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12-20-2004, 05:13 PM

Any of you guys ever been ridin ware you arnt supossed to be ridin like down the road any had to run from the cops. a couple of my freinds got busted cuz one kid stoped while the others ran he gave a the names the little snitch. luckly they just yelled at them and next time all the bikes would be impounded.


12-20-2004, 05:18 PM

o yea man all the time with no helmet and a case of beer in my lap :rolleyes:


12-20-2004, 05:18 PM

You know what's even better? If you don't break the law, and if you don't ride in places where it is prohibited, they don't even chase you! You won't need to outrun them!


12-20-2004, 05:19 PM

Yup i lived in the country, and to get certain places you have to use the road, so the cops chased me a few times, but i just cut into a trail and then they cant fallow much longer :devil: But the cop the chased me all the time was friends of the family, so if i did stop he would of just let me go anyways.

And yes i know were not supost to ride on the road, but in this area everyone does it, we just do it safly.


12-20-2004, 05:19 PM

running from the cops is wack, it gives the sport a bad name but i will be honest, i had to deal with it today when i was riding in the snow. got chased by a state trooper and its not fun. wish i couldve stopped but i dont want a 500 doller ticket and impounded quad


12-20-2004, 05:23 PM

you want to read some stories, do a search, i've read like 12 page threads on this stuff and new threads posted every week, back in 2002

go check it out, it'll surprise ya, and you'll hear some good ones.


12-20-2004, 05:25 PM

i m not sayin its right to run from the cops or anything but most of us dont want our quads impounded and get a expecive ticket i live out in the country and you almost always gotta go down the road a little bit to get to the trails. I almost always ride ware im aloud except on the road to get to the trails. i just thought it was lame the that kid told on everyone and got them in alot of trouble wit there parents.


12-20-2004, 05:35 PM

totally regret it ever happenin but i have when i wuz like 13, i had had my quad for only a month n wuz ridin on farmland that we thought we had permission to ride on. It connected to sum different trails n stuff. We had been ridin on this gravel/dirt rode and this reg car pulls out in front of us on it when we were goin about 50 mph, had to swerve to miss the person, we figured she wuz prolly the one who called the cops on us. At the end i wuz waitin up for my buddy, we talked for a sec sittin there, then this big crown victoria appears out of nowhere and pulls up right behind us. He took off, and me being younger and stupid i gunned it and took off behind him. This cop followed us through the trails and up and down hills, we eventually stopped cuz we realized wut we were actually doin. Apparently he had his sirens on and everythin. 4 more cops showed up a few minutes later after he had dispatched to them when we first ran. I was sooo scared. Thankfully after the cop talked to us he told us that this time it wuz a warning.

Later that night after i told my parents about wut happened, my dad called up the local police station to talk to them n apologize or thing that the cop said wuz that he thought i was cool, was that he thought i was an adult on that thing the way i took off doin a big wheelie haha:blah:

I can't believe i ever did that, every time i think about it i realize how dumb i wuz for doin it, n it definitely won't happen again....


12-20-2004, 05:54 PM

We get pulled over pretty much every time we ride. U have to ride down the road to get to riding spots. They always tell us how many tickets we can get and to get off the road. The cops are pretty kool though.
2 summers ago, some of my friends were running from the cops and one was on a bear tracker and got boxed in by the cops and they pulled guns on him. he went to court and since they pulled a gun on him, they only put him on probation and gave him a 200 dollar fine.


12-20-2004, 05:54 PM

luckly ive never had to aside from some dumb ranger B&C'n about us riding doubled up(on utilities)

never really got in any trouble since he had no room to argue when he never gave out tickets to the POS's in the area who let their dogs run wild all year long(even though the place has strict leash laws)

plus riding on the roads is legal there at 15mph. i cant wait to take the EX there this winter


12-20-2004, 05:58 PM

ALL of the fun pits (one of which is just insane, never seen a place like it before in my life) in my area that we ride are sometimes patrolled by LE as the yuppies *****ed about the "noise" so now no one can ride at these spots. So, YES, if it comes down to it, I will run and save the $150 bucks.

I love freeride, natural jumps, etc. , I'll never stop riding at these areas.

When I really think about it, I don't think that I know of anyone that rides that doesn't ride on "forbidden" land.


