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Firestone Tires Review (2023)

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  • Firestone earned an overall score of 4.0 out of 5.0 in our most recent tire study
  • In general, Firestone tires tend to be affordable choices for basic driving needs
  • The company also has service centers around the country and warranty plans for purchase

When it comes to tires, Firestone is a household name. But how do Firestone tires stack up against competitors? In this article, we’ll discuss Firestone in-depth, including industry reputation, popular tire models, costs, customer reviews, and our overall thoughts.

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About Firestone Tires

Founded in 1900 in Akron, Ohio by Harvey Firestone, Firestone is a well-recognized brand among drivers in the U. S. and beyond. In 1988, Firestone was bought by Bridgestone Tire, which now acts as its parent company. Bridgestone made up 19.5 percent of North American tire sales in 2019, making it one of the largest tire manufacturers on the continent.

Competing with large-scale tire manufacturers like Michelin and Goodyear, Firestone has carved a passenger vehicle niche for itself within Bridgestone’s larger market share. Today, Firestone is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

Firestone produces replacement tires for cars, trucks, and SUVs and previously manufactured original equipment (OE) tires for Ford Motor Company. Firestone tires are a strong choice for the day-to-day commuter looking for a budget-friendly option.

Cost of Firestone Tires

Firestone tires are in a more affordable price range than other big-name tire brands. For example, Firestone All Season tires for a popular passenger car like the 2019 Toyota Camry cost as little as $105.47 per tire. According to Consumer Reports, all-season tires run between $80 and $120 each.  

However, tire costs can vary significantly between different models, sizes, and specialties, even within the same brand. Drivers should also consider a tire’s treadwear warranty versus the cost. More expensive tires often offer a longer tread life, meaning fewer replacements in the long run.

Firestone Tires Industry Ratings

Firestone tires, like many prominent tire companies, follow an evaluation system created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This system, called Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG), grades standard tires based on treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance.


This grade estimates the longevity of your tires. To calculate treadwear, tires are measured against a control tire given a rating of 100. If a tire has a 500 treadwear rating, that means it lasted five times longer than the control. Most passenger tires have between a 300 and 500 treadwear rating, according to data from 


This grade measures how well your tires “grip” a wet road. Traction grades are given on a scale of AA, A, B, or C. Good day-to-day passenger tires typically receive an A rating. 


This grade evaluates a tire’s heat resistance on a scale of A, B, or C. Tires need to withstand different temperatures based on their specialization. Performance tires usually move at much higher speeds than an all-season tire, and in turn, have higher temperature ratings.

Firestone Tire UTQG Grades

Here are a few of Tire Rack’s highest-rated Firestone models and their UTQG grades:

Firestone Tire Model Tire Type Treadwear Score Traction Score Temperature Resistance
Firestone All-Season Passenger
560 A B
Firestone Destination LE 2 Light truck/SUV
520 A B
Firestone Destination A/T Light truck/SUV
460 A B
Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Passenger
Ultra-high performance
500 A B

Be aware that the NHTSA does not carry out UTQG tests. Manufacturers hire independent companies to test their tires and report UTQG grades. Since testing isn’t conducted by one company or group, tire manufacturers’ grading can vary compared to actual performance on the road.

Most Popular Firestone Tire Models

The most popular Firestone tires are everyday all-season models and heavy-duty truck tires. Some Firestone performance tires are highly rated by customers, but many fall flat when compared to Michelin or Pirelli. The tire manufacturer also produces a reliable, studdable winter tire for cars, light trucks, and SUVs.

Using industry ratings and customer reviews from Tire Rack, we compiled a list of the most popular Firestone tire models below.

  • Firestone Destination A/T: An all-terrain tire with high off-roading and comfort performance
  • Firestone All-Season: A day-to-day commuter tire available in most tire sizes and made to last 65,000 miles
  • Firestone Destination LE2: A load-bearing tire “designed to combine long wear, a comfortable ride, and all-season traction, even in light snow,” according to Tire Rack
  • Firestone Winterforce 2: A studdable winter and snow tire backed by the industry’s three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, indicating improved performance in harsh conditions

Each of these Firestone tires received at least a 4. 0 out of 5.0 rating from customers on Tire Rack, and many were given a 90-percent rating or above when compared to the tire voted “best” in that category.

