Which of the following statements is not true about proper tire care

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Which of the following statements is not true about proper tire care?
A.) If you see a wear bar across the width of the tread while facing it, it's time to replace the tire.
B.) Properly-inflated tires are critical to vehicle control and good gas mileage.
C.) Tire tread depth can only be checked by a properly-trained tire expert.
D.) Under-inflated tires experience uneven friction and heat buildup, which can lead to blowouts.

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Tire tread depth can only be checked by a properly-trained tire expert.

California requires drivers to be this age or older to use Hands free device while driving.
A.) 21
B.) 17
C.) 16
D.) 18
E.) 25

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D. 18

EXPLANATION: It's illegal to drive a motor vehicle while using an electronic wireless communication device to write, send or read text messages, instant messages and emails. Unless you are 18 years of age or older and using an electronic wireless communication devices designed and configured to allows voice-operated and hands-free operation to dictate, or listen to text based communications when operating a vehicle.

What does the letter 'P' represent in the S.P.ID.E.R method?
A.) Predict what the other driver will do in a given situation.
B.) Pass with caution.
C.) Protect all passengers in your vehicle.
D.) Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.

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Predict what the other driver will do in a given situation.

EXPLANATION: The letter 'P' stands for Predict in the S.P.ID.E.R method.

When driving in fog or snow:
A.) drive at the posted speed limit
B.) drive faster to reduce the amount of time you will be out on the road.
C.) use your high beams
D.) use your low beams

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use your low beams

EXPLANATION: Fog is especially treacherous. The best advice is, don't drive in fog if you can help it. If you have to go out, drive very slowly. Keep in mind that a light fog can change quickly to a thick fog. Your speed should never exceed the point at which you think you can stop and at which you can cleasrly see for a distance ahead. Always use your low beam headlights when you're driving in fog or snow

Which of these would you consider impaired drivers?
A.) Any driver who has consumed any alcohol or other drug.
B.) Angry drivers
C.) Distracted drivers
D.) All of these answers are correct.

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All of these answers are correct.

EXPLANATION: There are physical and mental types of impairment, such as anger, fatigue, distraction, or use of alcohol or other drugs, all of which are impairments while behind the wheel and are contributing factors to careless driving.

What us the leading cause of death for teenagers between the ages of 15-20 years?
A. ) cancer
B.) vehicles crashes
C.) suicide
D.) murder

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vehicles crashes

EXPLANATION: Vehicles crashes are the number one killer of teenagers between the ages of 15-20 years. Driver distractions, risk-taking, and inexperience contribute to more than 5,000 teenage deaths each year.

__________ are the leading cause of death for persons ages 10 to 11 and 16 to 22 years old.
A.) Drugs
B.) Motor vehicle crashes
C.) Home accidents
D.) none of the above

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Motor vehicle crashes

Every __________ minutes, somebody dies on the road in the US.
A.) 7
B.) 9
C.) 11
D.) 14

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Flashing arrow panels are only used at night.

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If you accumulate 18 points on your driving record within a 18-month period, your driver's license will be suspended for __________ months.
A.) 3
B.) 6
C.) 9
D.) 12

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Alcohol-induced euphoria can cause people to take chances they normally would not take, which can be deadly behind the wheel of a vehicle.

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If the brakes fail on your vehicle, the parking brake may be used to help stop the vehicle.

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Safe driving has nothing to do with keeping your vehicle's systems in good working order.

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This is one of the most common injuries to occur during a vehicle collision.
A.) internal bleeding
B.) brain damages
C.) whiplash
D.) a minor bruise
E. ) a compound fracture

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EXPLANATION: One of the most common injuries sustained through a car collision is called whiplash. In a collision you neck moves forward all of the sudden and then moves back again due to the force of the impact. In such a situation, you neck muscles are extended more than normal and may end up getting damaged. This can happen even if the collision takes place at a relatively slower speed. The impact of such an injury is felt for days, weeks, or even years after the collision and makes it very difficult for the victims to complete even their day-today activities successfully.

You may not leave children at or under this age unattended in a vehicle.
A.) 7
B.) 8
C.) 7 1/2
D.) 6 1/2
E.) 6

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EXPLANATION: According to the California state law it illegal to leave children aged six years or less unattended inside a vehicle. Besides being illegal, leaving a child in the car can be dangerous for several reasons.

You must reduce your speeds to this level to reduce the risk of collisions on snow covered roads.
A.) half
B.) 75 percent
C.) one-third
D.) 10 percent
E.) none of these are correct

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EXPLANATION: When driving on roads packed with snow you should reduce your speed by half and tread carefully. Look for signs that warn you of slippery roads, especially when going through bridges, overpasses and highways shaded by trees. This area can be covered with a sheet of ice that may not be visible. This is called black ice.

This effect occurs when a thin sheet of water is between your tires and the road
A.) floating
B.) hydroplaning
C.) fishtailing
D.) skidding

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EXPLANATION: Hydroplaning occurs because there is a sheet of water between the tires and the road. If the tire is worn out or if the drainage on the road is bad, there is loss of traction and he vehicle goes out of control. Before we look at how to recover from hydroplaning let us understand how hydroplaning takes place.