12-20-2004, 05:59 PM

Originally posted by ZQ8Dude
luckly ive never had to aside from some dumb ranger B&C'n about us riding doubled up(on utilities)

never really got in any trouble since he had no room to argue when he never gave out tickets to the POS's in the area who let their dogs run wild all year long(even though the place has strict leash laws)

plus riding on the roads is legal there at 15mph. i cant wait to take the EX there this winter

where is "there"? jw


12-20-2004, 06:05 PM

if you go to the sierras from where i am there is a kingsvale exit

its like a little area of paved roads leading the various cabins(close to 30 of them by now) along with trails virtually everywhere

so they just let people ride, im sure theres probably some insane decible limit, but you cant beat it for trail riding any time of the year. snow, mud, hills, rocks, stream name it


12-20-2004, 06:06 PM

Ive ran from the cops countless times. The stupid popos out here all have sticks up their *****es. Most of the times ive ran where out at desert parties when weve been drinking or when my stupid community calls the cops on us for riding inside. One time we where out sitting on our quads in the detention basis and a cop drives up and parks behind us and gets out, so we floor it out of there and either me or my friend roosted a rock and crack his windshield.


12-20-2004, 06:17 PM

The cops up here are ok most of the time. However I will never stop for a DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation). They will impound your quad and give you as many tickets as humanly posible. If they take my quad I am giving them a run for it.


12-20-2004, 06:20 PM

sheesh, if they tried to take my quad, id beat them with a large hippy stick until they dropped the keys.


12-20-2004, 06:41 PM

Originally posted by TheFontMaster
The cops up here are ok most of the time. However I will never stop for a DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation). They will impound your quad and give you as many tickets as humanly posible. If they take my quad I am giving them a run for it.

Damn Treehuggers need to go jump off a balcony


12-20-2004, 06:43 PM

ah gotta love the ones who give the sport a bad name! :rolleyes:

now d.e.c i will run from, but im not going to ride on the roads and run from cops its so stupid


12-20-2004, 06:47 PM

my dads a cop


12-20-2004, 06:56 PM

I will run if i think i have a good chance of getting away;)


12-20-2004, 07:21 PM

Originally posted by enduro400rider
Any of you guys ever been ridin ware you arnt supossed to be ridin like down the road any had to run from the cops. a couple of my freinds got busted cuz one kid stoped while the others ran he gave a the names the little snitch. luckly they just yelled at them and next time all the bikes would be impounded.

hey man, exactly where at do you live? im from canton...


12-20-2004, 07:35 PM

all the laws and regulations around here are b/s. Its cheaper to get a 500 ticket once a month then it is to get the tag, register and all the other b/s. A friend of mine's father trains county police, he just bought a prarie and asked me if I could take him out riding, I said "you know its illegal right?" he says "so?"

n00b on a 400ex

12-20-2004, 07:54 PM

Originally posted by Dumontexrider
Damn Treehuggers need to go jump off a balcony

is DEC really that bad? if it was i guess id just slug em in the nose and take off with their keys

12-20-2004, 07:56 PM

When the cops used to chace me, id play with em a lil by going down more street than i had to, then id duck into the woods and theyd never see me again!


12-20-2004, 08:02 PM

dec are bad. the local police are cool guys and will always stop but if theres a dec its more than likely time to get out of there, although i encountered a really nice dec guy. they really focus on registrations but theres always the occasional mean guy. kids around here ruin it for us though they tihnk they own the town and ride the roads and mess with the cops, and it just gets them pissed at everyone else


12-20-2004, 08:23 PM

Originally posted by n00b on a 400ex
is DEC really that bad? if it was i guess id just slug em in the nose and take off with their keys

One of my friends stoped for a DEC officer once. The DEC officer was nice and only gave him one ticket. He could have gotten 8 plus tickets, and the quad impounded. And get this one of the tickets would have been for not wearing a seat belt. That is how anal the DEC is around here.


12-20-2004, 08:29 PM

my friend was riding his quad in a feild with his mechanic to find out what was wrong with his quad and the battery died, they were pushing the quad back home(less than 1/4mile away) and a dec/park ranger pulled up. they both got tickets for tresspassing on state land, my friend got operating vehicle under age, upstruction of licensce plate(was about to fall off so he was keeping it in the airbox) and something else too. all of that and they werent even riding it. came out to be like 50 bucks but it was funny


12-20-2004, 08:46 PM

Who is DEC. i dont guess they are around here.


