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Looking for High Quality yet inexpensive wheels and tires? You’re in the right place! Use our Search By Vehicle tool and we’ll show you all the current and trending brands of wheels from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. 

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About Our Rims

WheelsASAP only partners with rim and tire brands that honor our strict warranty requirements. At a minimum, our partner brands must include a one year warranty and lifetime structural for cheap rims. We also audit the price point of the rim and tire brands we represent to assure we’re always able to offer you the most competitive price online. If you’re purchasing a package your package will arrive mounted and balanced and ready to install.

When shopping for rims online it’s always important you do your homework and make sure the rims you’re purchasing have the required bolt pattern for your vehicle and that the rims meet your factory minimum and maximum offset and width requirements. At WheelsASAP we take that guess work away, when using our Search by Vehicle tool we will only present you with rim and tire options that are 100% fitment guarantee for your vehicle.

Are rims and wheels the same thing?

Yes and no, the rim is the outer part of the wheel where the tire seats. Before the cast wheel trend, it was common for wheels to consist of two pieces one being the center disc and the other being the outer rim. Both components were made of steel and welded together to make for a single unit referred to as a wheel.

How much do rims cost?

That depends on many different variables including your desired wheel diameter, required tire size and finish preference. On the lower side we have steel wheels for about $58 each, cast wheels starting at $62 and forged wheels $450 and over. As mentioned earlier the finish is a strong factor as well, In an example, a chrome wheel will cost about 25% more than a painted wheel while a painted wheel with milled edges will cost more than a plain finish wheel. Our best advise is to use our Search By Vehicle took and our results will always be presented by lowest to highest cost.

Rims And Tires Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for Wheel And Tire Packages, here are some tips to make sure you get Cheap Prices and Not Cheap Quality Cheap Rims.

Is the brand that you’re considering purchasing an actual company or a garage project?

Search the company on Google and see if they have a website. If the company doesn’t have a website, then steer clear. If they do, look for a physical address and search for them on Google Maps to make sure that you’re not dealing with a small-time untrustworthy brand.

What kind of warranty does the brand offer?

A good indicator of a quality product is always a good warranty. Most reputable brands offer a lifetime structural warranty (like the ones we partner with). Some brands don’t even mention this on their website while others won’t even offer a structural warranty.

Is the brand a reputable brand?

A good way to check the reputation of a brand is to search the brand name and follow the brand name with the term ‘’reviews’ In Example: XYZ Brand Reviews on Google, to see what others have to say. Always keep in mind that every story has two sides, so always use your best judgment when reading these reviews.

If you have any doubts, then contact the brand directly.

Contacting the brand and asking some simple questions such as ‘do you offer a structural warranty?’ or ‘what does your standard warranty include?’ can be beneficial. Not only are you learning about what type warranty they offer, but you’re also able to see if they even reply. A company that doesn’t reply in a timely matter is a bad sign.

Bonus Tip:

Reputable brands will deal only with reputable factories and comply with all the strict DOT standards and requirements. Fly-by-nights and one-man importers buy from factories that don’t comply with DOT standards and that can come with big consequences when it comes to quality.

All WheelsASAP vendors must comply with our strict onboarding requirements in order to become a partner brand of ours. We only partner with brands that comply with DOT standards and have insurance policies in place in case of unfortunate events. We also require all our partner vendors to extend Lifetime Structural Warranty to our clients and we offer an Industry First Theft and Road Hazard Replacement Assistance an option for wheels, which covers you when the brand warranty doesn’t. With WheelsASAP, you’ll always be covered!

WheelsASAP offers high quality rims and tires. We offer a Lifetime Structural warranty on all the rims and tires we sell assuring that you’re getting a low price on your cheap rims and tires but not cheap quality. Use our Vehicle Search tool to see all the options we offer for your vehicle.

Trending And Affordable Cheap Rims

Rather than bore you with hundreds of options we hand-picked the most trending and reputable brands in the industry (no fly by nights). We represent only the most reputable rim brands in the industry to ensure we offer our customers the highest quality yet cheap rims and cheap tires. All our rim brands are backed by our 100% Fitment Guarantee, Lifetime Structural Warranty, Easy Returns and Fast & Free Shipping, Shop Now!

Cheap Rims at Wholesale Prices

What Are The Advantages of

Cheap Rims vs Expensive Rims

Many people incorrectly think that expensive wheels are made with higher quality materials. However, the quality of materials is not the only factor that determines the price of a wheel. There are many budget-friendly wheel brands out there that use special techniques and industry tricks to create high-quality wheels for a discounted price.

The reason why drivers choose to buy cheap rims are:

● To save money. By saving money on rims, you will have the funds to make more enhancements to your vehicle.

● Durability. Many cheap rims are made of strong materials, such as steel and alloy. This enables the wheel to withstand abuse without suffering significant damage.

● Style. Cheap wheels come in a wide range of designs and finishes to give your vehicle a more eye-catching appearance.