Doing the following while driving is an example of driving aggressively?
A.) tailgating
B.) turning the radio up load
C.) eating while driving
D.) mumbling obscenities to yourself
E.) talking on your phone

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EXPLANATION: Tailgating is an example of aggressive driving because the operator deliberately operates the vehicle in a manner where the odds of collision are increased.

This five-sided shaped yellow street sign with two children on it indicate that you are near the following _________.
A.) school
B.) restaurant
C.) work zone
D.) intersection or crossing
E. ) market

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EXPLANATION: The five-sided shaped yellow sign is an indication that you are near a school. When you come across such a sign, you should drive cautiously or halt completely if any children are crossing the road. The yellow flashing lights on a school bus warn you to slow down and prepare to stop. When the school bus flashes RED lights (located at the top front and back of the bus), you must stop from either direction until the children are safely across the street and the lights stop flashing the only situation where you are not required to stop if you are on a divided highway or a multiple lane highway

Any of the following substances (medications, drugs or alcohol) have the capacity to _________ your good judgment.
A.) strengthen
B.) weaken
C.) assist
D.) help
E.) enhance

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EXPLANATION: Driving under the influence of medication or alcohol is an absolute no-no. Both medications and alcohol have the capacity to weaken your good judgment and lead you to careless or reckless driving that may result in serious damage. Driving with more than specific percentage of alcohol in your blood level can also land you in serious trouble with the law enforcement authorities which means heavy fines or jail time.

This impediment can prevent you from being able to judge distance properly.
A.) Poor hearing
B.) Stress
C.) Negligence
D.) Poor vision
E.) Anger

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Poor vision

EXPLANATION: Another factor that can affect your driving ability is your vision. Knowing how to drive can be very convenient in getting you from one place to another. But if you suffer from poor vision, going even to the closet grocery by car could be painful and can take hours. This is particularly the case with elderly people, who may have serious problems with their vision as they age. Driving when you are unable to see properly can also be dangerous. Poor vision may prevent you from judging distances, which can often result in collision. If you miss a signal or road sign because of your poor vision, you could end up in a collision that could leave you or other people harmed.

You must first stop and then proceed when safe when you encounter this type of traffic signal.
A.) red circle with a red line
B.) five sided yellow sign
C.) red arrow
D.) green light
E.) flashing red light

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flashing red light

EXPLANATION: Red always means stop. If a right turn is allowed on red, you should make sure that there are no pedestrians or bikes on the path before proceed only if the path is clear and it is safe to do so. Here you should follow the right-of-way rules.

California Traffic School Final Exam Answers 9 | California Traffic School Test Answers 9

This loss of focus while driving is just enough to result in a collision.
A.) wink
B.) look at the speedometer
C.) smile
D.) take your eyes off the road
E.) turn the radio loud

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take your eyes off the road

EXPLANATION: Window shopping and sightseeing are driving distraction. Looking at something beautiful is always a pleasure, it may not necessarily be safe, especially when you are behind the wheeel

It is acceptable to use this method to try and gain the attention of other drivers.
A.) using sign boards
B.) using a cell phone
C.) yelling
D.) eye-contact
E.) continually staring

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EXPLANATION: There are different ways in which you can communicate with the other road users, and using the tools in your vehicle is one. No, this does not mean you should use your cell phone to communicate. You should make use of the in-build vehicle tools like the horn and the lights which are meant to communicate your intent to the others on the road. Alongside these, your eye contact and body language can also be used for communicating with other road users but in a courteous manner.

Drivers with traffic citations are tracked by this regulatory system.
A.) License system
C.) traffic signs
E.) traffic laws

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EXPLANATION: The NOTS has been designed to keep a check on people with driving violations. It is based on negligent operator points, which are awarded to drive who violate traffic laws. Negligent operator points will be added to your record when you are involved in a collision and the law enforcement says you have contributed to it in any way. Points may be added to your record if you are convicted by the court for traffic violation. Based on the number you have accumulated in particular period the DMV may take action.

This is the speed limit that you must adhere to while driving in school zones or within 500 to 1000 feet of a school.
A.) 25 mph or less
B.) 15 mph or less
C.) at least 40 mph
D.) above 25 mph
E.) at least 15 mph

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25 mph or less

EXPLANATION: while driving in school zones or within 500 or 1000 feet of a school, you should maintain a speed limit of 25 mph or less, look out for pedestrians, bikes and stopped school buses near schools to allow children to cross the road safely. If necessary, you should come to complete stop near schools, you should also drive slowly in areas surrounding public parks, playgrounds or residential areas where children may be playing

What drivers do when they approach a yield sign?
A.) to let other drivers pass him/her
B.) drive carefully, honk the horn at pedestrian
C.) slow down, or stop if necessary and allow pedestrians or bikers to cross the road before proceeding
D.) you have the right of way to keep driving
E. ) nothing

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slow down, or stop if necessary and allow pedestrians or bikers to cross the road before proceeding

EXPLANATION: when you come across a yield sign, which is a three-sided red sign, you have to slow down, or stop if necessary and allow pedestrians or bikers to cross the road before proceeding

This effect occurs when there is loss of traction between the rear wheels and road surfaces like ice, sand, or gravel
A.) Fishtailing
B.) akidding
C.) sliding
D.) hydroplaning
E.) spinning