12-20-2004, 09:01 PM



12-20-2004, 10:03 PM

cops around here have made me hate cops. seriously they just ride around the roads here looking for someone to chase.

an example of how bad they are: im gonna try and make this short cause its a long story. this guy my friends dad knows somehow is bad on drugs and this other guy that lives close to them is some sort of dealer. anyways he told my friend he was gonna kill the guy and ended up a couple days later fighting in his front yard. his dad called the cops and they didnt show up for 2hrs. they got there and he said "yall just go back home you bunch of idiots, they already left. if there had been a 4wheeler out here yall would have been here in 10 minutes" and whats sad is thats the honest truth. if someone calls on you, you can bet they will be out there quick as they can.


12-20-2004, 10:37 PM

I have ran, and i dont really like to do it, just because if give QUADS a bad rep. But if your gona run, make sure that everyone your riding with is going to run with u, or ur all gona stop. In the county where i live, the sherif was talkin to us one day, and said its like P*ssing in the Wind trying to catch a 4-wheeler, or dirt bike, But they just want them to stop, and then they will just tell u to ride the ditches, or feilds just stay off the main roads.

Best bet is to just ride in designated (sp) areas, even though i dont do it all the time. Just be carful,

p. s. if u wreck on the road, or hit a car, It YOUR fault. Quads are for off road use only!


12-20-2004, 11:08 PM

Iv ran a couple times back in my dad on my big and bad honda 50 my and some of my friends had a couple people we used to always ride around the place with (we live kinda in the city) not like a real city but with neighborhoods and stuff. Anyway we used to make a lil track in the multch at this school in the summer (no 1 used it anyway so we decided what that heck) so we were ridin our lil track with the 50s and across the grand ol 4 lane road we see this cop car well it turns its sirens n lights on and iv never been so scared in my life so we took off cuttin threw backyards and stuff and when we got home i didnt ride for the rest of the day lol i think the saying is "young and stupid" but you have to admit it gets your adrenaline (sp) pumping:D


12-21-2004, 12:51 AM

It's been awhile since this topic came up. Still the same story though.....

"damn cops wont let me do anything illegal":rolleyes:

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The guy on the ATV was probably just some dumb kid doing dumb kid things, and he decided to outrun the fuzz rather than stick around to get a ticket.

I’m not saying you should outrun DNR officers if they ever approach you, but I’m also not saying you shouldn’t. 😉

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the only threat to life when traveling in a car. And on peaceful roads there are chases, and sometimes they shoot. What do professional bodyguards, intelligence officers and other James Bonds do in the event of a car chase with a real fire attack?

Denis Khalfin

The more spectacular the chase looks in the movies, the more dangerous it is in real life. In order to safely escape from her under fire, you must completely forget what is shown in the movies, as well as long and painstakingly learn from the relevant professionals.

According to Roman Adamov, a bodyguard with impressive experience, when shooting at a car on the move, criminals are increasingly using motorcycles that easily maneuver in dense traffic. Without an escort vehicle, such a threat is not easy to avert, but depending on the specific situation, an experienced bodyguard may try to bring down a motorcycle killer using the mass of his car.

In any case, wherever the killer is - in a car or on a motorcycle - the tasks of the victim will depend on the specific situation. So, the goals can be the following: break away from the chase as quickly as possible; find a way to neutralize the attacker; make it harder for the killer to shoot. In the arsenal of a professional bodyguard trained in extreme driving skills, for each of these tasks, there are a number of far from simple maneuvers in service.


At a minimum, depending on the circumstances, a professional driver will attempt to push a dangerous vehicle off the road. In this case, the main condition is to maintain the trajectory of the movement of your own car. They usually attack by overtaking on the left: in order to open fire or to press the pursued to the side of the road and stop. You should be aware that repulsion at speeds above 60 km / h is less effective, since under these conditions too high inertia remains: after the impact, the car does not roll off the road, but only wags. The most optimal repulsion will be at a speed of no higher than 40 km / h. With the right maneuver, it is quite possible to push even a much heavier car.