Firestone Tire Buying Guide

Firestone tires are generally known for strong quality across the brand, but not every tire is the right tire for every vehicle, driver, season, or intended use. Understanding which tires suit your needs can help ensure you make the best purchasing decision.

Firestone Tires: What To Consider

There are several factors that determine whether or a tire is the right fit and function for your vehicle. These factors can help you decide whether a tire such as the Firestone Weathergrip or the Firehawk AS, for example, is a better choice for you and include:

  • Tread pattern: Different tread patterns come with distinct characteristics and advantages. The general categories of tread patterns are diagonal, symmetrical, asymmetrical, and a combination of those categories.
  • Tire build: Most tires fall under the construction categories of radial, bias-ply, and bias-belted. While radial tires in general tend to be more durable, bias tires are typically less expensive and often have more rigid sidewalls.
  • Weather rating: Some tires are designed for all weather conditions, but you’ll also find winter and summer tires built for specific conditions.
  • Tire life: Manufacturers typically describe a tire’s expected lifetime in terms of mileage.
  • Speed rating: Every tire has a maximum safe speed recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Ride noise: There can be a big difference between quieter tires and louder ones in terms of the noise you hear inside the cabin.

How To Read Tire Sizes

Getting the correct size tire for your wheels and car is essential to driving performance and safety. Most tires feature a label that uses a relatively standard format for identifying fit, build, and purpose. Using a tire labeled P 225/65R17 as an example, let’s break down what each element means:

  • P: The first letter in the label indicates the intended use of the tire. In this case, “P” stands for passenger, implying that this tire is meant for a personal vehicle.
  • 225: The first number in the label represents the tire’s width in millimeters. This means that our example tire is 225 millimeters wide.
  • 65: The number that follows the slash in the label is the aspect ratio represented as a percentage. In our example, the label indicates that the tire’s height is 65% of its width.
  • R: The second letter in the label represents the type of tire build. Our example tire uses “R” to indicate radial construction.
  • 17: The final number in the label indicates the diameter of the wheel it fits in inches. In this case, the example tire is built for a 17-inch rim.

Firestone Additional Services

Firestone sells a few other services in addition to its tires that can help protect your investment and manage some of the costs related to tires and tire maintenance.

Firestone Trial Period and Tire Warranty

Firestone also offers a 90-day trial for most models. Firestone’s longest treadwear warranty extends 70,000 miles, which is less than the 80,000 and 90,000-mile warranties offered by Michelin and Goodyear, respectively.

Firestone Gold Pledge Limited Warranty

Firestone offers a Gold Pledge Limited Warranty with all passenger models, except winter and other specialty tires through its retailers. The warranty covers any defective workmanship for three years from the date of purchase or four years from the date of manufacture if you don’t have proof of purchase date, according to Firestone’s warranty manual. 

Firestone Complete Auto Care

Firestone also has a network of repair centers around the country that offer more than just tire services. At Firestone Complete Auto Care centers, you can get routine maintenance services like oil changes and auto repairs.

Firestone Customer Reviews

Before purchasing a new set of Firestone tires, it can be helpful to review customer feedback on different models. Customer reviews often clarify how the tires actually perform and how long they last on the road.

Below, we’ve compiled a few customer reviews of Firestone tires from Tire Rack.

Positive Experiences with Firestone Tires

“[The Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 is a] great tire. I drive aggressively, and this tire never makes a sound while cornering. Very stable and [has] great dry traction. Wet traction is better than expected considering the lack of wide grooves on the outer edge of the tire.”

– via Tire Rack

“I was always amazed every time I serviced the car on how well the [Firestone Destination LE 2] tires were wearing. They felt smooth on the road and performed exceptionally in the rain. My wife hit two nails throughout our time with these tires, and both times, the tire didn’t lose air and didn’t puncture completely.”

– via Tire Rack

Negative Experiences with Firestone Tires

“The [Firestone Transforce tires] were all-around great at first. The problem came at about 20,000 miles when they felt like they turned into glass. The traction seemed to diminish overnight, especially the wet traction. It got so bad, I stopped driving my truck when it rains at the 35,000 mark.”

– via Tire Rack

“[The Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter] became noisy around 20,000 and were hard to keep balanced. Tire is rated for 70,000 miles… would never make it past 50,000. Tires were wearing very unevenly. I really wanted to like these tires, as they are not cheap.”