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EXPLANATION: Hydroplaning is not the only dangerous thing can happen when you're driving a car. Another danger you may encounter while driving is called Fishtailing or tanks slapping. Fishtailing usually occurs when there is loss traction between the rear wheels and the road. This usually happens if you're traveling on surfaces that provide low traction like ice, sand, or gravel. Sometimes its not the surface, but the vehicle itself can cause fishtailing. This happens in vehicles with rear wheel drive because extra power to the rear wheel can cause Fishtailing also called power over steer. Fishtailing can be quite a scary experience as the entire vehicle goes out of control and starts spinning, as the rear wheels do not have any traction. Fishtailing can cause vehicle to flip over completely or to move into a lane with oncoming traffic. Sometimes it is possible to heat the fuel splashing around in the tank as well which gives it the name tank slapping.

Crosswalk are marked by __________ lines, before which the vehicles should _________ stop
A.) white/ most often
B.) white/ always
C.) white/ on occasion
D.) white/ nearly always

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white/ always

EXPLANATION: Pedestrians always have the right-of-way at crosswalks, which is a part of the road allocated for pedestrians traffic. In general, these crosswalks are at intersections, usually at the corners. But can also be in the middle of the road. Crosswalks are marked white lines in front of where vehicle must stop. Intersections do not have to be marked with a physical crosswalk.

At crosswalk, pedestrians have this specific privilege that drivers must adhere to
A.) walk signal
B.) red light
C.) do not walk signal
D.) right-of-way
E.) green light

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EXPLANATION: Pedestrians always have the right-of-way at crosswalks, which is a part of the road allocated for pedestrians traffic. In general, these crosswalks are at intersections, usually at the corners. But can also be in the middle of the road. Crosswalks are marked white lines in front of where vehicle must stop. Intersections do not have to be marked with a physical crosswalk.

If you were traveling 60 mph and not wearing a seatbelt and collided with a fixed object, how fast would you be traveling when you hit the windshield?
A. ) 30 mph
B.) 45 mph
C.) 60 mph
D.) 100 mph
E.) 90 mph

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60 mph

When entering a freeway, the best speed to be going is
A.) slower than the other cars
B.) the same speed as the other cars
C.) faster than the other cars
D.) 5-10 mph faster than the cars behind you
E.) 10-15 mph faster than the cars behind you

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the same speed as the other cars

Analyzing is part of predicting problems.

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Approximately 30 percent of all highway deaths are due to speeding.

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The "right of way" is the law and all drivers are guaranteed this right.

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Strong emotions can interfere with your ability to blank
Strong emotions can interfere with your ability to __________
A.) make wise decisions.
B.) think and reason.
C.) judge risks.
D.) all of the above

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all of the above

EXPLANATION: strong emotions can interfere with your ability to think, reason and make wise decisions

The more energy of motion that a vehicle develops, the stronger its traction. True or False.

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Safety is the avoidance of risk.

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Choose the correct names for the car symbols shown in this picture.

A.) Low beam; safety belt
B.) Low beam; head restraint system
C.) High beam; safety belt

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High beam; safety belt
These car symbols indicate the high beams and safety belts.

If the temperature warning light/gauge goes on, what should you do?
If the temperature warning light goes on, what should you do?
A.) Stop as soon as you can at a safe place and shut the engine off
B.) Open the radiator cap to check the water level
C.) Keep driving to the nearest mechanic
D.) Keep driving because it is a warning and not an indicator of a real problem

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Stop as soon as you can at a safe place and shut the engine off
EXPLANATION: Temperature Warning Light/Gauge: This light goes on when the engine temperature or the radiator's coolant is too hot. In some vehicles, a gauge is used that would show the needle in the warning zone of HOT. If this warning light lights up while driving, STOP as soon as you can at a safe place and shut the engine off.

The odometer gauge indicates the ________________.
A.) total number of miles your car has been driven
B.) fuel level in the car’s fuel tank
C.) engine revolutions per minute
D.) speed in miles per hour

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total number of miles your car has been driven
EXPLANATION: Odometer indicates the total number of miles your car had been driven since it was manufactured

Periodic tune-ups are important because they __________.
A.) extend the life of your car
B.) help you avoid costly repairs
C.) prevent dangerous breakdowns
D.) all of the above

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all of the above
EXPLANATION: Periodic tune-ups and transmission service according to manufacturer's specifications extend the life of your vehicle, allow you to avoid costly repairs, and prevent dangerous breakdowns.

Which gauge indicates the total number of miles your car has been driven since it was manufactured?
A.) The speedometer
B.) The tachometer
C.) The odometer
D.) The fuel gauge

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The odometer

On most vehicles, the windshield wipers can be activated by a lever located to the _________ of the steering wheel.
A.) top
B.) left
C.) bottom
D.) right

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EXPLANATION: On most vehicles, the windshield wipers can be activated by a lever located to the right of the steering wheel. Usually, you can adjust the speed of your wipers to optimize performance for specific driving conditions.

