How much does discount tire charge for mounting and balancing

Discount Tire Installation Cost (Mount & Balance Price)

Do you know how much tire installation costs at Discount tire or how much Discount Tire charges to install tires? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Getting a new set of tires fitted can be pretty costly, and that’s not including how much you need to pay for the tires themselves. With that in mind, how much is the Discount Tire installation cost, and what do you get for your money?

At Discount Tire it usually costs somewhere between $20 and $27 per tire for installation, though that depends on the region where you are shopping. The Discount Tire installation cost covers labor, mounting, balancing, disposal fees, a visual inspection, and maintenance for the life of the tire.

Read ahead in this article to find out exactly what kind of a deal you get at Discount Tire when it comes to installations.

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What is Discount Tire?

Before we get into what you can expect to pay, and what you get for your money, for tire installation at Discount Tire, let’s take a look at the company as a whole.

The Discount Tire Company is a retailer that deals almost exclusively in tires and wheels, and they have been in the business for more than 60 years.

Founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1960, Discount Tire started life as one small shop run by the founder, Bruce Halle. When he first opened for business, Halle only had six tires for sale, but by 1990 the company had already grown to include over 200 stores.

Today, there are more than 1000 Discount Tires locations in 36 states across the country. They have more than 25,000 employees and are estimated to bring in around $5 billion every year.

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How Much Does Tire Installation Cost at Discount Tire?

There is not a single flat fee for tire installation across all Discount Tire locations, but they certainly offer a pretty good price. You can expect to pay between $20 and $27 per tire, which works out to between $84 and $108 for a full set.

The average cost across all of their stores is about $22 per tire, but it does depend on where in the country you get your tires fitted.

Of course, it’s not just about the fee itself. There are a lot of other expenses that can arise from fitting new tires, particularly if you are not covered for replacements or maintenance.

Sometimes, what can seem like a good deal will end up costing you more in the long run.

What Does the Discount Tire Installation Cost Include?

Depending on where you go to get your tires installed, there can be a lot of hidden costs that you don’t find out about until later.

Discount Tire is actually pretty good about being upfront with what you’re getting when you spend, and they include quite a lot with the fixed, single fee that you pay per tire.

The cost of your tire installation at Discount Tire covers you for:

  • Valve stems or TPMS kits
  • Mounting
  • Balancing
  • Tire disposal fees
  • Visual inspection
  • Life of Tire Maintenance

While you can get similar coverage from most larger tire retailers, some small shops or online stores don’t offer the same, and things like Life of Tire Maintenance can save you a lot of money over a few years.

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What Does the Discount Tire “Life of Tire Maintenance” Cover?

Once you’ve got your new tires installed, you don’t want to be forking out for maintenance costs every few months.

It’s always a good deal to get some coverage as part of the installation package, but what is actually included in this service at Discount Tire?

Their Life of Tire Maintenance doesn’t just mean all of the labor required to install, remove, or replace a tire, it actually covers the cost of the parts as well.

In fact, this small part of the service gives you access to all kinds of things for the life of your tires, including:

  • Tire rotations
  • Tire rebalance service
  • Flat tire repairs
  • Tire safety inspections
  • Air pressure checks
  • Free prorated road hazard protection

For $20-$30 per tire, that’s quite a lot of potential savings on maintenance costs over time. It’s certainly one of the benefits of choosing a store that has brick-and-mortar locations over an online-only retailer.

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Discount Tire Installation Cost Compare to Other Tire Retailers

There are definitely more options out there for well-priced tire installation, so let’s have a look at how Discount Tire stacks up against the competition.

According to Consumer Reports, Discount Tire offers the fourth cheapest price per tire compared to some of their major competitors, but they also rank very highly in terms of customer satisfaction.

RetailerAverage Installation Cost Per TireConsumer Reports Score
Sam’s Club$2085
BJ’s Tire Center$2086
Discount Tire$2290
Town Fair Tire Center$2083
Tire Rack$2491
Firestone Complete$2787

It’s interesting to note that it’s not always the cheapest option that customers like the best.

Although you might still get an installation for less at Costco, Sam’s Club, or Walmart, the service and what is covered might not be the same.

Will Discount Tire Mount Tires Purchased Elsewhere?

If you’ve already found the tires you want, and you’re just looking to get them installed, your options are more limited than you might think.

One of the big benefits that Discount Tires has over some of their competition is that they will install tires that you have bought somewhere else, and you get the same service as well.

The cost of installation will still depend on the region you are in, but there is no added fee for tires bought elsewhere.

The main difference between installing tires from another retailer and buying your tires in the store is that your installation fee is included as part of the package when you buy directly from them, so you tend to get a better deal.

