer. This service can be used provided that the use of a device for monitoring air pressure is provided by the manufacturer of a particular modification of the car.

    TPMS sensors: purpose, features

    The TPMS system is a set of sensors with a signal receiver and a control unit designed to monitor tire temperature and pressure. Information to the driver is displayed on the dashboard or in the form of separate indicators. The design of the sensors, which are the key elements of the system, includes several components: a transmitting antenna, a battery, a tire pressure and temperature gauge.

    Depending on the installation option, you can buy sensors of the following types:

    • Mechanical: the simplest product. Screw on instead of caps. When the pressure changes, a special valve moves. Control by the color of the outer surface: "normal" - green, "need to pump up" - yellow, "very low" - red.
    • External: differ in average cost. They are also installed instead of caps, but they transmit electrical signals to the display or indicator, in proportion to the current pressure.
    • Internal: Electronic devices installed inside the rims are aligned with the wheel valves. Before installation, the wheels are beaded.

    When to replace

    Replacement of the pressure gauge is required in case of mechanical damage or exhaustion of the resource assigned by the manufacturer. Service life, as a rule, does not exceed 10 years. During intensive operation with maximum loads or under extreme conditions, this period is 1.5–2 times shorter.

    Advantages of TPMS sensors

    Decrease in pressure in tires below the set one leads to an increase in the resistance of the wheels to rolling. As a result, tire wear and fuel consumption increase with deterioration in handling. In emergency cases, it is possible to rotate the tire on the disk or stall. The purchase of TPMS sensors will allow you to constantly receive information about the condition of the tires in order to respond to problems in a timely manner to prevent accidents related to rubber damage.

    Advantages of sensors supplied by our company:

    • Implemented devices are suitable for most disc models due to the adjustable angle of the valve.
    • The ability to clone and replace without reprogramming the ECU.
    • Low cost with 2 year warranty.
    • Reprogramming for installation on another car is provided.

    Why you should contact our car service

    We have a large selection of certified components from trusted manufacturers with a guarantee. All work is carried out by specialized craftsmen with experience. Before changing the sensors, a free diagnostic is carried out. Our car service offers a full range of services from purchase to on-board computer programming.

    To consult a specialist before buying a TPMS system, write a message in the chat or request a call. The manager will promptly answer questions and agree on the time of service in one of our technical centers.

    Tire pressure sensors, TPMS sensors. Installation, cloning and tuning in Moscow

    from 2250₽
    from 3200₽

    Our company is specialized in tire pressure sensors . You can purchase TPMS sensors from us for any car.

    Both original and universal analogues of sensors are available, which with a 99% probability will fit your car and will work as well as an original spare part.

    In our store, the cost of tire pressure sensors is much cheaper than original TPMS kits.

    Browse by brand and model

    +7 (495) 790-11-24

    Top 8 Best TPMS Sensors in 2021 Review | Professional Opinion

    Most modern cars have built-in TPMS sensors, but there are some that don't. If your vehicle does not have a built-in tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensor, you have nothing to worry about. It is still possible to buy a TPMS sensor to keep your car's tires from being compromised while driving. These are systems that are designed to detect low tire pressure in your vehicle and alert you immediately. Thus, they guarantee your safety on the roads.

    Not only will you save your life, you will also save on towing and repair costs. Finding a quality TPMS sensor can be a daunting task, especially if you are buying one for the first time. You need to make sure you choose one that is compatible with your vehicle's wheels and ECU. In this article, we have reviewed 8 of the best TPMS sensors available on the market. Here's a quick guide before continuing.

    Best TPMS Sensors List in 2021

    #8. Autel MX-Sensor TPMS

    Manufacturer: Autel

    We start this review with the Autel TPMS sensor, which comes in a set of four. It will work just as well as the OEM and it's possible at a minimal cost. In addition to the affordable price, it is very easy to use. It also promises to last a long time, which means you'll save on frequent repairs to your car.

    Programming and setting up the device is another thing you will appreciate about this device. It is powered by a battery with a 5 year lifespan. You also need to have enough confidence to buy as the manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty. The price of this essential is relatively high, but you will definitely get value for money.

    Sensor Features:
    - This is a system that is very easy to install and program.
    - Comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
    – Rugged and durable construction with 5 years of battery life.
    - This is an economical and easy to use system for cars.

    No. 7. Launch RF TPMS, Original Equipment Replacement


    Tire Pressure Sensors

    Manufacturer: Launch

    This is a set of four sensors designed to monitor your vehicle's tires. The device comes pre-programmed, don't forget that its installation is very simple. The battery of this device is of good quality, it will last for 6 years. In addition to monitoring car tire inflation, the sensor also sends temperature information like factory sensors.

    This is a device that works so well that it doesn't take long to install. It is also pre-programmed which means it will be ready to use right out of the box. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty on this product to cover any manufacturing defects. Again, there is a money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

    Sensor Features:
    - Battery life 5 to 6 years.
    - Easy installation and reset of iDrive.
    - 80% customer satisfaction guarantee.
    - TPMS comes with a 2 year warranty.

    No. 6. Tire pressure monitoring sensor ORO-Tek

    Manufacturer: ORO-Tek

    This sensor works in the same way as the original equipment sensor. You will never have to worry about your limited budget as this one comes at a very affordable price. Another unique feature of this sensor is that it does not require programming. What you will need to do is use the OEM relearn procedure.

