How long will an atv tire last

How Long Do ATV Tires Last And What Affect Tire Lifespan

by Calvin Anderson

The lifespan of tires is one of the common concerns of most ATV riders.

Questions like how long ATV tires last and how many many miles ATV tires last are very common.

ATV tire brands do not mention the lifespan of their tires, but by the tires test, we can know how long they last on average.

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So let’s know how long ATV tires last, what factors affect ATV tire lifespan, and how to make ATV tires last longer here.

How Long Do ATV Tires Last?

ATV tires’ lifespan depends on driving habits, road conditions, tire design, tire age, and the quality of tires. On average, an ATV tire lasts between 6000 to 8000 miles and 3 to 5 years.

How Long Do ATV Tires Last

The lifespan of all-terrain vehicle tires mostly depends on the driver of that ATV.

There are also a variety of factors that can directly affect ATV tire longevity.

Becoming aware of your ATV tires’ condition can help you to make your ATV tires last longer.

Factors That Affect ATV Tire LifespanFactors That Affect ATV Tire Lifespan

For long-lasting ATV tires, you must know what factors are affecting your ATV tire lifespan the most.

Here are some common factors that affect ATV tire lifespan:

  1. Driving Habits
  2. Tire Pressure
  3. Quality of Tires
  4. Road Conditions
  5. Tire Age
  6. Overloading

1. Driving Habits

If you know ATV riders’ diving habits, you can answer the question of how long ATV tires last easily.

Proper driving habits affect ATV tire lifespan the most. You can make your ATV tires last longer with better ATV driving habits.

Driving habits also include maintenance of tires which is another crucial factor for ATV tires’ lifespan.

2. Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is always important to riding an ATV. By considering various factors, you need to set ATV tire pressure.

Too low and high tire pressure affect ATV tire lifespan. So, ensure the right tire pressure for your ATV before riding.

3. Quality of Tires

You find plenty of tire manufacturers, even country-wise. But, choosing the best quality tire for your quad is another challenge.

Typically, a quality ATV tire lasts longer than a defective ATV tire.

American-made ATV tires have a good reputation for their tire quality, but they are also expensive.

4. Road Conditions

Road condition is another point that you should know when you want to know about an ATV tire lifespan.

The road condition you ride your ATV directly affects ATV tire longevity.

ATVs are specialized for riding off-road rather than on highways. So, if you ride your ATV off-road, the tire will last longer.

5. Tire Age

When your ATV tire becomes old, it gradually loses its traction and grip.

An ATV tire can last anywhere between 2 to 5 years, and tire age also reduces tire lifespan.

6. Overloading

Overloading is bad for ATV tires, but it is also not good for ATV riding safety.

So, you should avoid overloading your ATV in every situation.

How Many Miles Do ATV Tires LastHow Many Miles Do ATV Tires Last

Typically, an ATV tire lasts between five to eight thousand miles. ATV tires’ maximum and minimum miles lifespan are also conditional on various factors.

Road condition means the terrain you ride your ATV is the first thing you must consider when you need to know how many miles your ATV tires will last.

Your ATV tires will last more miles if you ride on mud or sand than riding on the rock.

After more than 8000 miles, most ATV tires need to be replaced to avoid unexpected situations.

How To Make ATV Tires Last LongerHow To Make ATV Tires Last Longer

In the condition of your ATV tires, you are able to make your ATV tires last longer by following some working tips.

Here are some tips to make ATV tires last longer:

  • Keep the tire clean:
    Using tire dressing, you should clean your ATV tire at least once a month.


To get the right idea of how long ATV tires last, you need to consider a variety of factors.

Regular maintenance of your ATV tires can increase the lifespan of your ATV tires.

In order to make your ATV tires last longer, you should also improve your riding habit.

Ensure the quality of tires that you purchase for your ATV because it also affects how long your ATV tires last.

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what tire damage can be repaired :: Autonews

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS

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Nail, rebar or sharp stone - sometimes you can damage a tire almost from scratch. First of all, the scale of damage is important, and often rubber can still be repaired. Most often, motorists turn to tire shops for repairs in the middle of autumn or spring - just in the season of replacing summer tires with winter tires and vice versa. In order not to stand in lines, it is worth knowing exactly when to go to the tire shop and when to go to the store.