Florida FLVS Drivers Ed Module 9 Test Answers - Critical Vehicle System Test 9.1 and 9.2

With manual transmission, use your right foot for the brake and accelerator and left foot for the clutch.
A.) True
B.) False

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The clutch pedal is found in cars with manual and automatic transmissions. True or False?
A.) True
B.) False

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EXPLANATION: The clutch pedal is found only in cars with manual transmission. The pedal is located on the floor to the left of the brake pedal. It must be operated with your left foot with the heel resting on the ground.

It is recommended that you sit at least _____ inches away from the air bag.
The driver and front seat passengers should sit at least _____ inches away from the air bag.
A.) 2
B.) 7
C.) 10
D.) 60

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EXPLANATION: Driver and front seat passengers should sit as far back as practical, particularly people of short stature. It is recommended that you sit at least 10 inches away from the air bag.

What are the benefits of maintaining your vehicle?
A.) Safety and dependability
B.) Better for the environment
C.) Better fuel economy
D.) All of the above

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All of the above
EXPLANATION: Regular maintenance is health insurance for your car, and will extend the life of its parts. Maintenance keeps a car safe, dependable, perform well, save fuel, and makes it emission standards compliant. Regular maintenance also makes sense economically: low-cost maintenance can prevent high-cost repairs.

Which of the following statements is not true about proper tire care?
A.) If you see a wear bar across the width of the tread while facing it, it's time to replace the tire.
B.) Properly-inflated tires are critical to vehicle control and good gas mileage.
C.) Tire tread depth can only be checked by a properly-trained tire expert.
D. ) Under-inflated tires experience uneven friction and heat buildup, which can lead to blowouts.

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Tire tread depth can only be checked by a properly-trained tire expert.

You can use a _____ to test tread wear on your tires.
A.) Penny
B.) Air hose
C.) Car jack
D.) Lug wrench

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EXPLANATION: Here's how to use a penny for quick reference: insert the penny into the tread groove with Lincoln's face showing. The head should be pointing towards the tire. If you are able to see all of Lincoln's head while looking from the side of the tire, the tread is not sufficient. The tire needs replacement.

You should always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat. True or False?
A.) True
B.) False

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EXPLANATION: Always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat.

In a car crash, wearing a seat belt __________________.
A.) Keeps you from being thrown from the car
B.) Can reduce your injuries
C.) Keeps you from hitting the steering wheel or the windshield
D.) Can help with all of the above

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Can help with all of the above

True or false: A poorly running engine may pollute the air.
A.) True
B.) False

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Which of the following is not a true statement about a poorly running engine?
A.) It gets good gas mileage.
B.) It may lose power that is needed for normal driving and emergencies.
C.) It pollutes the air.
D.) The engine could stall when you are on the road, causing a traffic problem.

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It gets good gas mileage.

EXPLANATION : A poorly running engine may lose power that is needed for normal driving and emergencies: may not start, gets poor fuel economy, pollutes the air, and could stall when you are on the road causing a traffic problem.

Poorly tuned engines do not get good gas mileage.
A.) True
B.) False

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EXPLANATION: A poorly running engine may lose power that is needed for normal driving and emergencies, may not start, gets poor fuel economy, pollutes the air, and could stall when you are on the road causing a traffic problem.

Underinflated tires flex too much and build up heat, which can lead to tire blowouts.
A.) True
B.) False

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EXPLANATION: Properly inflated tires are critical to vehicle control and good gas mileage. Underinflated tires flex too much and build up heat, which can lead to blowouts or the tread separating and peeling off.

In vehicles equipped with ABS, the driver's foot must remain firmly on the _________ to activate the ABS.
A.) accelerator
B.) brake pedal
C.) clutch
D.) ground

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brake pedal
EXPLANATION: In vehicles equipped with ABS, the driver's foot remains firmly on the brake pedal, allowing the system to automatically pump the brakes. In vehicles not equipped with ABS, the driver can manually pump the brakes to prevent wheel lockup.

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Care of car tires and rims

Car wheels are like shoes for a person: it is not only a functional detail, but also the "second face" of the owner. Dirty and unkempt shoes immediately catches the eye, causing rejection; and yes, it won't last long. Let's talk about how to properly take care of the "shoes" of the car - tires and wheels.

Let's define terminology. Wheel is a ready-to-install kit consisting of a rim and a tire fitted to it. Many tire and rim care procedures are identical - we will combine them when talking about wheels in general. And we will mention things specific to rubber and disks separately at the end of the article.

Proper operation of the wheels

It would seem what nuances the operation of the wheels can have - “shod” and drove off. But it is misuse that leads to most problems with tires and wheels and their early death. Here's what you should pay attention to:

Tire pressure

Driving with abnormal tire pressure is fraught with both the tires themselves and the rims. Excessive pressure accelerates the wear of the central part of the tire, and also threatens the appearance of hernias during shock loads in the pits. Too low pressure increases the wear of the shoulder areas of the tread, is fraught with mechanical damage (breakdown) of the tire or disassembly of the wheel on the go.

It is especially important to monitor the pressure in low-profile tires - here the disc is also at risk. If you get into a pit on poorly inflated wheels, there is every chance of tearing the tires and “squaring” or splitting the rims - repair and replacement of parts will cost a pretty penny.

Regularly check the pressure in the tires and, if necessary, inflate them yourself using a car compressor, without postponing this procedure, hoping to get to the tire shop. According to Murphy's law, it is on the way to it that a deep hole will be waiting for you.

