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All Tech Leak Detection is a father, son, grandson, and technician. All are fully trained to accomplish any job in pool/spa/fountain leak detection and most repairs. Fully equipped large vans invidiously or combined for the most complex jobs. Quality pool leak detection takes time. Each customer's job is given all the time necessary to complete that assignment.. This assures the leak detection is not rushed and your pool is properly diagnosed with repair recommendations. All major credit cards are accepted. Serving north Texas since 1992.


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We were initially satisfied with their work finding a leak and fixing it (although it seemed a bit expensive but we realized they need a lot of specialized equipment). Then we had an additional leak in our yard that we were pretty sure was caused by a pool return leak. He came out again and assured me it was the sprinkler system. I called the sprinkler guy out and he performed multiple tests and determined it was not the sprinklers. I was so frustrated I had a plumber come out (for $350) to determine it was indeed a pool return leak but traditional plumbers are not licensed to repair pool equipment. After I had the pool guys out again to look at it they agreed it was a broken return. Unfortunately, it's located right under a 50 year old live oak tree and hard to get to. They did not seem interested in helping me find ways to repair the line and said it could take three days to repair. That sounded really expensive so I'm going with someone else.

Description of Work

He performed a leak test on the pool for $450 and found that it was in good shape but had a couple of small leaks. We had him out to repair one leak at a cost of $1200.


plumbing, pool cleaners

The pool was checked thoroughly and leaks were found in the skimmers. They were repaired for a nominal amount and are holding up well. Jim called me and explained what he found in detail and we discussed the type of repairs that could be chosen. This was a great experience and I would use them again anytime.

Description of Work

Search for leak in swimming pool


pool cleaners

The provider spent considerable time checking the pool using various methods. He could not locate the problem but suspected it came from under the coping as our dog alerted on that spot. He performed a stop-gap solution which did not stem the water loss. We were later able to locate the leak far below the surface where he had suspected the leak was located. Our concern was the cost charged for no actual solution.

Description of Work

checked for leaks in our pool


pool cleaners


Description of Work

Checked pool and spa for leakage. Very thorough. He spent almost 8 hours looking for the leak and repairing it.


pool cleaners


Description of Work

This was for a previous service call. Not performed on the date indicated. |I had a leak and they came out an don't repaired. Pleasure doing business with such an honest person. |If I ever have another leak these are the only people I would call.


pool cleaners

Actually called a few days earlier than scheduled and said he was finished with a local job earlier than planned and was able to check my pool which was great for me. He found a leak near a pool wall jet and repaired it. No more leakage (I was losing 1/2 inch/day). Prompt friendly and very cost efficient.

Description of Work

Checked all plumbing, valves and equipment as well as the pool and spa structure for leaks.


pool cleaners

I was so concerned having heard from other people about having pool leaks repaired. Jim spent the entire day here and found multiple leaks in my pool and around my equipement. He dug around my equipment and found leaks which he repaired, he then found leaks in both skimmers which he repaired and also worked around the jets. He noted that the repair he did in the skimmers probably won't be the last time they need attention, but was very honest and upfront about what he did and what will be needed, if they need additional work. He was pretty close to his estimate and very fairly priced. Jim worked all day and I never saw him stop. He cleaned everything up and you could not even tell he had been here other than all the leaks stopped! I would use Jim again and would recommend him to all my family and friends. Pleasure doing business with someone like Jim!

Description of Work

My was leaking pretty badly so I called All Tech Leak Detection based on reading the reviews here on Angie's List. Jim took my call and gave an estimate over the phone based on what I described about the leaking. He showed up on time and spent almost the entire day here looking for leaks. Throughout the day, as he found the leaks, he would show me what was going on. He worked outside of the pool and then went diving.


pool cleaners

All Tech Leak Detection out of Dallas came down and swept the pool and did a wonderful job with protecting leaks. He found two. Their price was very reasonable. There was nothing not to like. They showed up on time. Did what they said they were going to do. And in the manner in which he said he would do it.

Description of Work

All Tech Leak Detection found two leaks in my pool.


pool cleaners

The owner returns your calls immediately and the texts that go out. The work was very thorough and extremely clean and it was spotless. I would use them again.