The most common "injury" to rubber is a puncture, and it can most often be repaired. Professionals in the nearest service will do it much faster, and your hands will remain clean. But if the puncture caught you in a deserted place, and there is a pump and a tire repair kit with harnesses in the trunk, you can patch up the tire yourself. Most often, when repairing the front tires, the wheel can not even be removed, it is enough to turn the steering wheel in the right direction and find the puncture site.

First, the hole is cleaned with a helical awl, the repair harness is smeared with glue and tucked into the eye of the awl, after which it is inserted into the tire hole. With a sharp movement, the tool is removed, and the tourniquet remains inside and securely clogs the hole. The tails are cut with a knife, but it is recommended to leave about 20 mm. After that, the tire can be inflated and the pressure checked.

Repair with tourniquets is not considered long-term, because after some time they dry out and begin to let air through. A more advanced puncture repair method is vulcanization. The hole is sealed with an elastic patch, and the funnel at the puncture site is filled with a special compound. A vulcanizer is put on top, which heats the patch and solders the excess.

Under service conditions, the puncture is also repaired with cord fungus. The puncture site is processed and drilled to roughen. Everything is smeared with glue, after which a fungus is introduced from the inside of the tire, its cap is rolled, and the excess legs are cut off from the outside.

Photo: PA Images / TASS

A puncture can also be repaired with sealant. Many car manufacturers with run flat tubeless tires put compressor repair kits in the car instead of a spare tire - a bottle of pressurized sealant. The car is raised on a jack, after which the sealant is pumped into the damaged wheel through the nipple. Next, you need to spin the wheel and pump it up. After repair, the car should be driven a couple of hundred meters to check the tightness of the tire. If it has not recovered, the procedure is repeated.

It happens that a self-tapping screw or a nail closes the hole in the tire, remaining inside. Do not rush to pull it out - until the pressure drops, you can safely get to the service for vulcanization. Sometimes the wheel begins to blow off a few weeks after the self-tapping screw got into it. Therefore, it is better to check tire pressure periodically, and if the pressure sensor lights up, you should at least visually inspect the tire for a nail head.

A bump or bulge most often occurs on the side of a tire after hitting an obstacle or hitting a hole at speed. From the impact, the sidewall carcass threads are damaged, the tire ceases to hold the load and pressure, swelling appears. Any small bump eventually turns into a larger one, and with such a defect, the wheel can burst at any time. This is a direct safety hazard because a sudden flat tire can cause loss of control and a road accident.

Some bulges can be repaired, but no patch will ever restore a tire to factory stiffness. The ideal option in this case is to replace the tire. If a hernia has appeared on the tread, then you can extend the life of the tire with the help of cord patches - ready-to-use patches with an adhesive layer. But if swelling is found on the sidewall, the likelihood of repair is minimal, the wheel is easier to change. Blisters on low profile tires are generally not repairable.

Only car service professionals can repair a side cut. Cord patches will be needed to repair the damage, but after some time the wheel will still have to be changed. This method will work only if the gap is not in the shoulder area of ​​the tire, then no one will repair it.

In general, cuts or punctures, unlike punctures, are considered non-repairable, since the integrity of the frame is violated. And breakdowns do occur on the go, when the tire abruptly loses pressure and has time to make only a few turns “on the rims” before it comes to a complete stop. In this situation, the cord breaks and the layers of the tire are destroyed. Even if it is possible to close the hole, it is not recommended to use such a weakened tire.

Photo: Mikhail Pletsky / Russian Look

Cracks, sidewall abrasions and unprofessional tire fitting can also lead to tire problems. Cracks can occur as a result of improper storage of tires. Their danger is that moisture begins to flow to the cord, and this already renders the frame unusable. Air can also escape through cracks. Cracks cannot be repaired and tires will not last long. A tire with cracks is deformed, blistered, and may even break while driving.

Rubbing against curbs or driving on uneven roadsides can damage the tire sidewall. When driving like this, it is worth inspecting the tires for damage regularly. If a slight wear is found, the wheels can be swapped, which will slightly extend their service life and allow you to delay the purchase of new ones.