By comparison, Costco will not give you their standard benefits, like free rotations and repairs, if they are installing a tire bought from a different retailer, and Walmart tacks on an additional $10 fee per tire if they are not Walmart tires.

Are Tires Good Value at Discount Tires?

Of course, while Discount Tires will install somebody else’s tires onto your vehicle, they would rather you buy a full set through them, but are the tires at Discount Tire a good deal?

Well, they are known for offering low prices and they often have sales that can give you a really good deal if you buy at the right time. Ultimately, though, a branded set of tires is likely to cost almost the same no matter where you shop.

Part of the value of buying through Discount Tire is that you get a lot in one simple payment, including installation costs.

They also stock a lot of cheaper tires that you might not get elsewhere, including their own brand, called Road Huggers, which offers pretty great value for money.

Costco, by comparison, offers cheap installation but all of their tires are relatively expensive brands.

Discount Tire also claims that they are never undersold – and they have a Low Price Guarantee to try and prove it.

What is the Discount Tire Low Price Guarantee?

Although there are some other options out there that might offer cheaper installation than Discount Tire, they are pretty confident that they have the best overall deals on the market.

Their “Low Price Guarantee” says that they will beat any lower, installed price that you can find.

Although this doesn’t necessarily apply to the installation cost on its own, it does mean that you can work with them to get the best deal on a full new set, which will include installation.

If you find a product that’s cheaper elsewhere, you can bring the advertised cost to a Discount Tire store, or you can go to their website and submit the cheaper price through the “Found it Lower?” link that they have next to all of their product listings.

Once submitted, they should get back to you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) to give you their offer.

How Long Does Tire Installation Take At Discount Tire?

One thing you definitely want to consider when you’re paying for new tire installation is how long you’re going to have to wait around.

Often, the lower price at somewhere like Walmart or Costco also comes with a longer wait period, as they do a lot of different installations in one day.

Discount Tire says that they aim to have your appointment completed within 45 minutes of the time that you are scheduled for, which is pretty speedy in the world of tire installation.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere you could get it done faster.


So, what do you get with the installation cost at Discount Tire, and how much is it? Well, it does depend on where in the country you are, but you can expect to pay somewhere between $20 and $27 per tire.

The average cost for installation at Discount Tire is about $22 per tire.

With that fee, you get pretty speedy service, and it covers quite a lot too. The cost includes labor, any valve stems or TPMS kits, mounting, balancing, tire disposal fees, a visual inspection, and Life of Tire Maintenance.

They will also install tires that you’ve bought from somewhere else.

You might be able to get tires installed cheaper at another location, but you’re unlikely to get more for your money. All around, the Discount Tire installation cost is a pretty good deal.


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How Much Does It Cost To Mount And Balance A Tire? (2022 Pricing)

How Much Does It Cost To Mount And Balance A Tire On Average?

The cost of mounting and balancing services typically varies from one shop or service center to the next. This price also tends to differ in a number of cases, based upon tire size, and whether or not a wheel is equipped with TPMS sensors. In other words, this overall installation price is largely dependent upon the exact circumstances of the job.

Tire installation costs and tire balancing costs also fluctuate based upon the terms of any service plans that are selected at the time of service, whether or not a tire disposal fee is mandated, and if the tires in question are to undergo standard or road force balancing.

Nonetheless, the average cost to mount and balance a tire falls within a range of $15-$60. The lower end of this spectrum largely applies to smaller sedan tires mounted on steel wheels and balanced on a standard balancing machine. On the other end of the spectrum are large or low-profile tires, mounted on custom rims and balanced with the use of sticky weights.

It is also worth mentioning that some shops charge premium prices to mount tires over a certain size, or to mount tires on custom rims of any type. For this reason, it is worth calling ahead to verify pricing ahead of time, in order to ensure that no surprise charges are incurred. Most chain-type service centers also provide such pricing on their websites.

What are the costs of labor?

Generally speaking, virtually all of the expense associated with mounting and balancing tires comes in the form of labor. This is due to the fact that little in the way of actual supplies are used during the mounting and balancing process. 

However, instead of charging based upon their typical hourly rate, most shops charge a set fee per tire wheel when mounting and balancing tires. This fee typically includes any usage of supplies, thereby eliminating any need to tally such costs separately.

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What are the costs of parts?

As mentioned, there are very few occasions in which a shop will charge separately for supplies used during the mounting and balancing process. This stems from the fact that the only supplies used during services of this type are wheel weights and a small amount of bead lubricant.

