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How much are New Car Tyres? // Car Tyre Prices Explained

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How much are New Car Tyres? Car Tyre Prices Explained

Car tyre prices cover a wide range of costs and are dependent on several factors:-

  • The size of tyre
  • The brand of tyre – luxury, high performance or budget
  • The type of car it is positioned for in the market so a 4x4 would need more expensive tyres than a City Mini
  • The seasonality of the tyre you choose – winter or summer or off-road or mixed on and off-road
  • The outlet you buy the tyre from, some retailers are more expensive than others but if you take advantage of a promotion or special offer then this can considerably reduce the price

So how much are new car tyres? A starting point for a new tyre in the UK is around £20-£30 but equally, you can pay between £200+ per tyre on a 4-wheel drive vehicle or supercar. As a rule of thumb, the smaller and narrower the tyre, the cheaper it is, because it is more economic to make and also has a lower maximum speed and load rating.

How to buy good tyres and save money

It is tempting to buy the cheapest tyre possible to save money particularly if you have to replace more than one. A better idea is to shop around and find better quality tyres which are on offer, so you pay more or less the same price but for a superior tyre. The tyre has to fit the vehicle so you can’t save money by fitting a smaller, narrower tyre which is not recommended for the car; there are considerable safety implications and you could invalidate your insurance or warranty if you were implicated in an accident or incident, and the insurer found that the vehicle was not in a roadworthy condition.

Keep an eye on the tyre tread depth and wear and if you can bag yourself a bargain discount, it is still worth changing your tyres at a lower but legal tread to fit a better quality tyre at a reduced price.

Tyre Sizing

If you need a new tyre and are looking around online for a price then you will have to know the size of the tyres on your car. The size of your current tyres will be printed on the sidewall of the tyre where you will find a row of digits – letters and numbers – which mean the following in a standard sequence:-

  • Width of the tyre in millimetres
  • Height of the tyre sidewall expressed as a percentage of the width, this is sometimes also called the aspect ratio
  • The diameter of the tyres’ inner rim  - this is measured in inches
  • Load rating - the maximum load in kg, per tyre
  • Speed rating – the maximum speed of the tyre when it is at full load

Some websites have a tyre checker tool which links through to information held by the DVLA for all car models in the UK and where you can double-check the required sizing.

Comparing tyres

All new tyres must have a label that indicates performance level and this includes wet grip, efficiency and noise levels, this makes comparing tyres much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my car needs a new tyre?

Other than having a puncture which cannot be repaired, it is usually the depth of tyre tread and/or the pattern of wear which will first alert you to a tyre change. The legal depth for tyre tread in the UK is 1.6mm but some people choose to change their tyres at around 2mm or 3mm for performance and safety reasons. If you check your tyres regularly once a week then you can monitor the wear and the condition of the tyre. If you see bulges or anything wedged into the tyre tread, uneven wear or excessive wear then it could be time for a new tyre.

Are budget brands unsafe?

Every tyre sold in the UK & EU has to pass strict safety tests so there is a minimum safety standard which applies to all tyres on sale, however, in challenging conditions usually, a high specification is likely to perform better and keep you safer. This is why it is usually recommended to buy the best tyres you can afford.

Can my tyre be repaired rather than replaced?

The answer to this all depends on the damage to the tyre and what condition it is in. Usually, the only repairable tyres are ones which have had a puncture in the centre 75% of the tread, if the puncture is on the outside or along the sidewall of the tyre, then it cannot usually be repaired because safety will be compromised.

How much does a tyre repair cost?

The price for a repair is usually pretty standard irrespective of the tyre size and can depend on whether you are taking the car into a tyre outlet or organising a repair at home. The average price for a repair is around £15-25. If the tread is low or worn but still legal, it may be money better spent to scrap the tyre and replace it with a new one.

Are there any other costs associated with changing a tyre? 

Normally if you buy a standard/full-priced tyre then the cost will include fitting and alignment on the vehicle; you may, however, have to pay for disposal of the old tyre. Some garages may charge a fitting fee if you are buying discounted tyres on promotion so always check before you agree to buy the tyres whether there are any extra costs.

