How to jitter click without getting tired

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Don't take the title too seriously tho, jittering does have some advantages.

Okay, so I have been jittering for a good 6 months now. At first, it took a bit of effort but after about 4 days, it pretty much became natural (idk how I learnt it so fast, some people can't even do it after a month). Jitter clicking has its perks. First off, most people should be able to reach about 14-16 cps on average (My average is 15-17). That's a pretty good amount of CPS, and if you can learn to aim well with it, you can get insane combos and take no knockback.

However, it takes effort. For me, it doesn't hurt while I am playing, but once I stop the pain catches up. After a 2-hour long session on pvp, my arm feels weak and my wrist hurts in the middle of the night. Those are pretty clear signs that I need too stop. So when I started pvping again after a while, I went back to normal clicking (ain't gonna butterfly, it's 1 finger 1 button). At first, I was only getting 7-8 cps, been doing that since I started pvp. But after 2 months or just playing like this, my cps started going to 9 occasionally. Then I realised that there are a bunch of youtubers who can normal click obscenely fast like areumadlol, refraction, stimpy and sackboy clanck. I looked up some tutorials on how to normal click faster, and came across one made by a sexy man named Xenovox. These are the links to his two tutorials (yes he made two):

(first one)

(second one)

Basically you have this muscle in your wrist area (it's called the palmaris longus and about 86% of the world's population has one, so if you don't RIP). You are supposed to tense it up, then tense the back of your hand (aka your knuckles, over time you won't need to do this and you will be able to do this just by moving your finger up and down). Most people won't be able to do this immediately, so it will take practice. In the tutorials, Xenovox shows you a grip that will help you train your muscle to be able to vibrate your finger and click fast (Keep in mind that you won't need bulging muscles to do this. However, if you do have bulging muscles, then learning this will be a piece of cake, but I'm a skinny 13-year-old and even I can do it). Once, you practise enough with this grip, your muscle should be adjusted to the vibration pattern and soon enough, you should be able to vibrate your finger. I don't think I worded this very well, so it's best if you just watch the tutorials.

Now I will explain why I think that being able to do this clicking method is helpful. At first, you will be stuck at 7 or 8 cps. Sucks, right? But then you will be clicking faster, about 8-9. Then 9-10, and soon enough you will be clicking as fast as Stimpy himself! The benefits of this clicking methods are really worth it. If you are playing a game like The Bridge on Hypixel, you won't need to constantly change your grip to change between fighting and placing blocks, as you can get 10 cps just by clicking with a normal grip. Also, clicking a little bit slower can help you focus on the more important parts of pvp, such as w tapping, block hitting, strafing and aiming. Not only that, but you will feel basically no pain doing this clicking method, meaning that you can continue playing for hours and still be completely fine. However, the best thing about it is that, since not many people can do it (some probably won't need to), it means that being able to normal click 10 is a big fat FLEX. You can now click like Stimpy yay I'm sure that you family and friends will be proud of you yay.

It took me like 2 weeks to learn this and I can consistently get 8-9 cps, sometimes 10 if I really try.

Now some people will say this is the same thing as jitter clicking. I do not think so because even though you do tense up your wrist, it is still your finger doing the movement, so yeah.

Also, keep in mind that this is mainly for people who are unable or do not want to jitter click. The easier alternative would be to butterfly, but being able to normal click 10 gets you a similar amount of cps and you don't have to change your grip. If you are able to jitter just fine with no problems, then there is no need to learn this method. this sounds weird af not gonna lie
The bullet shot thing could just be your mouse.

I'd suggest butterfly clicking if that keeps happening, you get 12-14 cps which is higher than jitter clicking anyway, there's no risk of it effecting your physical health and it's hella less tiring.

If none of this works or you don't want to butterfly, try to re-learn jitter clicking. It'll be more mentally challenging than physically.


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