In the grand scheme of things, this charge is extremely minor, in comparison to that associated with the input of labor required to mount and balance a tire. In fact, no more than $5 of the entire cost associated with such services is likely to be attributed to parts/supply usage.

When Should You Get A Tire Mounted And Balanced?

Tire mounting and balancing is a necessary part of purchasing new tires and is largely descriptive of the tire installation process as a whole. This involves dismounting your vehicle’s old tires, before mounting the new set of tires that you have purchased. A tire shop or automotive service center will then balance your car’s tires.

Simply put, tire mounting and balancing will be required at any point that tire replacement is deemed necessary, whether due to excessive tread wear or extensive damage. Tire mounting and balancing might also be required in the face of a flat tire or tire pressure loss that necessitates tire repair. This is due to the fact that a tire must be dismounted to be repaired correctly.

The failure of a wheels tire pressure monitoring sensor also makes it neccessary to dismount, mount, and rebalance a tire, as the sensor in question is internally situated. A technician must break a tire down, in order to gain access to the faulty sensor, which is ultimately discarded in favor of a new, fully-functional replacement.

Another instance in which tire mounting and balancing might be required is whenever a motorist chooses to install tires of a special design for seasonal use. This is the case whenever winter tires are placed onto a vehicle, in preparation for treacherous road conditions to come. Upon installation, these new snow tires must be balanced, to provide a quality ride.

How Much Does It Cost To Mount And Balance A Tire At The Dealer Vs Other Places?

In most cases, one can expect a dealership to charge toward the higher end of the above mentioned price spectrum, when mounting and balancing tires. This price is usually north of the $40 per tire mark, with similar services at some dealerships even costing considerably more.

At a dealership, your tires will more than likely be mounted with the use of a premium, precision tire machine, complete with all of the necessary adaptors to prevent bead damage, even in the most difficult of cases. Additionally, the majority of dealerships have now transitioned to the use of specialized road force balancers, which tend to be extremely precise.

Vs Walmart Tire/Lube Express

Walmart currently charges $10 a piece to mount tires and provides balancing services for a fee of $14 per tire. However, it is worth mentioning that this one-time $14 dollar fee gets consumers free rotation and balance of any tire for which it is charged. Simply put, for $24, you can have a tire mounted/balanced, and return as often as you would like for balancing, free of charge.

Vs Discount Tire

The exact price charged by Discount Tire to mount and balance tires varies from one region to the next. However, the general average cost for these services tends to be tight around $22 per tire. However, for this fee consumers also get free lifetime tire rotations and balances, as well as full-depth road hazard coverage. 

Vs Costco

Costco is yet another mega-retailer, which offers several in-house automotive services. The store offers a combined mount and balance service, which costs 18.99 per tire. However, there is one major factor that consumers must keep in mind. Costco will only mount and balance tires that they have sold, barring installation of tires from all other sources entirely.

Vs Sam’s Club

Like its parent company Walmart, Sam’s Club also offers tire mounting and balancing services at many of its locations. The wholesale retailer currently mounts and balances tires for $20 a piece. For this price, you not only get a tire mounted and balanced, but recieve lifetime mount and balance services for that particular tire as well. This package also include free lifetime flat repairs as well.

Vs Pep Boys

Pep Boys is yet another large national chain, known for offering quality automotive service. Generally speaking, the cost associated with having tires mounted and balanced at Pep Boys varies, based upon location, and the type of tire that is to be serviced. However, service of this type averages approximately $30 per tire, though this price increases significantly for tires of the premium variety.

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Where Should You Go Get A Tire Mounted And Balanced At The Best Price?

It is not hard to find the value in Discount Tire’s mounting and balancing services. The company offers such services at a price that is on par with, if not below the industry average. Even more impressive is the fact that Discount Tire offers consumers plenty of bang for their buck at this price point as well, offering a number of complimentary warranties and service packages.

Each tire mounted and balanced by Discount Tire receives a free lifetime service package, thereby eliminating any costs attributed to having this tire rotated or balanced at a later date. I feel like this is a nice touch, as it prevents constant expenditure on a customer’s behalf, throughout the life of the tire itself.

With more than 1,000 store-front locations, consumers are also presented with no shortage of options when having their tires serviced. In fact, there are few destinations in the continental United States that a motorist can travel to, and find themselves further than a short drive away from the nearest Discount Tire. For me, this would provide significant peace of mind beyond the normal.

It is also worth mentioning that Discount Tire puts each of its tire technicians through rigorous training to ensure that they are qualified to tackle most any tire related endeavor that they undertake. I feel as if this additional training goes a long way toward making sure that specialty tires, such as those of a low-profile design, are not damaged during the mounting process.