Camber and toe

Wheel alignment affects not only the geometry and suspension units, but also the wheels themselves. To a greater extent - on tires: if the camber or convergence is incorrect, the rubber begins to "eat". Increased and uneven tire wear reduces its service life by 2-3 times.

To prolong the life of your tires, regularly check the camber and toe on the stand: during seasonal “shoe changes”, after suspension repairs, and also after encounters with deep pits. The timely noticed and corrected deviation of the wheel alignment angles from the factory values ​​will save you from early replacement of tires.

Seasonal “shoe change”

Seasonal tire change was invented for safety, but indirectly affects tire life. Summer tires "glaze" in the cold, and soft winter tires start to frankly "float" at positive temperatures, wearing out several times more intensively. Therefore, each type of tire should only be used in the appropriate temperature range. Just one season in "shoes" that doesn't suit the weather, and tires can go to a landfill.

High-quality tire fitting

Tire fitting (wheel assembly process) is a rather painful procedure for a tire: with each beading, the bead ring is stretched, which does not add durability to the tire. There is nothing to say about discs: scratches and chips on them are practically the norm for unskilled mechanics. Therefore, it is justified to have two full-fledged sets of wheels - when changing tires seasonally, you will not need to remove them from the rims.

If tire fitting is unavoidable, choose trusted workshops with high-quality equipment and trained personnel. For example, in Giperavto car services, special emphasis is placed on tire fitting: before each season of “changing shoes”, mechanics undergo additional training, and all equipment is set up and calibrated.

Tire rotation

Not all motorists know about tire rotation according to a special scheme, although this procedure is described in detail in the instructions for any car. The point is to swap the wheels so that they wear evenly. It is recommended to do this every 10,000 km. When buying a new set of five tires, the spare tire is also included in the rotation scheme - in this case, the rubber will last noticeably longer. Incorporate wheel rotation into your machine's periodic maintenance plan to prolong tire life.

Proper storage of wheels

Seasonal tire change raises a reasonable question: where to store the second set for six months? It is better not to consider options with storing wheels on a balcony or in a vestibule of a staircase due to the specific and persistent smell of rubber - take pity on your health. The ideal solution is a "tire hotel", a seasonal tire storage service. And with self-storage, you need to know a few subtleties.

Wheels should be stored in a well-ventilated, dry place, protected from sunlight and rain. Covered parking lots usually meet these requirements, but garages do not always. Leaking roofs after rain are a common problem for garage cooperatives. And if you don’t want to find swollen paint and traces of rust on the disks after six months, take care of their protection from moisture. Too dry air is the other extreme: rubber in such conditions cracks and cracks. The optimum humidity for storing wheels is 55–65%, temperature is 20–25 °C.

Please note that tires and assembled wheels are stored differently. Tires without rims are stored vertically - they are placed in a row, periodically turning over to change the fulcrum. Tires on disks are placed horizontally (in stacks of no more than 2 wheels) or suspended. Improper storage can lead to tire deformation and serious problems during further use.

Cleaning wheels

Caring for your wheels starts with regular and thorough cleaning. When you go to the car wash, ask to clean the tires and rims with special care, especially in winter, when the roads are actively sprinkled with reagents. It is necessary to wash off the aggressive salt mixture from the wheels as soon as possible to avoid the appearance of oxides.

After an active foam that cleans the entire body, use additional tire cleaners designed specifically for rubber and wheel cleaners that remove tough dirt such as stubborn dust from brake pads.

Tire care

In addition to natural wear and tear during operation, the main enemy of tires is aging. Natural rubber, the basis of rubber, loses its elasticity under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, adverse climate, road chemicals and other factors. After 5 years from the date of release, the tire begins to dry out, no longer providing proper contact with the road.

To prolong the life of tires, use a special polish-black after each wash. They soften rubber and create a film on the surface that protects against ultraviolet radiation. They also return a deep black color to the rubber, pleasing to the eye.

Wheel Care

Wheel rims are in direct contact with road chemicals and therefore require extra thorough cleaning to avoid corrosion and paint damage. Other than that, disc care comes down to the following:

  • Stay away from curbs. When parking the car, the rims often touch the curbstones, chipping and damaging the paint. Careful driving and tires with rim protection will help to avoid this - a protruding side that touches the curb before the disc.
  • Try not to wash discs that are hot after active driving with cold water, so as not to damage the paintwork. Wait for the discs to cool down.
  • Use quality brake pads. The dust generated during the operation of the pads “bakes” on the surface of the discs so much that it is not easy to remove it even with the help of a cleaner.
  • Use a soft cloth or special disc cleaning mitt. Often, the wheels, as the most contaminated parts of the car, are washed with the most unsightly rag or sponge that has accumulated a lot of small grains of sand and abrasive. In this case, the effect of sandpaper for the disc surface is provided.

Take care of your car wheels like your own shoes and they will serve you for a long time without losing their visual appeal.

Topic: "Healthy lifestyle" | Article on physical education on the topic:

Theme: Healthy lifestyle


GBOU school No. 471

Vyborgsky district St. Petersburg

Every normal person strives to live his life happily ever after. But are we doing everything for this? If we analyze "every step" of our typical day, then, most likely, everything is "exactly the opposite."