While there are currently no federal regulations that wheel manufacturers have to meet in order to sell rims in the United States, many budget-friendly brands perform their own endurance tests to ensure that all of their wheels are able to perform well in various conditions.

What To Consider When Buying Cheap Rims

When shopping for cheap rims, you may be tempted to only take the price into consideration. However, just because the cheap wheel fits into your budget doesn't mean that it will fit your needs. Here is a look at what you need to consider before purchasing a set of cheap rims.


The type of material that the rim is made out of can affect the overall price of the wheel. Typically, steel wheels are the cheapest type of rim that you can buy. Not only are steel wheels cheaper upfront, but they are also more durable and easier to repair.

Manufacturing Techniques

During the manufacturing process, the wheel can either be forged or cast. Both methods have their advantages. However, cast wheels are usually less expensive than forged wheels. This is primarily due to the fact that forging takes longer and requires more skill than the casting process.


There is a wide range of finishes that can be used on a wheel to make it look more stylish. However, some finishes can end up making the wheel much more expensive.

If you want your wheel to have a sleek and shiny finish, consider getting a PVD (physical vapor deposition) wheel instead of chrome. PVD wheels tend to be more cost-effective in the long run and look almost identical to chrome.

If you are looking for a wheel that is a specific color, you may want to get a painted wheel instead of having a powder coat on it. Generally, painted wheels are less expensive than powder-coated wheels. A protective clear coat covers the painted wheels to prevent scratches and chips.


Where can I buy cheap rims and tires?

Discounted Wheel Warehouse has the best prices on rims and tires. We also offer Wheel and Tire Packages to help make the entire buying process more convenient and less expensive.

What is the best store to get the cheap rims and tires?

Discounted Wheel Warehouse is the best place to buy rims and tires at a reasonable price. We offer the best discounts on all the top-rated wheels and tires.

Our Tire and Wheel Experts Are Waiting to Assist You

Our team of experts has more than 20 years of tire and wheel experience. We are here to assist you in properly fitting your custom wheels. We offer some of the hottest trending aftermarket rims and unique custom wheels. Have Questions? Contact Us now!

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Tires and wheels with free tire service

Don't wait until the season starts! Get a set (4 pieces) of tires of these brands at a bargain price right now, and we will perform tire fitting in our centers absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

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You will receive a whole range of free turnkey works!


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After buying tires, you can sign up for a free tire fitting at the nearest tire center at a convenient time. During peak seasonal tire changes, you won't have to wait long in line. Save time and nerves by entrusting the work to professionals!

Detailed conditions of the promotion:

Free tire fitting service is provided only when installing a set (4 pcs) of tires purchased in the network participating in the promotion.

The list of current promotions with free tire service is shown above.

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Tire service as a gift when buying wheels in Moscow and the region

The network of tire centers "SHINSERVICE" conducts promotion "Tyre fitting as a gift with the purchase of disks. " When buying a set of wheels AEZ, DOTZ, DEZENT, N2O, RPLC, Yamato, Yamato Samurai, Legeartis Concept, Legeartis Optima, RST, Techline, Neo, NZ, Alcasta, Crosstreeet (4 pcs.), You will receive a tire service as a GIFT!

Promotion period

February 15, 2021 to December 31, 2022

Detailed conditions of promotion

  • Coupon for the service "Tyre fitting as a gift with the purchase of wheels" is awarded upon purchase of a set (4 pieces of one model or a pair of 2 + 2 of one model) of wheels of brands AEZ, DOTZ, DEZENT, N2O, RPLC, Yamato, Yamato Samurai, Legeartis Concept, Legeartis Optima, RST, Techline, Neo, NZ, Alcasta, Crosstreeet, subject to the purchase by one cash receipt in one of the retail stores of the SHINSERVICE network or on the website Free tire fitting is carried out only for this set of wheels. (Promotion is not valid if purchased in different stores!)
  • The promotion is not a lottery, does not contain an element of risk, does not pursue the goal of making a profit or other income and is carried out in accordance with these conditions.
  • Individuals over the age of eighteen are eligible to participate in the Promotion.
  • Employees and representatives of the Organizer, persons affiliated with the Organizer, members of their families, as well as employees of legal entities involved in the organization and holding of the Promotion cannot be Participants of the Promotion.
  • The promotion applies to goods purchased for cash, by bank card, on credit or in installments.
  • The tire fitting service is considered paid when purchasing a set of wheels AEZ, DOTZ, DEZENT, N2O, RPLC, Yamato, Yamato Samurai, Legeartis Concept, Legeartis Optima, RST, Techline, Neo, NZ, Alcasta, Crosstreeet in all retail stores of the SHINSERVICE network or on the website www
  • The basis for the provision of tire service is a copy of the sales receipt for the purchase of a set (4 pcs.) of AEZ, DOTZ, DEZENT, N2O, RPLC, Yamato, Yamato Samurai, Legeartis Concept, Legeartis Optima, RST, Techline, Neo, NZ, Alcasta, Crosstreeet wheels .

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