    Its two-piece pole design makes maintenance easy. This is because it becomes very easy to replace the stem regardless of the electronics. Four sensors are required for best performance. Oro-Tek is a brand that offers unparalleled products and the educational resources you need to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction.

    Sensor Features:
    - Designed to match the original equipment sensor.
    - This TPMS sensor does not require programming.
    - 35 degree adjustable stem.
    - Uses the OEM relearn option.

    No. 5. Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor Schrader

    Manufacturer: Schrader

    On average, there are 59 million vehicles in Russia equipped with TPMS sensors. Approximately 19 million vehicles enter the market every year, increasing the demand for these sensors. You need to purchase a sensor that does not use dead batteries or electronics as these can compromise your safety. To this end, Schrader offers direct mount TPMS sensors.

    This is a brand that has managed to integrate more than 200 million sensors into the world's automotive platforms since the launch of TPMS in 1997. You will appreciate the universal compatibility of this sensor as it is used in most car models. Since this is a sensor from a well-known brand at an affordable price, you have every reason to buy.

    Sensor Features:
    is the world leader in TPMS design and technology.
    - Patented Schrader technology built into every OEM sensor.
    - More than 200 million sensors are in operation worldwide.
    - Offers a direct OEM sensor replacement.

    No. 4. TPMS Sensor VDO 433.92 MHz

    Manufacturer: VDO

    If you are looking for a sensor that will not hinder your work while still providing maximum coverage, this is a very good choice. It is not only versatile, but also reliable for any trip. The gauge has a strong clamping rod that helps expand your vehicle's wheel armature. Since you are made by a famous German brand, you will have every reason to buy this system.

    This sensor comes pre-programmed and designed to follow the re-learning procedures for all vehicles. You will also have a very easy time when it comes to installation. REDI-Sensor is going to replace many of the original sensors, including latching sensors. The best thing about this sensor is that it comes at a very affordable price despite its outstanding performance.

    Sensor features:
    - Includes all parts for easy installation.
    - Robust swivel stem design with clamp.
    - This sensor is approved by the original manufacturer.
    - Sensor is pre-programmed to perform OE relearn procedures.

    #3. VDO REDI-Sensor

    Manufacturer: VDO

    In fifth place, according to our research, is another sensor from a well-known brand. When buying, you must be sure of yourself, because this sensor has a great track record. It comes in a set of two and comes with installation instructions to ensure a hassle-free installation. You will also appreciate the fact that no programming is required for this sensor.

    In addition to being made by renowned manufacturers, this sensor works flawlessly just like the original equipment. The price for it is relatively affordable so that everyone can afford it, regardless of their budget.

    Sensor Features:
    - Sensors are supplied as a set of two.
    - No programming required.
    - Works just like the original equipment.
    - Comes with installation instructions to ensure easy installation.

    #2. Tire pressure monitoring sensor Denso

    Manufacturer: Denso

    If you want to be sure that your safety on the road will not be compromised, this is the sensor you need. The advantage of this device is that it is ideal for most car models. It is powered by polymer batteries that have been proven to last for a very long time. You will love installing this device in your car.

    You have nothing to worry about even if you are shopping on a very limited budget. This is because this device comes at a very affordable price to ensure it fits all budgets. The fact that it comes from well-known manufacturers gives you the confidence to buy.

    Sensor Features:
    - Clamp Mount Design.
    - Powered by a lithium polymer battery.
    - This is a great OEM replacement.
    - Ideal for most car models.

    #1. ACDelco - Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor

    Manufacturer: ACDelco

    Finally, we have the ACDelco TPMS sensor, which is battery operated. It will help you check your car's tire pressure and alert you when it's 25% below the recommended level. Using radio frequency, this sensor will flawlessly send pressure data to the on-board computer in the vehicle. The battery is good because it will last you up to 8 years.

    However, you should know that this unit will work well for General Motors vehicles. Therefore, it is not recommended for some other manufacturers. However, this sensor works flawlessly and is easy to install as advertised. Thus, if you want to stay safe on the road with the right level of tire inflation, this is the one you should choose.

    Sensor Features:
    - Offers quality, reliability and durability.
    - Increases vehicle safety.
    - Batteries last up to ten years.
    - Designed for flawless communication with the GM TPMS module.

    TPMS Sensor Buying Guide



    Director of 80 wheel tire service in SVAO

    Ask a question which will work on a wide range of cars regardless of make or model.You will get some TPMS sensors that will not work on Japanese cars.To get good value for money, the sensor you choose should work on all car models.

    - Ease of use: As with any tool you buy, it's good to pick one that is easy to use. You need to get a TPMS sensor that will serve you, not you. If you find yourself always consulting the Internet on how to use the sensor, you can be sure that this will give you difficulties.

    - Reliability: It is always recommended to choose TPMS sensors from reputable brands. This ensures that you can get a timely response if you get stuck somewhere. You also need to check if the manufacturer has given a warranty for the tool you are going to purchase. This inspires confidence that the instrument is of good quality.


    Maintaining ideal tire pressure is important for every driver. Failure to do so may result in tire damage, vehicle wear or even traffic accidents. Buying a TPMS sensor will save you all those worries on the road. There are so many brands of TPMS sensors that it can be confusing at first. In this article, we have reviewed the 8 best TPMS sensors available today.

    Learn more