If the pursuer's goal is to catch up and stop someone, then he will certainly adapt to the driving style of the pursued object. That is, in any case, by reducing the speed, the professional will provoke the enemy to do the same. For the repulsion maneuver, an experienced driver will definitely reduce the distance to the side of the pursuer’s car to about 50-30 cm. When the enemy’s rear wheel passes the front bumper, it is enough for a professional to direct the left front corner of his car in a light arc to the most vulnerable part of the enemy’s car. In most cars, this place is located in the lightest part, near the rear bumper. At the same time, the professional "drowns the gas" and in no case slows down so that the inertia force is enough to turn the enemy around. As a result, the pursuer's car will describe an arc, or move off the track, or turn around in the opposite direction. In any of these cases, the potential victim has a great chance to get quite far from the chase.

If the blow falls somewhere else, somewhere between the front and rear wheels, then it will not be possible to push the enemy away with a turn: cars are much more stable in relation to such blows. In this case, professionals repeat the repulsion maneuver.



Often an attacker blocks the road with a car. The threat is obvious, and there is no way to go around or turn around. In this case, a skilled driver will "stoke" the gas to the floor and direct his car directly into an obstacle, that is, he will dare to a real ram. This is the most extreme way to break through an obstacle, so it cannot be used against heavy trucks, buses, and construction vehicles. At the same time, there are rules that will allow you to carry it out as effectively as possible.

Firstly, ramming cannot be done at speeds over 40 km/h. It is no secret that this is fraught with serious injuries and even death of the driver and passengers. Usually the speed drops to 20 km / h just in time for the moment when the distance to the obstacle is approximately one car body (about 4 meters). Just at this moment, the gas abruptly succumbs and the steering wheel turns so that a sharp blow is delivered not “on the forehead”, but along an oblique trajectory - by the front left or right corner of the car, and in the most vulnerable (light) place of the obstacle. There is only one goal - to deploy it, clearing the way. And the vulnerabilities of the enemy car are located along the edges of the body: this is either the rear wing a maximum of 45 cm from the rear bumper, or the front wing 30 cm from the front. Most often they strike at the rear, since there is a light trunk, and not a heavy engine compartment, and the obstacle in this case turns around more easily. After ramming, the movement continues with acceleration at the maximum speed in any direction.


There is a way to avoid an obstacle by turning. If the track is too narrow for a normal U-turn, the pros use a K-turn with the help of reverse. Much more complex are the so-called police 180° turns, which are used when there is no way around an obstacle and there is no time for K and U-shaped turns.

A police U-turn looks like this: first, the car turns 180°, then reverses a path, makes a 180° U-turn again, and continues on a straight course.

But, firstly, in order to perform this maneuver efficiently, the car must be in good working order. Secondly, it is assumed that the car is equipped with a mechanical transmission and a working handbrake.

As a rule, such a 180° turn is never made at speeds above 60 km/h, otherwise it often ends with the vehicle tipping over. 180° turns are made forward and backward. The front turn is carried out with the help of braking, and with the back it is better not to slow down at all. It is extremely important to synchronize braking and fast ruddering so that the stern of the machine turns 180 ° by the time the forward momentum is almost extinguished. In this case, it is possible to immediately resume movement in the opposite direction.

Consider the difference on which surface a police turn is made. It depends on what speed to maintain. For example, if the road is slippery (wet or snowy), then 20 km / h may be enough to maneuver. If the police turn is planned to be carried out on a dry surface, then the speed should be at least twice as high.

As soon as the required speed is reached, it is necessary to quickly shift the gearshift lever to neutral and at the same time turn the steering wheel sharply to either side. At the same time, the driver must have time to pull the handbrake, with the help of which the necessary impulse for a turn is set.

This usually happens instantly, so after completing the first part of the 180 degree turn, the driver should be ready to reverse for a short time. Naturally, for this, after completing the maneuver, it is necessary to remove the car from the handbrake, turn on the reverse gear and drive some distance. To return the car to its original position, the maximum speed is gained, the transmission handle is set to “neutral”, and then a sharp turn of the steering wheel and again the handbrake. Then the first speed is turned on and the gas pedal is pressed to the floor.


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184999999 .Professionals, as a rule, have time to think in advance which method of a 180° turn is preferable in a particular situation - depending on the degree of danger, the location of people, other cars, poles, trees, structures and other objects. But do not forget that in order to master the described skills, training and some practice under the guidance of professionals are required. In other words, this material is not instructions for use. In no case should you even try to use any of the described maneuvers without special training. And even more so on public roads. This is extremely life-threatening.