In the morning, barely getting out of bed, we are going to work or study. During the day we get nervous over trifles, overeat at the table, quarrel with relatives, envy acquaintances and colleagues, in the evenings we relax on the couch watching TV.

Natural consequences of such a way of life are diseases and nervous disorders.

And no matter how perfect medicine is, it cannot rid everyone of all diseases. A person is the creator of his own health, for which he must fight.

Here we are talking about a healthy person, health. And what is health???

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. If the body is healthy, but there is no feeling of joy and fullness of life, then this is already a disease.

Health helps us fulfill our plans, successfully solve life's problems, and overcome difficulties. It is rightly said that it is better to be healthy and rich than poor and sick. Good health, wisely preserved and strengthened by man himself, ensures him a long and active life.

Health is a priceless asset for every person. When meeting, parting with close and dear people, we wish them good and good health, as this is the main condition and guarantee of a full and happy life.

From an early age, it is necessary to lead an active lifestyle, harden, engage in physical education and sports, observe the rules of personal hygiene - in a word, rational ways to achieve genuine harmony of health.

A special place in the regime of a healthy life belongs to the daily routine, a certain rhythm of life and human activity. The mode of each person should provide for a certain time for work, rest, eating, sleeping.

The daily routine of different people can and should be different depending on the nature of work, living conditions, habits and inclinations, however, even here there must be a certain daily rhythm.

It is very important that a person sleeps and eats always at the same time. A person who has dinner at a strictly defined time knows very well that by this time he has an appetite, which is replaced by a feeling of severe hunger if dinner is late.

Speaking about the daily routine, we do not mean strict schedules with a minute-by-minute calculated time budget for each task for each day. There is no need to bring the regime to a caricature with excessive pedantry. However, the routine itself is a kind of core on which the conduct of both weekdays and weekends should be based.

In order to maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system and the whole organism, adequate sleep is of great importance. Sleep should be sufficiently long and deep. If a person sleeps little, then he gets up in the morning irritated, broken, and sometimes with a headache.

It is impossible for all people without exception to determine the time needed for sleep. The need for sleep varies from person to person. On average, this rate is about 8-9 hours. Unfortunately, some people view sleep as a reserve from which you can borrow time to complete certain tasks. Systematic lack of sleep leads to disruption of nervous activity, decreased performance, increased fatigue, irritability.

To create the conditions for a normal, sound and restful sleep, it is necessary for 1-1. 5 hours. before sleep, stop strenuous mental work. Dinner should be no later than 2-2.5 hours before bedtime. This is essential for proper digestion of food. Sleep in a well ventilated area. It is advisable to go to bed at the same time - this helps to fall asleep quickly.

Being in good physical shape means being able to perform daily tasks cheerfully, energetically and without undue fatigue, retain enough energy for outdoor activities, and successfully overcome life's unexpected difficulties.

You are left with the choice of an individual exercise program: walking, running, swimming, cycling, skiing, aerobics and other types of physical activity.

Daily morning exercises are a mandatory minimum of physical training. It should become for everyone the same habit as washing in the morning.

There is only one way to achieve harmony in a person - the systematic performance of physical exercises. In addition, it has been experimentally proven that regular physical education, which is rationally included in the regime of work and rest, not only improves health, but also significantly increases the efficiency of production activities.

Physical exercise will have a positive effect if certain rules are observed during exercise:

- it is necessary to monitor the state of health - this is necessary in order not to harm yourself while doing physical exercises;

- - should not be exercised immediately after illness. It is necessary to withstand a certain period in order for the functions of the body to recover - only then physical education will be beneficial.

With proper and regular exercise, fitness improves year after year, and you will be in good shape for a long time.

People eat differently, but there are a number of requirements that everyone should take into account. First of all, food should be varied and complete, i.e. contain in the right amount and in certain ratios all the main nutrients. Overeating should not be allowed: it leads to obesity. It is also very unhealthy to eat with the systematic introduction of exorbitant amounts of any one product or nutrients of one class (for example, abundant intake of fats or carbohydrates, increased consumption of table salt).

Intervals between meals should not be too long (no more than 5-6 hours). It is harmful to eat only 2 times a day, but in excessive portions, because. this puts too much stress on the circulation. It is better for a healthy person to eat 3-4 times a day. With three meals a day, lunch should be the most satisfying, and dinner should be the lightest. It is harmful to read while eating, to solve complex and responsible tasks. You can’t rush, eat, burning yourself with hot food, swallow large pieces of food without chewing.

Systematic dry food, without hot meals, has a bad effect on the body. It is necessary to follow the rules of personal hygiene and sanitation. A person who neglects the diet, over time, is threatened by the development of diseases of the digestive organs, which in turn will affect the state of the whole organism.

Unfortunately, among the youth it has become fashionable and prestigious to take drugs today.

In childhood and adolescence it is not always easy to realize the perniciousness of bad habits and the difficulty of weaning them.

It is clear that health and bad habits are incompatible. In adolescence, some schoolchildren, unfortunately, begin to smoke, take drugs. Let's be frank - they acquire this bad habit most often because of the desire to appear among their comrades as more mature, more independent. But at the same time, they do not realize what great harm they are doing to their health.