Description of Work

I used All Tech Leak Detection in April. They did a leak detection and repair.



they never called

Description of Work

Never called went with someone else


pool cleaners

They did a great job. He actually did the work in less time than he estimated, which saved us money. One of the broken lines was in a terrible place and required removing dirt and concrete. We probably wouldn't have found the second broken line if it wasn't for his expertise and the equipment that he had.

Description of Work

I used them to find two broken lines under our deck.


plumbing, pool cleaners

If you have a swimming pool leak, they actually have a service out there where people dive he pool in wet suits or dry suits to check all of the light fixtures and the jets and the swimmer is looking for leaks. When you to keep stocking up your swimming pool all winter and it is covered and its cold, you shouldn't be losing water because it is not evaporating it's a sign that you're losing water somewhere. They pretty much came when I wanted. I'm single and people do work around my schedule quite a bit. He came out, put his scuba gear on, dives the pool and checks everything out and gives a report on where my leak is. They gave me choice of fixing the main drain for $1000 plus for digging and checking or we could plug it for $20. I was like $20 vs. a $1000 plus, I think it would be the $20 treatment. It was kind of nice because if they had $1000 I would have had to go along with it. The charge was actually $475 but the fix, there was leak from the main drain which would have involved snapping a deck, digging a hole, searching for the leak in the pipe which may or may not have been under the in ground pool and that could have been around a $1000 plus or that I can just put 2 plugs in the 2 drains in the pool and that would take care of it. I said and ldquo;you know what let's just put the $20 plug inand rdquo;. They gave me options and if I ever wanted to do it right, dig that $100 hole and try and find it. I can always to do it if I win a lottery. I would recommend them to others. He was early, professional. The price I have no idea how to compare. I have never done this before, it takes about 6 hours and $475 seemed I guess reasonable.

Description of Work

I used the services of All Tech Leak Detection for checking on the swimming pool leak.


pool cleaners

overall experience was great. there were some missed areas in the mortar and it was corrected immediately! i originally contacted them to resurface the pool due to staining that no one seemed to be able diagnose. ken suggested the problem might be fixed chemically and recommended a company to check it out first. the problem was solved without resurfacing!. saved me quite a bit of money.....

Description of Work

had the stone around the pool reset. 2 leaks fixed. work was done as promised at price quoted.


pool cleaners

See above

Description of Work

Found and repaired a leak in pool/spa. Needed a part to finish job and that took a bit longer than I thought. When finished job, there was still a leak and it took them longer to come out than I thought it should, but they did come out and fix it at no additional charge. They did a great job and did what they said they would do. It just took a bit longer than it should have. I would use them again and would recommend them to others.


pool cleaners

He did what I asked him to do. I think he is a little pricey since he doesn't actually fix anything and just told me that it was leaking. I probably could have gotten it done by somebody who was going to fix it cheaper.

Description of Work

I used All Tech Leak Detection to do two different things.


plumbing, pool cleaners

The job went really well. They did a very thorough job. I would highly recommend them to anybody. One needs to find somebody who knows what they are doing and these folks know what they are doing. They are someone that one can trust. I would use them again in the future if need be.

Description of Work

All Tech Leak Detection repaired some significant leaks in my pool about a month ago.


pool cleaners

They were good and did what they said they would do. It was easy to get them to come out and the job turned out fine. I will use them again in the future.

Description of Work

I used All Tech Leak Detection to detect a leak in my swimming pool.


pool cleaners

Jim Ralls came out within a day of my phone call and thoroughly checked my pool for the source of a known leak. It was clear he had experience and understood his job quite well. He also explained as much to me as I wanted to know, in detail. He was professional and intelligent. He upgraded our drains to anti-vortex (there was no pressure to do so), as well as replaced a couple of valves and the o-ring on the chlorinator. The pool is almost 15 years old, so this was not a surprise. He gave me no surprises and explained everything that was needed and why He gave me excellent advice on who to call out to help with re-doing the pool. Our leak involved degraded mortar joint in our pool, and as our plaster has outlived its lifespan, we decided just to get the plaster, tile and coping all redone at once. I was left with a very detailed, thorough report of his findings, what he had done, and what he recommended.. First class!

Description of Work

The system was plugged up and pressure tested. Leak was located, two valves replaced, 4 drain covers replaced with anti-vortex covers for safety, leaking area was given a temporary fix to slow leak, flows were adjusted to minimize additional leakage, a poor seal on the suction side of the pump was found to be sucking in air, and a final report was drawn up with solid recommendations.


pool cleaners, remodeling

Thank you Member for the nice detailed comments. It is our goal to treat every customer with fair and proper evaluations.