Can I save money if I buy my own tyres online at a discounted rate and ask a garage to fit them?

How much are new car tyres online? It can be cheaper but you need to shop around and find a competitive fitting price. This is usually expressed per tyre and is in the region of £10-£15 per tyre. Some companies have a policy of not fitting customers’ own tyres on safety grounds particularly if it is a part-worn tyre as if they have not supplied it then they will not be able to guarantee the integrity of the tyre. Using this guide serves as a good indicator of how much new cars tyres are, and what you should expect to pay.


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buy gum for cars in Ukraine: better prices for car tires in Kiev, Kharkiv

Tires. You can save for whatever, only not for safety. Productivity and maneuverability are important factors, as it is the responsibility of car inspectors to insure that they need tires for their car. These parameters are added like a safe move, and the characteristics of keratinization, the reaction of a road situation, including galvanization, speeding up and fastening with the road, running characteristics. Yakіsnі tires provide sporty comfort and optimize the main focus on the hubs and mechanisms of the car.

Garni shouts on the car - tilki іndivіduali vibir for skin

🚘 Popular Model Tire: ⭐ Name Model:
🚙 GUMA for Avtomoblya Modomoblya Ghuma Guma for car model: Tire Premiorri ViaMaggiore Z Plus
🚙 Guma for car model: Tire Debica Frigo HP2
0010 Tires Premiorri Solazo

The first time to buy huma for your car, drivers reported little "marketing" reports about the conversion and replacement of tires. Have xid go experience susіdіv, relatives and znayomih from the nearest tire fitting.

Deyakі know on the Internet the opinions of spozhivachіv, scho to appreciate the quality of a particular model of car tires. They also draw information about auto gumi from specialized magazines, and often publish test drives of new products. All tsi save the garni! Ale only yakshcho vrakhovuvati іndivіdіdualі osoblіstі avtomobilіya і style voіdіnnya avtolyubіl. The most important criteria for the choice of stowage in the next warehouse:

  1. Tire size. For a leather brand, use your own options for typography, which can be installed on a car. That is why we need tires for the brand of car. If you win an inconspicuous rozmіr kolіs, then you can then pay dearly for the repair of the undercarriage.
  2. Tread design and characteristics. In the pattern on the tread, there is a lot of gumi dominance. For example, winter tires may have a tread of a more aggressive design, to secure the extra grip on a slimy winter road. Summer gumma may be less deep little ones, so it was comfortable to move around in a car on a great speed. So, depending on the style of water and the minds of exploitation, you can choose tires with a suitable little tread.
  3. Gumi power. Virobniki constantly “chuckle” over the warehouse of the gum summish, so that the tires were driven by effective authorities. For example, if the tire is made of more zhorstki, then the warehouse is given more silica. Tse to fight for the polypshennia of endurance. We need soft tires for a fee, so that the stench does not crackle in the cold. For this, add elastomer to the warehouse.
  4. Frame construction. For automobiles, on which it is possible to transport important luggage, it is better to choose a gum with a stronger frame.

Like a booty, like a market for overlapping propositions? Tires of different breeds may have the same characteristics. The most respected are the products of such giants, for example, Michelin or Goodyear, as vicarious innovative products, and as a component of the gum sum.

In real life, people choose tires, buy yaki allow them prices.

Where to buy tires in Ukraine inexpensively, but not to save on the cost?

The tire characteristics will be added to the price. You can buy gum for a car in Ukraine more cheaply, so that you turn on the power, you definitely don’t need it. For example, don’t varto buy tires with spikes, as if there is no need for the car to be corristled when it’s hot.

It is better to buy tires in Ukraine from overworked post-employees, so you don’t have to marry a tire or use a limited term of appurtenance. Our online store is successfully working not the first time. Orienting on the dovgostrokovu spіvpratsyu, we promote the same gumu of popular brands. Delivery is available all over Ukraine. Right now and we can advise on the choice, which will give you the opportunity to comfortably transfer a round river.