I would like to dwell in more detail on the issue of the harm of smoking.

Why is smoking so bad for the body? The thing is that nicotine, carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic acid and other toxic substances contained in tobacco poison the body and destroy many of its systems. The function of the brain suffers especially, the vessels of which after each smoked cigarette are in a state of persistent and prolonged spasm. Reduced blood flow inhibits metabolic processes. Substances contained in tobacco smoke make a person irritable, often causing a headache.

Nicotine is very harmful for the heart and blood vessels. Smokers are many times more likely to have diseases associated with spasm and damage to the heart vessels. All this can lead over the years to a heart attack, shortens a person's life.

Arsenic, radioactive polonium, various resinous substances, in particular benzpyrene, contained in tobacco smoke, can cause malignant tumors. Statistics show that lung cancer in smokers is 10 times more common than in non-smokers. Tobacco smoke is the cause of inflammatory diseases of the larynx, stomach, intestines.

Smoking reduces efficiency, memory, attention, as nicotine disrupts the central nervous system.

There is practically no organ or system in the human body that has not suffered from smoking to one degree or another.

Many outstanding people who gave priority to hardening of the body, physical exercises, lived much longer than their fellow tribesmen. So, for example, Plutarch lived to be 70 years old, Plato - to 80, Democritus - to 90. The ancient Greek philosopher Gorgias lived for 107 years. It is known that in those ancient times, the average life expectancy was only 25 years.

What is hardening? And what is its role in improving human health?

Hardening is the adaptation of the human body to conditions of low and high temperatures, to adverse environmental conditions. Hardening of the body is the main means of preventing colds.

It must be admitted that very few people have heard about the benefits of hardening, but it turns out that only a few harden themselves. Some even do not risk washing with cold water. Statistics show that a hardened person gets colds 6-8 times less often than a non-hardened person.

Of course, hardening is not only "upside down in the hole". Hardening means are diverse: water, snow, air, sun. Hardening procedures are simple and accessible to everyone, all you need is desire and perseverance.

Hardening is, first of all, the skillful use of the perfect physiological mechanisms of protection and adaptation of the body, created by thousands of years of evolution. It allows you to use the hidden capabilities of the body, mobilize protective forces at the right time and thereby eliminate the dangerous influence of unfavorable environmental factors on it.

Starting hardening, you should adhere to the following principles:

1. Systematic use of hardening procedures

Hardening of the body should be carried out systematically, day after day throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions and without long breaks. It is best if the use of hardening procedures is clearly fixed in the daily routine.

2. Gradual increase in the strength of the irritating effect

Hardening will bring a positive result only if the strength and duration of the hardening procedures increase gradually. You should not start hardening immediately with wiping with snow or swimming in an ice hole. Such hardening can be harmful to health.

3. Sequence in hardening procedures

Preliminary training of the body with more gentle procedures is necessary. You can start with wiping, foot baths, and only then proceed to dousing, while observing the principle of gradual decrease in temperature.

4. Taking into account the individual characteristics of a person and the state of his health

Hardening has a very strong effect on the body, especially on people who start it for the first time. Therefore, before you start taking hardening procedures, you should consult a doctor. Given the age and condition of the body, the doctor will help you choose the right hardening agent and advise how to use it in order to prevent undesirable consequences.

5. The complexity of the impact of natural factors

Natural environmental factors that are widely used to harden the body include air, water and solar radiation. The choice of hardening procedures depends on a number of objective conditions: season, health status, climatic and geographical conditions of the place of residence.

The effectiveness of hardening procedures is significantly increased if they are combined with sports exercises.

Who doesn't want to be in a good mood? If a person is in a good mood, he becomes kinder, more responsive and more beautiful. Any business goes well with him, anxieties and worries go somewhere, it seems that nothing is impossible. The expression of his face changes, a special warmth appears in his eyes, his voice sounds more pleasant, his movements acquire lightness, smoothness. People involuntarily gravitate toward such a person.

But everything changes if the mood is bad. Like a black cloud surrounds a person. He hasn't said anything yet, but you can already expect trouble. As if some kind of negative energy arises, it is transmitted to others, causing anxiety, tension, irritation. I remember some annoying little things, resentments, working capacity drops sharply, interest in learning is lost, everything becomes boring, unpleasant, hopeless.

How can a good mood prevail? How to create a good mood and keep it throughout the day?

Create good moods from the very morning.

Start your morning with gymnastics. After all, gymnastics is not just physical exercises, it not only helps our body to move from sleep to wakefulness, vigorous activity. Gymnastics, if we think about the meaning of what we are doing, is also a way of emotional charging for the whole day.

The novelty of impressions, which causes positive emotions, especially stimulates the psyche. Under the influence of the beauty of nature, a person calms down, and this helps him to escape from everyday trifles. Balanced, he acquires the ability to look around him as if through a magnifying glass. Resentment, haste, nervousness, so frequent in our lives, dissolve in the great calmness of nature and its vast expanses.

Personal hygiene is an important element of a healthy lifestyle. It includes a rational daily regimen, body care, clothing and footwear hygiene.