Improper fitting can damage the tire bead. In this case, the tire will lose its geometry and sit on a disc with a bevel, “eights” will be visible during rotation, and the driver will feel vibration while driving. It is impossible to repair this defect, the wheel must be changed as soon as possible, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the suspension.

How to Tires

TOP 25 tips for ATV || Articles on ATVs and Snowmobiles

1. Do not drink alcohol while driving an ATV or a snowmobile. The consequences can be dire.

2. Do not park in reverse or forward gear, always put the ATV's shift lever in P.

3. Avoid using the ATV's emergency brakes while standing, you may put your body on the throttle and make things worse.

4. When unwinding the winch cable, use the electric drive, not the drum lock. Do not unwind the winch by hand and it will last a long time, especially the WARN winch.

5. When packing items in the trunk, especially a thermos or food, fill any remaining empty space with rags or something useful. Take extra clothes, shoes, gloves, rope, etc. There should be no free space in the case. Otherwise, everything will be broken, scattered and damaged.

6. Drive on asphalt with rear wheel drive only. Drive on the ground only in full drive. Be sure to downshift L before mud, large puddle, swamp, etc.

7. BRP Can-Am owners, do not get carried away with slipping, try to move in tight or propulsion. Skidding - back up or use a winch. The variator belt will "say" you thank you.

8. Do not ride the Yamaha Grizzly together with a loaded case. The grizzly becomes very unstable and easily flips back. Over time, the frame bursts. Grizlik is a single-seat ATV!

9. Do not ride the ATV alone, especially in the woods and off-road. The ATV rolls over easily and can crush the rider with its weight. The weight of the ATV is from 350 to 500 kg, it is difficult to get out from under it without help.

10. Always wear a helmet. It's not even a matter of falling, in the forest you can be hit on the head by a branch or a stone that has flown out from under the wheels of the ATV in front.

11. Do not fly at speed into an unfamiliar puddle, there may be a step, a pit, a stone, a log.

12. Do not force an unfamiliar ford without checking. Walk it on foot first and check the depth.

13. When driving out of a puddle, ditch, pit, or just driving over a hill, do not step on the gas abruptly, especially if the ATV is on rear wheel drive. The ATV may roll over backwards and crush you.

14. Always clean the muffler and drive boots from peat and dirt, especially before leaving the road after the swamp and mud. When the muffler is heated at high speeds, peat particles can ignite and cause a fire.

15. If the ATV sinks in the water, and there is no chance to leave, you need to have time to turn off the engine. Repairing a disabled engine will cost less.

16. Use beadlock discs if you're riding in the mud. With beadlocks, the risk of “taking off your shoes” is minimal, in addition, on some tires, such as Assassinator or Cryptid, punctures are not terrible and you can drive with zero pressure to a garage or tire fitting even on asphalt, no consequences for the tires will come.

17. Do not trust homemade snorkels from the plumbing range, such plastic is not designed for vibration and heat.

18. Never stop the ATV in water or mud unless it sinks. After driving out of the mud or water, blow the muffler mesh, put the gearbox in neutral and turn on the gas.

19. Be sure to wear goggles in the woods with a cross helmet. The branch can get under the visor and further into the face and eyes.

20. Always carry a first aid kit, clamps, adhesive tape, drinking water, etc. with you. Detailed list of required items.

21. Be sure to unwind and dry the winch cable after use, in the garage or in the parking lot.

22. Do not use a straight-through muffler without a controller, it is not good for the engine, and the temperature of an unadjusted muffler and exhaust will usually exceed all acceptable limits, which will lead to plastic melting and other damage.

23. When arranging a barbecue with friends at the dacha or at home, do not let them ride a quad bike. Something will definitely be broken and perhaps relationships with friends will be ruined. With rare exceptions, this is exactly what happens.

24. When transporting the ATV on a trailer, do not secure it with a winch cable, as this will damage the winch over time. Use special cables, rope, tie-down straps, etc., but not a winch.

25. Be careful in the forest in spring, after winter there are various traps, spikes, nails, stretched wire, etc. in the forest. The reasons for the appearance of these items are different, now we will not talk about it. Be attentive and careful!

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