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To replace the tires, it is necessary to add the goods to the site. ✔️ Let's fill out an application on the site and take the order from any point 💙💛 of Ukraine at the nearest New Post office.

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On the "Tires and Wheels" website, check the current tire prices. We regularly update our product catalog. If you are out of food, you can call us. Telephone: (067) 648-11-88, (067) 648-11-88, (067) 648-11-88.

Summer tires - buy summer tires in Ukraine: better prices for summer car tires in Kiev, Kharkiv

Prices for Summer tires

Summer tires

From the end of winter and the present warm season, motorists need food to change winter gum for summer gum. Tire replacement is recommended, if the temperature of the extraneous medium has risen above +7 ° С.

Parameters for the selection of summer tires Particular respect for the gypsies is added to the efficiency of galvanization in any weather minds. On this display, you can add a warehouse of gum sum, areas of contact with covers, the presence of additional grooves for the introduction of water and other factors. Safe travel in rainy weather to ensure special protection from aquaplaning.

To choose a distant option of summer gum, follow the obov'yazkovo respect for the parameters of charcoal. Tires are guilty of a swirling reaction on the steering wheel. The parameters that should be added to this display are the shape and small tread, the hardness of the shoulder girdle, the warehouse of the gum sum. The greater the number of indications, the greater the quality and the quality of summer tires.

An important role is played by the acoustic comfort, which is also deposited in the warehouse of silica, carcass, little tread and block refinishing. Chim m'yakshe guma, tim hіshe hіd. In addition, the soft summer tires sag with the incomprehensible unevenness of the road surface.

To buy summer tires with high wear resistance, you need to know your feet:

  • high-performance tire made from gum mixture with added silicon additives;
  • The thickness of the tire depends on the folding structure of the frame.

Summer tires are made from solid gum, which ensures high galvanic characteristics.

Tire selection for light

Be it a tire, irrespective of seasonality, may be different type of world - a combination of geometrical parameters, so you can fit up to tієї or other brand of car.


  • width;
  • height;
  • tire structure;
  • wheel rim radius (tire inner diameter).

Crime of tsikh parametrіv, the picker also gives information about the speed index, admissible profitability, car weight and more.

It is necessary for you to buy summer gum in Kharkiv and Kiev warto pay respect to the little ones of the protector. Tires with deep asymmetric small pieces demonstrate the best grip on the road. Glybina little one also speaks about the rіven kerovanostі. Chim vin glibshe, tim tsey pokaznik more navit on a wet road. Marking Aqua or Rain to talk about the presence of special grooves that bring water from the area of ​​contact with road surfaces and protection from aquaplaning. The price of tires, as a rule, depends on the practicality and the resource of the run.

Tires recommended for summer are recommended to be replaced at least lower in seasons 2-3. In order to continue the term of tire service, to ensure safety of control and accuracy in operation, it is necessary to carry out a second run-in of new tires with a stretch of the day. In order to increase the resource of the journey, the uniqueness of the aggressive minds of exploitation and extreme situations on the road. Don’t buy cheaply the amount of tires you have to buy, if you want, so that the stench made the high vimogas feel safe.

Assortment of summer tires in the online store Tires & Wheels

Our catalog has selected the best models of tires for summer, which are produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers. All products are tested with high quality and meet the highest safety standards.

The assortment includes summer tires of the following brands:

  • Nokian;
  • Yokohama;
  • Dunlop;
  • Michelin;
  • Continental;
  • Hankook;
  • Bridgestone;
  • Kumho;
  • Goodyear and others.

We can choose tires for summer, recommended by the manufacturer of your car to improve the style of water, minds of operation and design. Acknowledgments of fahivtsі of our company choose tires of advanced traffic, for sports riding or for everyday use.

Buy summer gum in Kharkiv and Kiev

The Tires & Wheels online store offers a wide range of summer gum for passenger cars, light trucks, commercial vehicles, as well as foreign brands and crossovers. You can buy tires for a good variant on the site by filling in an application online. We have pratsyuє delivery of tires throughout Ukraine. To get additional information or a free consultation of a fahivtsya, call us.

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