The basis of skin care is regular washing with hot water and soap and a washcloth at least once every 4-5 days (shower, bath, sauna). After that, underwear must be changed. The most polluted areas of the body (face, neck, etc.) must be washed with soap every day in the morning and evening.

Hand care requires special attention as pathogenic microbes on them, and sometimes helminth eggs, can be transferred to food and utensils. Especially many microbes (about 95%) accumulates under the nails. Wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet, performing various tasks, and before eating.

Foot care must be carried out systematically. It is necessary to wash your feet daily at night with soap and water, and change your socks often.

Hair care. The frequency of hair washing depends to a large extent on the type of hair.

Oral care. It is recommended to brush your teeth 2 times a day for 3 minutes.

The main task of individual oral hygiene is the removal of plaque with the help of, first of all, toothpaste and brush.

Clothing hygiene. Hygienic requirements for clothing are primarily aimed at ensuring normal heat exchange between the body and the environment.

Shoe hygiene. The size, style and stiffness of the sole must not interfere with the anatomical function of the foot. It is best to choose the right shoes for the size. Shoes, like clothes, need to be aired, dried and treated with care every day.

If you determine that your style is a healthy lifestyle, then stick to it clearly.

Here are some tips that you might find helpful:

- take care of your health from a young age, there are many diseases that are revealed with age, although their roots are in childhood;

- be moderate in everything;

- do not get fat, so as not to impede the work of the whole organism, accelerating the aging process;

- always be friendly, calm and reasonable, irritability and fuss

harm the heart and nervous system;

- don't hold grudges, smile more often, a smile helps relieve stress;

- love your loved ones, they are your main value in life;

- choose a type of work activity that interests you and brings not only

material but also moral satisfaction;

- engage in physical labor or fitness, trying to spend as much time as possible

in the fresh air;

- actively rest, the lack of movement facilitates the occurrence of a number of diseases;

- sleep at least 8 hours a day, sleep restores strength and often heals better than any


- do not smoke, especially do not try to get away from problems in the world of alcohol or drugs


- devote time to your hobbies, it helps to relax and makes life -

more varied;

- do not give in to discouragement and do not allow yourself to lose heart.


The main harmful factors affecting a person at a computer:

- sitting position for a long time;

- exposure to electromagnetic radiation from a monitor;

- eye fatigue, eyestrain;

- overload of the joints of the hands;

- stress when information is lost.

Sitting position

It would seem that a person sits at a computer in a relaxed position, but it is forced and unpleasant for the body: the neck, head muscles, arms and shoulders are tense, hence osteochondrosis, and scoliosis in children. In those who sit a lot, a heat compress forms between the seat of the chair and the body, which leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. In addition, a sedentary lifestyle often leads to obesity.

Electromagnetic radiation

Modern monitors have become healthier, but not completely. It's much healthier to use an LCD monitor, but if you have a very old monitor on your desk, it's best to stay away from it and work as little as possible.

Effects on vision

The eyes register the smallest vibration of a text or picture, and even more so the flicker of the screen. Eye overload leads to loss of visual acuity. Be sure to set the highest possible screen resolution frequency for your monitor. Poor selection of colors, fonts, window layouts in the programs you use, and incorrect screen arrangement also have a bad effect on vision.

Overload of the joints of the hands

The nerve endings of the fingertips seem to break from constant hitting the keys, numbness, weakness occur, goosebumps run in the pads. This can lead to damage to the articular and ligamentous apparatus of the hand, and in the future, hand diseases can become chronic.

Stress when information is lost

Not all users make regular backup copies of their information. But viruses do not sleep, and hard drives of the best companies sometimes break, and the most experienced programmer can sometimes press the wrong button. As a result of such stress, heart attacks also occurred.

The influence of the computer on the psyche

Gambling addiction, Internet addiction, unhealthy passion for electronic books - these are very serious and difficult problems. Obviously, it is difficult to call a plump, inactive person who spends the lion's share of his life in front of a computer monitor physically healthy. Especially if he rarely happens in the fresh air, and even more so in the gym or pool. And if for him the main friend and the main means of communication with the surrounding reality is a computer, and the real world is much further than the more familiar virtual one, then we can talk about mental illness. At least this lifestyle is not called a healthy lifestyle.


The American channel abcnews has decided to test common claims about human health. Longevity expert Michael F. Roizen and heart surgeon Mehmet Oz, author of a book on healthy lifestyles, prove that some of these are myths that need to be dispelled:

Memory loss is inevitable

, however this is not true. The fact is that a person uses the entire brain, but this does not always happen.

It is important to train the brain. Developing like muscles, the brain forms new neural connections during training. Suitable workouts include playing a musical instrument, doing crossword puzzles, learning a foreign language, and even playing computer games. Indeed, according to new data, an hour of playing on a computer for 40 weeks "rejuvenates" the brain by 10 years.

In addition, it is necessary to dispel one more "myth" - the size of the brain has nothing to do with the mental abilities of a person. A striking example of this is Einstein, whose brain size did not go beyond the average.

Nothing makes you look older like the sun

The sun is commonly thought to be the main culprit in early wrinkles, but all studies show that stress is the main cause of aging. It contributes to the aging of the arteries, heart disease, strokes, memory loss, weakening of the immune system and cancer.

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