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"I'll break everything now!" The traffic police published a video of chasing violators :: Autonews



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In Ivanovo, a traffic police car was chasing a VAZ-2108 without license plates with a 16-year-old teenager driving on the sidewalk in Ivanovo. The driver and passenger were detained and received a whole package of protocols for driving without a license, without a license plate, driving at a traffic light forbidding, and failing to comply with the lawful request of a police officer.

During the months of quarantine and isolation, the work of the traffic police and the police did not decrease, and many videos of chases and incidents appeared on the Web. And often such videos are published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs itself, trying to show the work of the police from the inside.

At the beginning of June, an accident occurred in Khabarovsk, in which several circumstances came together at once. The driver of the minibus, in which a three-year-old child without a special seat was riding in the front seat, made a U-turn in violation of the rules and collided with an oncoming car. From the impact, the driver lost consciousness, the boy fell out of the open window, and the minibus began to drive in a circle. An employee of the criminal investigation department was in a nearby car, who picked up the child and carried him to his car. A few seconds later, the minibus crashed into a bump stop on the opposite side of the road.

In Khakassia, two 16-year-old schoolgirls decided to ride an ATV on public roads, which is expressly prohibited by the rules. When traffic police officers tried to stop them, a passerby advised the schoolgirls to run away, because the police allegedly would not be able to catch up with them. During the chase, the police even promised to shoot at the wheels, but there were no weapons. There was no hard detention either - the case ended with a preventive conversation and an administrative fine. In addition, the driver will be registered with the juvenile department.

In early May, a ten-year-old boy from Tomsk took the keys to his father's Toyota Highlander crossover and, taking his four-year-old sister with him, went for a drive around the city. The registrar in the car's interior filmed the moment when the child at high speed tried to get away from the traffic police squad and drove into the oncoming lane. It all ended when the car hit the railroad tracks. The children got off with a strong fright, and their parents were brought to administrative responsibility for improper performance of parental duties.

At the end of April, when there were very few cars on the roads, the traffic police tried to stop the taxi driver to check, but he preferred to hide. Apparently, the problem was not only in the absence of a pass. At least four patrol cars were involved in the chase, and the wheels had to be fired to stop the intruder. The police began the pursuit on the south side of the Moscow Ring Road, and stopped the intruder only on the Entuziastov highway, where the taxi driver managed to get through Kashirskoye highway, Andropov Avenue and TTK.

In Kyzyl, a completely drunk Volga driver decided to wind up the police officers with the notorious city impassability and forced them to jump on the curbstones, maneuvering between parked cars. But the most interesting thing began after the arrest already in the patrol car, where the offender decided to physically resist the police. The three of us had to calm the brawler, and the driver of the traffic police car even tried to hold him back, continuing to drive the car.

A group of drunken young people were driving at high speed through Tolyatti at night, and the driver just stepped up the gas when asked to stop. Running away from the police, he accelerated so much that he lost control at the roundabout and smashed the suspension on the curb, after which he tried to escape by jumping over the roadside fence. The police jump was much better, and the driver was detained. Its four passengers did not try to escape.

A traffic police officer of the Irkutsk region also showed good physical shape, who at the end of March had to run to chase the offender's car. A standard car chase turned into a pedestrian one when the intruder slowed down before a slippery curve, and the policeman decided to catch up with him on his own two feet. Lucky: the rear beast of the car was not locked and the inspector managed to jump into the pursued car right on the go. The violator himself later admitted that he was drunk and was aware of the consequences of the check.

The authors of the channel "Road Inspector" edited a whole film from a chase in St. Petersburg from different angles, in which there is shooting, an accident, jumping over a car and an intruder on the pavement. The result: 15 shots and as many as 11 protocols, including driving while intoxicated, as well as petty hooliganism, which was issued to an underage passenger.

"I didn't drink anything!" - claimed the driver, who was returning from fishing in a Chevrolet Niva with a sticker on one of the taxi aggregators. The chase was short, the driver seemed to be accommodating at first, but already in the process of registration he began to protest. Further - the classic from "Show real documents" to "I'll break everything here now." The police had to use force.

As a result of a chase in the Tula region, a carsharing car was damaged, but its driver was definitely not involved. An inadequate person driving an Audi, running away from the police, loses control, flies over the lawn and crashes into a parked Delimobil car.

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