– via Tire Rack

Firestone Tires: Conclusion

Firestone tires are relatively affordable for day-to-day use, especially for light truck and SUV drivers. The tire manufacturer offers many types of tires, but its models only stand out in a few categories. Firestone’s customer reviews are more mixed than other brands we’ve reviewed, but are overall positive. At the end of the day, Firestone is a reputable choice for basic commuter models and some all-terrain tires.

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Firestone Tires: Recommended Competitors

Before committing to one OE or replacement tire model, check out what other options are available to your vehicle. You may be able to find a better tire at a lower cost. We recommend Michelin and Cooper tires.

Michelin: Best Tires Overall

In our 2021 review of the tire industry, we named Michelin the Best Tires Overall, giving the brand a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating. While Michelin models are more expensive than Firestone tires, they offer longer treadwear warranties and additional tire variety. Backed by industry experts and with high customer satisfaction ratings, Michelin tires are a smart choice for most drivers.

Start comparing Michelin tire prices on

Cooper: Most Affordable

We named Cooper tires the Most Affordable in our industry review. Some Cooper models cost as little as $84 per tire, depending on the size and vehicle. The tire manufacturer specializes in replacement tires and is an independent manufacturer. Many customers speak highly of Cooper’s quality and tread life.

You can start shopping for Cooper tires on

Firestone Tires: FAQ

Is Bridgestone the same as Firestone?

Bridgestone Tire now owns Firestone and acts as its parent company. However, the brands are separate entities and offer different product lineups.

Who makes Firestone tires?

Firestone tires are made by Bridgestone Tire. Bridgestone purchased Firestone and its assets in 1988.

Are Firestone tires a good brand?

Firestone tires are a relatively good brand. The company makes affordable tires that are dependable under normal usage.

Our Methodology

Our research team is committed to providing the most accurate, thorough, and unbiased information possible to help people make informed decisions about the tires they purchase. We use a standardized set of criteria to ensure the consistency and comparability of our reviews.

  • Industry Reputation: To assess the overall reliability of each company, we looked at industry ratings from organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and more, along with the company’s longevity and other factors.
  • Tire Variety: Our team considered the full range of each manufacturer’s tire lineup, giving higher scores to companies that offered larger and more diverse selections.
  • Affordability: Costs are an important consideration when buying tires. We evaluated the price range of each company’s products to determine its affordability relative to competitors.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our researchers scoured the internet for reviews from customers to assess how satisfied people are with their brand experience. We considered review scores as well as looked for consistent patterns of complaints or praise.

Firestone Tires Review - Car Talk

Firestone tires have been a steady offering for over a century now, and are among the most popular models in the industry today. The company’s tires have been used as the rubber of choice for many automakers over the years, but the picture has not always been rosy for Firestone. In the 1990s, the tiremaker was involved in a major safety problem involving Ford Explorer tires. This resulted in Ford turning to other tire brands for some of its newest models, notably Falken. Now, though, the company has regained much of its former glory and is a strong performer in the tire market.

Firestone Pros and Cons

Best Firestone Tires by Car Type

FR710 - Best for Passenger Cars


Best for Passenger Cars

See Prices

Firestone’s truck and SUV tires tend to get the best reviews, but the FR710 passenger all-season tire is one of the brand’s best rated tires. It’s got the treadlife warranty and wet traction to keep drivers going. The price is also right as many FR710 models can be had for as little as $90, and the company frequently offers discount deals and rebates to sweeten the pot.


  • Brand: Firestone
  • Model: FR710
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 15”, 16”, 17” ,18”

Destination A/T2 - Best SUV Tire

Destination A/T2

Best SUV Tire

See Prices

We’ve frequently recommended the Destination A/T2 in our “best tires” guides for various vehicles, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s one of the best rated tires of any type on the market today. It earned five stars for comfort, value, durability, and traction. Car Talk has tested the Destination A/T2 in winter conditions on Jeep SUVs and we were very impressed. Firestone offers a solid 55,000-mile treadlife warranty. If any defects surface in the tires’ first three years, Firestone will replace them free of charge. After that, the company will offer a discount on new tires, prorated by the amount of tread left on the old set.