How is All Tech Leak Detection overall rated?

All Tech Leak Detection is currently rated 4.8 overall out of 5.

What days are All Tech Leak Detection open?

All Tech Leak Detection is open:

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Thursday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

What payment options does All Tech Leak Detection provide?

All Tech Leak Detection accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal

Does All Tech Leak Detection offer free estimates?

No, All Tech Leak Detection does not offer free project estimates.

Does All Tech Leak Detection offer eco-friendly accreditations?

No, All Tech Leak Detection does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

Does All Tech Leak Detection offer a senior discount?

No, All Tech Leak Detection does not offer a senior discount.

Are warranties offered by All Tech Leak Detection?

Yes, All Tech Leak Detection offers warranties.

What services does All Tech Leak Detection offer?

All Tech Leak Detection offers the following services: Pool, Spa & Fountain leak detection and repairs..

Are there any services All Tech Leak Detection does not offer?

Pool cleaning and equipment repairs

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Water Leak Detection Services in Ashburn, VA

Home / Plumbing / Water Leak Detection

When you schedule your plumbing installation and piping services with plumbers of our caliber, you can count on getting a dependable, effective performance from that system. What you cannot reasonably expect, though, is that you will never encounter a problem with your plumbing system. Your plumbing system can never be 100% reliable, and it is very possible that it may develop a leak or two at some point. If and when your system does spring a leak, remember to schedule leak detection services in Ashburn, VA with the pros on our staff.

When a leak does develop somewhere in your plumbing system, there is no guarantee that it is going to surface in a visible or easily accessible area. Even very "minor" leaks, of course, can cause serious water damage and waste a considerable amount of water over time. That is why professional leak detection is such a valuable service. When you enlist the help of the plumbers at AllTech Services, Inc., you can count on your leak being pinpointed and resolved in a timely fashion.


Signs That You May Have a Water Leak

Before you will realistically contact a member of our staff in order to schedule leak detection services in Ashburn, VA, you must first recognize the potential of a leak present in your home. There are a number of different warning signs that you may notice, provided you know what to look—and listen—for. For instance, you may see an inexplicable spike in your water bills. Perhaps you can hear the sound of running water, even when there is none in use in your home. If you smell mildew or see mold developing in your home, it could be the result of damp conditions in your home due to a water leak. Of course, the most obvious sign is pooling water, but it is not always this simple.

How Does Professional Leak Detection Work?

There are a few methods by which a professional plumber may pinpoint the source of a leak in your plumbing system, but the most common and generally most effective is by using listening equipment. We don’t mean sticking a glass to the wall and pressing our ear against it, or swiping a stethoscope from the doctor’s office, either. There is specialized ultrasonic leak detection equipment that allows plumbers to listen to the sound of a leak in the system, and to really narrow down its location. If you suspect that you have a leak in your system, hiring a professional to complete this service really is invaluable.

Benefits of Professional Leak Detection

There are a number of benefits that you’ll enjoy when you enlist our help in detecting leaks in your plumbing system. First of all, by using our leak detection equipment to get a good handle on where the leak in the system is located, we can eliminate a lot of the guesswork that would otherwise be necessary. This in turn limits any disruption to your property, and keeps the amount of time needed to actually resolve the problem to a minimum. It also means that you face a lower risk of suffering serious water damage in your home, and that you won’t be paying for wasted water for as long. If you think your system has sprung a leak, give us a call right away.

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Pipeline Leak Detection System

Leak detection system

Leak detection system

The leak detection system (LDS) on the pipeline allows you to quickly detect the fact of a leak and determine the time and place of its occurrence. Timely detection can significantly reduce the response time of emergency services and, as a result, significantly reduce environmental damage from spills of pumped products.

A leak detection system is a set of software and hardware tools that processes information from sensors located on a pipeline in real time in order to detect the fact of a leak (leak) and determine the place and time of a leak.

The system uses several methods for detecting leaks:

  • pressure wave
  • volume balance method,
  • pressure profile analysis method.

The pressure wave leak detection method is used to quickly detect small volume leaks with high accuracy.