How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Getting A Tire Mounted And Balanced?

The most significant way to avoid being ripped off when having a set of tires mounted and balanced is to only trust reputable, well-established shops. Tire shops and service centers rely upon word of mouth to bring in business. Therefore, a shop that carries a near-spotless reputation is likely to be worth dealing with.

This vetting practice of sorts is important, due to the fact that a tire can actually be irreparably damaged during the mounting process if handled by inexperienced personnel. If a tire’s bead is not sufficiently lubricated, and force is not applied at the right location, the bead and sealing surface of a tire can rip, rendering it useless.

Additionally, to balance tires correctly, a technician must be patient, attentive, and experienced. Balancing tires is somewhat of an exact science, requiring one to be focused and at their best to achieve the desired results. This is of the essence, as unbalanced tires can make for a harsh ride at moderate speeds.

You can easily check to see if your tires were balanced after they were mounted, by checking for the presence of new, aluminum wheel weights, On the other hand, if you notice that your vehicle’s wheel still has one or more dingy, aged wheel weights in place, you are likely safe to assume that no true balancing has taken place.

How To Save Money When Getting A Tire Mounted And Balanced?

Most service centers apply a set charge when mounting and balancing a set of tires. This fee tends to be non-negotiable, though in select cases, a shop might suspend such charges if the tires being mounted were purchased in-house. However, this will not be a possibility, if you have already purchased your own tires, via a third-party retailer such as Amazon or Tire Rack.

Money can also be saved on future mount and balance costs, by planning ahead when purchasing a new set of tires. While this level of planning generally includes a little additional expenditure initially, one stands to save a sizable amount of cash in the long run as a result.

It is always advisable to have your wheel’s valve stem replaced at the time of new tire installation services. Doing so adds little more than $2-$3 to any impending installation fees, and potentially saves you from having to have a tire dismounted, remounted, and rebalanced in the near future, all on behalf of an aged valve stem.

Likewise, it is important to consider purchasing any additional Road Hazard warranty coverage that is offered when buying a new set of tires. Purchasing this coverage largely eliminates any mount and balance-related charges that are accrued through future maintenance services, such as flat repairs.

Of course, money can always be saved by going the extra mile to properly maintain the tires that you already own. This, in turn, drastically reduces the number of tires that a vehicle goes through during its service life. Getting periodic wheel alignments and tire rotations goes a long way toward accomplishing this goal.

Finding a great tire shouldn’t be this hard. Check out some of these other helpful guides to help you find the perfect tire.


( the discount also applies to purchased wheels in hypermarkets)

Prices for servicing passenger cars, including a 20% discount on tire fitting and balancing

The total cost includes removal of 4 wheels from the car, cleaning, dismantling /mounting tires, sealant/paste, balancing, installing wheels on a car.

20% discount Diameter
13R 14R 15R 16R 17 R 18R 19R 20R
Promotion Master Shin VKontakte 4 wheels 1730 1730 1730 1860 1980 2110 2240


Service rates for SUVs, minibuses and SUVs including 20% ​​discount for tire fitting and balancing

With 20% discount Diameter
14R 15R 16R 17 R 18 R 19R 20R MGT*
Promotion Master Shin VKontakte 4 wheels 2020 2020 2020 2140 2270 2400 2780 2224

The total price does not include: self-adhesive weights over 60 gr. on the wheel, rolling disks, installing valves, repairing punctures and cuts. Actions of cards, a regular customer, do not apply to this promotion !!!

* for tires with a profile below 50 and runflat surcharge 30%

When unscrewing the wheel, we are not responsible for broken bolts! All prices are for subscribers of the VKontakte group.


Ask for a cashier's check if they didn't give you one!!!

Free tire service!

Most of the products on our site have a bonus that gives customers a discount on tire fitting tires they buy from us.

The number of fittings with a discount of up to 100% is equal to the number of tires purchased.

Tire service with own tires for regular customers is carried out with a 10% discount. Below are the details on tire fitting services when buying wheels from us.

100% discount on tire service

Red Bonus entitles you to a 100% discount on deferred or instant tire service.

  • Valid only at branches that support the promotion (full list - below).
  • The discount applies to: removing/installing a wheel, removing an old tire, installing a new tire, balancing (including balancing weights), installing a wheel on a car. All additional services provided at the request of the client (for example: rubber blackening, wheel sealing, disc dry cleaning, installation of new nipples, unscrewing locks and stuck fasteners, etc.) are paid according to the price list.
  • Pre-registration required for installation.
  • Tire fitting as a gift is possible no earlier than two weeks after free delivery, if any.
  • For individuals and legal entities with any form of payment.
  • The promotion is valid until the end of 2023.