  • Brand: Firestone
  • Model: Destination A/T2
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 15”, 16”, 17”, 18”, 20”, 22”

Destination A/T - Best Truck Tire

Destination A/T

Best Truck Tire

See Prices

The original Destination A/T has been out for a while, but it’s still one of the best tires you can choose for your truck or SUV. It, too, carries an excellent treadlife warranty, solid customer reviews, and great traction. It’s also frequently deeply discounted, given its time on the market. One big downside here is that you’ll have to shop around to find them. Tire Rack only has one size currently available, but others are widely available online.


  • Brand: Firestone
  • Model: Destination A/T
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 17”

All Season - Best All Season Tire

All Season

Best All Season Tire

See Prices

That’s not a typo. Firestone actually grabbed the name “All Season” for one of its tires. The Firestone All Season is a reasonably priced tire with solid customer reviews and a more than decent treadlife rating. They’re widely available, affordable, and come in several sizes that include sizes for 14-inch wheels and other hard-to-find models. Since it’s been on the market for a while, the All Season is frequently available with deep discounts that lowers its already remarkable price.


  • Brand: Firestone
  • Model: All Season
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 14”, 15”, 16”, 17”, 19”, 20”

Winterforce 2 - Best Winter Tire

Winterforce 2

Best Winter Tire

See Prices

The Firestone Winterforce 2 is rated for severe snow service and comes backed by some of the best customer reviews around. It’s studdable, which can be a great help for folks that spend considerable time driving on ice, and where the roads don’t get plowed as often. Firestone says that the tire is designed with deep grooves to channel water away from the center of the tire, and notes that the thousands of sipes help bite into snow and ice. On top of all of that, the Winterforce 2 is reasonably priced, widely available, comes in several sizes, from 14 to 18 inches, and is one of the few winter tires that’s still studdable if you live in an area where frequent ice is an issue, and your locality allows studded tires.


  • Brand: Firestone
  • Model: Winterforce 2
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 14”, 15”, 16”, 17”, 18”

Destination M/T2 - Best Off Road Tire

Destination M/T2

Best Off Road Tire

See Prices

Old-school looks, excellent reviews, and an aggressive design earn the Destination M/T2 tire a spot on our list. The tire is equipped with mud and stone ejectors between tread blocks, which help clear debris and prevent damage. The tires are also pinned, and can accept metal studs to help increase ice traction. Beyond being widely available at tire shops everywhere, the Destination M/T2 is reasonably priced and comes in a large variety of sizes and applications.


  • Brand: Firestone
  • Model: Destination M/T2
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 15”, 16”, 17”, 18”, 20”, 22”

Why Choose Firestone Tires?

Firestone tires are one of the most popular and widely available brands on the market today. They don’t always match up with Michelin, Goodyear, and others on treadlife, but they consistently rank high in customer reviews. There’s also the matter of price, where Firestone is a solid value pick.

Firestone tires are consistently rated as being quiet, comfortable road tires, even when they’re designed as go-anywhere off-road tires. The company’s winter tires are widely regarded as providing excellent traction and comfort when conditions turn poor, and the passenger car tires come with strong treadlife ratings to keep families on the road for many, many miles.

One downside to some buyers might be the somewhat shorter treadlife ratings, or the fact that some of Firestone’s available catalog is composed of older tires. To that, we would respond that there are plenty of long-life options in Firestone’s product line, and would note that an older model tire can still be a great choice. Past models can also help save money, as they’re not as in-demand as new models.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Tire Brand

No matter the brand, you should be shopping for tires that match your driving style and that align with where you live. No review or warranty on the planet is going to save a summer tire in winter, or an all-season tire in the mud. One of the most important considerations when buying tires is to pick the one that best matches your vehicle, budget, and style, not necessarily a specific brand.

Read more on the Best Tire Deals available here.

See our overall recommendations for Best Tires

See our recommendations for the 10 Best Tire Brands for 2023


How long do Firestone tires last?

Depending on the tire, your Firestones could last as long as 60,000 miles. It’s important to note that summer performance tires and winter tires sometimes carry shorter treadlife ratings because of their engineered rubber compounds.

What size tires does Firestone offer?

Firestone offers several sizes in its catalog, ranging from 14 inches all the way up to 22 inches. Not all tires are offered in all sizes, though, so you’ll need to investigate sizes for the model you need.

What brands are comparable to Firestone?

Firestone is comparable to several tire brands, namely Cooper, Hankook Tire, Toyo, and others.