The main idea of ​​the method is to analyze the propagation of pressure drop waves in a pipeline. To register pressure waves, the controlled telemechanics station is equipped with two SOU pressure sensors connected to the leak detection unit.

The unit analyzes the signals from the sensors, detects pressure drop waves and determines their direction and travel time. The use of a GPS receiver for time synchronization makes it possible to achieve the highest accuracy in recording the moment of wave passage. Information about the detected waves is delivered to the control point by means of a telemechanics system. The SDA server analyzes the received information and, by the nature of wave propagation in the pipeline, determines the fact of a leak, the time of its occurrence and the exact coordinate.

Volume balance and pressure profile analysis methods belong to the group of parametric methods. They use information from flow and pressure sensors located on the pipeline and do not require the installation of any additional equipment. These methods make it possible to detect the fact and location of leaks of large and medium volumes based on the analysis of changes in process parameters.


  • Condensate lines
  • Gas pipelines
  • Oil pipelines


Extremely low energy consumption

Leak detection units are designed to work in non-volatile systems and have extremely low power consumption

Operation in extremely severe climatic conditions

The GPS receiver used in conjunction with the leak detection unit has a design that allows its operation in the extremely severe climatic conditions of the Far North

Increased reliability and elimination of "false" leaks

A special algorithm for confirming the operation of the SDA allows you to increase the reliability of operation and eliminate the definition of "false" leaks

Possibility of integration into the system of linear telemechanics

The system can be integrated into the pipeline's linear remote control system. Organization of separate communication channels for data transfer is not required

Accumulation of measurement data of technological parameters

The system allows the accumulation of measurement data of technological parameters and their transmission by information blocks

Different ways to place blocks

Leak detection units have designs that allow their placement both separately and as expansion modules in telemechanics controllers

Special software

The system includes special software for modeling the operation of the JCS with specified parameters based on historical data

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Minimum detectable leakage by pressure wave method

5m 3 /hour.

Error in determining the coordinates by the pressure wave method

±0.1 km.

Leak detection time by pressure wave method

1. 5 min.

Minimum detectable leakage by parametric methods

10m 3 /hour

Error in determining coordinates by parametric methods

±2 km.

Leak detection time by parametric methods

15 minutes.

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[email protected] +7 495 992–38–60

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Products and services

Products and services

Industry Solutions Oil and gas industry

Product description

Leak detection system (LDS) is a complex of modern software and hardware designed for continuous round-the-clock monitoring of safe operation parameters and control of unauthorized tie-ins and product leaks from the main (pressure) oil pipeline (oil product pipeline) or gas pipeline.

The main function of the JCS is to detect the fact of a leak and to establish its coordinates and intensity. The system provides for the formation of an alarm signal about the possible presence of a leak and the display of information in real time, which helps to quickly make a decision to eliminate the leak.

How the system works

Several modules are used to locate leaks:

  • Leak locating module based on fiber optic monitoring technology.
  • Fluid simulation module including distributed system for locating leaks.

Product objectives

  • Leak detection within a specified time interval
  • Leak location
  • Fixing the time of leak detection
  • Track activity detection
  • Track activity location
  • Recording the time of detection of activity on the trace
  • The system allows you to register leaks both in stationary and non-stationary pumping modes in the absence of gravity sections, as well as in the stopped pumping mode.

Product Benefits

  • Reduced pipeline downtime
  • Real-time leak detection (dispatcher receives a leak report from 1 minute to 10 minutes from the moment the pipeline is leaking, depending on the intensity of the leak)
  • Monitoring the degree of tightness of the pipeline with an error of 20 l/h
  • Possibility of flexible system configuration depending on the object
  • Possibility to use different types of sensors
  • Integration with all known process control systems
  • Modular system architecture
  • Possibility to process the signal both directly at the measurement points and on the central server.
  • New leak detection methods added to existing ones

System composition

The system consists of the following main components

  • Local controller
  • Data Acquisition Sensors
  • Central data processing server
  • Dispatch console (DP) with dispatcher workstation
  • Leak detection time: up to 60 s.
  • Leak detection accuracy: 50 m.
  • Minimum detectable leak diameter: from 3 mm.
  • Work in climatic conditions: from -40С to +70С.
  • Integration with process control system via OPC DA 2.05 protocol.

Basic functions of the local controller

1. Reading the readings from the sensors.

2. Processing of received data.

2.1. Determination of the fact of the arrival of a pressure drop wave, as well as binding the fact of arrival at the measurement point to the time.