Tire service with 50% discount

Orange bonus entitles you to a 50% discount on deferred or instant tire service.

    • Appointment required for installation.
    • Valid only at branches that support the promotion (full list - below).
    • The discount applies to: removing/installing a wheel, removing an old tire, installing a new tire, balancing (including balancing weights), installing a wheel on a car. All additional services provided at the request of the client (for example: rubber blackening, wheel sealing, disc dry cleaning, installation of new nipples, unscrewing locks and stuck fasteners, etc.) are paid according to the price list.
    • Tire fitting as a gift is possible no earlier than two weeks after free delivery, if any.
    • For individuals and legal entities with any form of payment.
    • The promotion is valid until the end of 2023.

100% discount on tire service

Blue bonus entitles you to a 100% discount on tire fitting when paying in cash .

  • Appointment required for installation.
  • Valid only at our affiliates that support the promotion (list of affiliates below).
  • The discount applies to: removing/installing a wheel, removing an old tire, installing a new tire, balancing (including balancing weights), installing a wheel on a car. All additional services provided at the request of the client (for example: rubber blackening, wheel sealing, disc dry cleaning, installation of new nipples, unscrewing locks and stuck fasteners, etc.) are paid according to the price list.
  • Tire fitting as a gift is possible no earlier than two weeks after free delivery, if any.
  • Strictly for individuals when paying in cash . When paying from a legal entity by bank transfer or by bank card, the discount on installation will be 50%.
  • Free bonus installation must be completed by the end of 2023.


  1. Pre-booking for a tire service is required. !!!Sign up for installation in advance!!!

    This can be done right now on our website (the red button "online recording for editing" is located at the top in the center of the site header). You will receive an SMS and an email with the date and time of the visit and the address of the branch. Be sure to check the receipt of SMS / email, only they are proof that you really signed up.

  2. Please arrive 30-50 minutes before your appointment, so that our managers have time to complete your purchase, and the warehouse prepares and issues tires / wheels for installation on time. In the high season, we are far from always able to move the queue of customers in order to avoid negativity from customers who arrived at the right time.
  3. The absence of free places for the promotion at the installation posts during the promotion period does not give the buyer the right to demand free installation after the end of the working day.
  4. We recommend that you print or save a coupon for tire fitting for a promotion in your mobile phone. This is not mandatory, but it will save time for you and our employees, who will not have to check your tire bonus history at the time of ordering. The coupon is available in the shopping cart when placing an order and in the product card.
  5. The paid item must be picked up within 7 (seven) days, otherwise it can be re-sold to other buyers or a seasonal storage agreement must be drawn up for it.
  6. If the order was made before the specified date, and its delivery was made later for reasons beyond the buyer's control, you are entitled to receive a bonus.


  1. In the high season, if you are late for tire fitting by appointment, the bonus does not expire, but there is a possibility of transferring the date of installation to free time (for example, in a week). Please treat this restriction with understanding, we respect and appreciate the time and nerves of customers who arrived at their installation in advance and do not want to wait in line due to latecomers. In the low season, we will be able to do everything in the best possible way in any case (strictly during business hours).
  2. Installation (rearrangement) of pressure sensors and replacement of valves are not included in the action and are paid separately at the rate of 250 rubles. a piece. We also stock pressure sensors for almost all modern cars in case you have 2 sets of rims for each season.

  3. We recommend that you keep a copy of the order confirmation letter or indicate your e-mail when ordering, since the bonuses are not rigid (not strictly tied to each tire and depend on the availability of this model from suppliers in the free balance and on the margin). The presence of this or that bonus for a certain tire model today does not at all promise its availability tomorrow. The bonus is fixed here and now at the time of the order. At the time of the installation, the bonus for the same tires as you bought may be less profitable or it may not be available at all, which is why it is so important to save the information on the bonus (in the mail, on the screen or on paper - it does not matter). The ideal option would be to print or save the coupon from the shopping cart at checkout. This is not a prerequisite for the promotion, our employees can raise the history of the bonus on your wheels at the time of purchase, but this may take time.

The status of the bonus is displayed on the picture in the final product card, and not in the card of the entire model: Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Chelyabinsk - by appointment. The promotion is not valid at partner points of issue.

To participate in the promotion, you must sign up for the installation in advance. When visiting without an appointment, there may not be vacant places. A huge request to sign up online on the site yourself at a convenient time for you. Our operators are now overloaded with work and it will be much easier for you to choose a convenient time yourself, since you will immediately see all the free options than to solve it for 5 minutes on the phone with our employee.

Learn more