Where can I buy Firestone tires online?

One of the best things about Firestone is that the company’s tires are available almost everywhere. Tire Rack, SimpleTire, Discount Tires, and many more carry Firestone tires with great prices and discounts. Read more on the Best Places to Buy Tires Online and Save Hundreds here.

Are Firestone tires any Good?

Firestone makes tires for many applications and covers many price points. We would suggest looking at reviews for the individual model you are considering for your vehicle’s size and mission.

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Firestone FS400 tires reviews, tests of Firestone FS400 tires from car owners

  • Firestone FS400

Below is a summary of the characteristics of the tire, based on reviews and ratings from car owners around the world.
When taking into account the overall rating of a summer tire, its performance on snow and ice is not taken into account.

  • Average rating of Firestone FS400 tires by site users: 4.46 out of 5
  • Firestone FS400 tire reviews: 3 pcs.
Dry Road
Braking on dry road
Comfort 9002
External noise

All User Ratings

Real Buyer Ratings

Firestone FS400 Tire Ratings Monthly

Buy Firestone FS400 Tires Compare with other tires

  • Sieber about the Firestone FS400


    Unfortunately, the user did not comment on his review.

    GMC Truck Rexhal Vision
    245/70 R19.5 M
    Buy again?:
    Certainly yes
    Dry Road
    Braking on the dry road
    9002 9002 9002
    Wet braking
    Driving comfort
    Interior noise
    External noise
  • Buy it again?:
    Definitely yes
    Dry handling
    Dry braking
    Wet handling0021
    GMC Truck Rexchal Vision
    245/70 R19. 5 M
    Buy again
    Wet handling
    Wet braking
    Driving comfort
    Interior noise
    External noise

Firestone FS400 reviews and tests

Today, the Mosavtoshina online store offers the widest range of car tires. Often, such a variety does not facilitate, but makes it difficult to choose, because. in most cases, the buyer has to choose among tires that differ from each other only in nuances. The reviews published on our website are written by the customers themselves. Most of them are distinguished by objectivity and impartiality, which allows you to make the only right choice.

It should also be noted that all reviews contain information that allows you to form your own opinion about certain features of a particular tire. Their objectivity is based on actual operating conditions. At the same time, such details very often “emerge” that are not mentioned in any specialized automotive publication, but they are enough to form your own opinion about a car tire.

The existing reviews of the Firestone FS400, left by their customers, are individual and fully consistent with the real state of affairs. If not, then you can be the first to write them, which is extremely important, as this will help many car owners make the only right choice based on your experience. However, their correspondence to reality depends very much on the number of opinions left. Therefore, if you have already become the owner of this tire model, please leave a review about it even if there are no complaints about it. It will not take you much time, but it will help other car owners make the right choice. To leave a review, you just need to fill out a special form located directly on the page of the selected tire.

In cases where there are no reviews for a particular tire model, you can always count on the help of consultants from our store. Choosing the services of our online store, you choose quality.

Firestone Truck Tires. Buy Firestone tires for a truck in Moscow.


  • Truck tires
  • Truck discs
  • Spare parts

Width Height Diameter
All1112.0013215225235245265275285295315325385 / All556570758095 R All17.519.522.524
Manufacturer Axle Application
All Firestone AllSteering axleDrive axleTrailerUniversal axle All-long-haul, regional transportation, city bus, combined use (road + off-road)

  • Tire selection Firestone


All1112. 0013215225235245265275285295315325385










AllTrailerDrive axleSteering axleUniversal axle

Field of application

All-long-haul, regional transportation, urban bus, combined use (road + off-road)

Steering axle

Firestone FS411

On request

245/75R17.5235/75R17.5245/70R19.5265/70R19.5285/70R19.5215/75R17.5All tiresAll tires

Firestone FS422+

On request


Drive axle

Firestone FD611

On request

235/75R17.5245/75R17. 5245/70R19.5265/70R19.5285/70R19.5215/75R17.5All tiresAll tires

Firestone FD622+

On request



Firestone TSP3000

On request


Firestone FT833

On request


Firestone FT522+

On request


Universal axle

Firestone UT3000

On request


Firestone UT3000 truck tires designed for service

Firestone SAT3000

On request


Firestone FS833

On request

315/80R22. 513R22.5

Firestone FD833

On request


Firestone FS492

On request


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