2.2. Determination of the fact of the presence of a mechanical impact on the pipeline, as well as binding the fact of arrival at the measurement point in time.

3. Data transfer to the central data processing server.

4. Synchronize data with GPS time.

5. Determination of sensors performance.

6. Sending service messages to the central server (operability of sensors, etc.).

Main functions of the central data processing server

1. Reading data from local controllers.

2. Data processing

2.1. Determining the location of a leak according to pressure sensors.

2.2. Determining the location of the leak according to accelerometers.

2.3. Determination of the fact and place of leakage according to acoustic sensors.

2.4. Determination of the fact of leakage according to flow meters.

2.5. The final conclusion on the leak.

3. Data transfer to dispatcher workstation.

4. Data transfer to process control system.

5. Introduction of archives.

Main functions of dispatcher workstation

1. Displaying the places and facts of leakage occurrence on the object model.

Display of additional information (operability of sensors, access control, communication, etc.)

Display of historical data

Implementation procedure and options

  • Integrated implementation. Possibility of supplying a turnkey system
  • Phased implementation and improvement of the software as the construction and expansion of the facility progresses
  • Improvement of the previously installed SDA as part of the planned modernization of the Customer's process equipment
  • Flexible system integration. The software package can either be integrated with the telemechanics system or function autonomously based on its own technical means for measuring, processing and transmitting data.
  • Depending on the characteristics of the pipeline, its technological equipment and the financial resources of the Customer, our specialists will select the best variant of the JCS for solving specific problems.

Services provided

SMIS Expert provides a full range of services:

We will also be happy to carry out the following special work for you.

- Optimization of oil (petroleum products) pumping regimes for long pipelines with different parameters and number of pumping units in operation, characteristics of the pipeline route and physical properties of the product.

- Minimization of energy consumption based on the calculation of optimal modes of pumping and gravity flow of a given volume of oil (petroleum products) for a given period of time, taking into account the conditions of slope, stops, pipeline swings, pressure distribution and identification of areas where pressure may exceed the maximum allowable values.

- Simulation of man-made situations in the oil and gas industry and development of response algorithms.

Industry Solutions

System for Leak Detection and Integrity Monitoring of Main Gas Pipelines (SDA SMC)

System for Leak Detection and Integrity of Main Oil Pipelines (SDA SMC)

Remote Monitoring and Control of Xmas Trees of a Gas Well (IIoT)

Causes of Leaks

Today, pipelines are one of the most cost-effective, reliable and safe ways to transport gas, oil, oil products and finished products over long distances. However, pipeline systems operate in difficult geodetic and weather conditions, and despite the fact that they are designed for an average of 20-25 years, in practice they last longer and often without repair.

In the process of aging, various damages to pipelines occur: cracks and corrosion appear in structurally vulnerable joints, which inevitably leads to leaks.

Regulatory documents

Federal Law No. 184-FZ of December 27, 2002
Federal Law No. 184-FZ of December 27, 2002 "On Technical Regulation"

Draft Federal Law No. 408228-5 of April 22, 2011 Draft Federal Law of
04/22/2011 No. 408228-5 “Technical Regulations “On the safety of main pipelines for the transportation of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons”

GOST 24.701-86
GOST 24.701-86 “Reliability of automated control systems”

GOST 24.703-85
GOST 24.703-85 “Typical design decisions in the ACS”

GOST R 8.596-2002
GOST 8.596-202 “Metrological support of measuring systems”

Technical regulation of the TS TS 0122011
Technical Regulation of the Customs Union of the Customs Union TR CU 012/2011 “On the safety of equipment in explosive environments”

Rostechnadzor Order No. 529 dated December 15, 2020
Rostechnadzor Order No. 529 dated December 15, 2020 “Industrial safety rules for oil and oil products warehouses”

Order of Rostekhnadzor dated 12/15/2020 No. 536
Order of Rostekhnadzor dated 12/15/2020 No. 536 "Industrial safety rules when using equipment operating under excessive pressure" 534 "Safety Rules in the Oil and Gas Industry"

Rostekhnadzor Order No. 517 dated December 11, 2020
Rostekhnadzor Order No. 517 dated December 11, 2020 "Safety Rules for Hazardous Production Facilities of Main Pipelines".

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