Download Full Instructions: 822TOD 

1. Thoroughly inspect the tire and remove the cause of any punctures.

2. Apply a small amount of Chemical Vulcanizing Fluid to the Reaming Tool and then apply to the puncture using an in/out motion. Leave the Reaming Tool in the tire for now.

3. Remove the blue protective cover from the PermaCure. Do not touch the PermaCure. Insert the PermaCure into the eye of the Installation Tool and apply a light coat of Chemical Vulcanizing Fluid.

4. Remove the Reaming Tool from the tire. WITHOUT TWISTING the Installation Tool, push the PermaCure insert into the tire until the loop of the PermaCure clears the inside of the tire.

5. Remove the Installation Tool by pulling straight out of the tire.   

6. Cut off the excess PermaCure on the outside of the tire.

7. Reinflate the tire to the recommended pressure and recheck for leaks.