How to get white letter tires clean

How To Clean White Letters On Tires – 5 Methods

If your car has white letter tires, you know how hard it is to maintain that white color. White-letter tires catch dirt and stain very easily making your car look unflattering and outdated. To bring back the shine of your tires, you need to know how to clean white letters on tires.

Luckily, there are a few products available on the market today for removing the dirt and stains from the white letters. While the most popular technique is to use SOS pads, there are some bottled cleaning solutions and bleaching agents that work just fine.

Here we will tell you various methods of cleaning your white letter tires so that you can whiten your tires without damaging the rims. Let’s dive in.

Methods of Cleaning the White Letters on Tires

Below we have listed the most common and easiest methods of removing the dirt and stains from white letter tires. Go through the procedures and pick one that you find the most convenient.

Method One – Use SOS Pads

This is a popular product for removing the brown layer from the white letter tires. By using the SOS pads, you can bring back around 85% of the whiteness. You can use this abrasive cleaning pad to reach all the corners of the tires and collect the dirt from those hard-to-reach areas.

Here’s how to use the SOS pads-

Step 1) Get a packet of SOS pads from your nearby store. You can also purchase one online.

Step 2) Do the basic cleaning for removing the dust from your tires. Use your regular car washing detergent or soap to remove the dust and dirt from your tire’s sidewalls and around the rims. By doing the basic cleaning you will only be able to clean the regular dirt and minor stains.

Step 3) Now unpack the SOS pads and take one to scrub the dirty parts of the sidewall. The pads are a very powerful combination of steel wool and soap that can easily remove tough messes.

Therefore, you don’t have to use any extra soap or other solutions to remove the dirt. As you scrub, you’ll notice the brown color is vanishing slowly exposing the real white color of the tires.

Step 4) When you’re done cleaning all the corners, use plain water and wash off the remaining soap from the tire to complete the process.

Method Two – Bleach Your Tires

Are your white letter tires turning brown? Then bleaching the tires can be the best way to restore the white color. As we all know, bleach is commonly used to whiten and sterilize various materials. Bleach is basically a chemical featuring hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite.

If using SOS pads or other solvents doesn’t do the work for your tires, you can use bleach to whiten your tire’s sidewall. Keep in mind that, this chemical is very strong and can be harsh on the materials of your tire.

Hence, it’s not recommended to use bleach on a regular basis. Here’s how you can use bleach to keep your white letter tires from turning brown-

Step 1) Purchase a good-quality bleach in spray form and do an initial wash to make sure that your tires are clean. Also, the bleach will only whiten the tires instead of cleaning them thoroughly. So, use a scrubber to remove the dirt from the corners.

Step 2) Apply the bleach spray on the letters and the stained areas. When you’re done, let the product sit and wait for ten minutes.

Step 3) Use a standard pad of carwash cloth to rub the area and clean it properly. After that, use your hose pipe to wash the tires thoroughly. Reapply the product until the brown layer is fully eradicated.

Method Three – Use A Cleaning Solution

Many people have found using a cleaning solution or solvent a far more effective and quicker method of removing the dirty brown layer from the white letters on tires. However, since such solutions contain many compound chemicals, some car owners often hesitate to use these solutions.

So, check out the ingredient list and customer reviews before purchasing a cleaning agent. Otherwise, the rims of your tires might deteriorate due to chemical reactions. Here’s how you can use a cleaning solution-

Step 1) Take a regular pad or carwash towel for applying the solution. Start the cleaning process by wetting the pads and tires using your water hose.

Step 2) Apply the cleaning solution of your choice. WD40 is a reliable cleaning solvent that won’t do any harm to any parts of your tires. If the solvent is in a spray form, apply it directly to your tires while they are still wet.

As for the liquid cleaners, you need to pour the solution into a bucket and mix it well with water. Check out the directions on the container for knowing the exact amount of water you should mix.

Step 3) Soak the cleaning pad or towel in the solution and start scrubbing the tires thoroughly. You might have to put some extra effort into cleaning the white letters. A toothbrush-style brush can be very helpful in this process.

Mostly, the effectiveness of your cleaning will depend on the strength of the solution, and how intensely and how long you scrub the tires.

Step 4) Wash the tires every two minutes and check out the progress. Reapply the solution and keep repeating the scrubbing process until you’re satisfied with the cleaning.

Step 5) When you’re done, use your water hose to thoroughly wash away the remaining solution.

Method Four – Scrub with Fine Sandpaper

Even after you try all the techniques to clean the white letter tires, some areas remain yellowed no matter how intensely you clean them. In such cases, sandpapers can do magic!

While the process of manually using sandpaper can be painful, many car owners prefer this method over others as no harmful chemicals are involved in this process. Here’s the process of sanding white letter tires-

Step 1) purchase a piece of 400 grit sandpaper. As you might know, sandpapers won’t cost you much.

Step 2) Wash your tires properly to clean off the dust. Now rub the sandpaper against the letters to clear the brown layer. You can use a sander for this job. Otherwise, simply use your hands to easily reach all the parts.

Step 3) After you have removed all the dirt, yellowness, and stains, use some water to complete the cleaning process.

Method Five – Brush with Your Toothpaste & Toothbrush

This home remedy for cleaning white wall tires has worked for many people to some extent. You can use this method for cleaning the minor dirt and marks. Grab your old toothbrush and follow the steps given below-

Step 1) Do an initial cleaning using water and soap. Then apply your toothpaste to the old toothbrush.

Step 2) Brush the letters like you brush your own teeth while targeting the dirty areas. You might have to put some extra effort to remove the stubborn stains.

Step 3) When you achieve your desired results, wash the tires with plain water.


Why do the white letter tires turn brown?

White-letter tires turn brown for a few reasons. Mostly, the reason is lack of proper maintenance and cleaning. When you skip regular cleaning, dust and stains start accumulating on the white letters. Also, the material of the tire plays an important in creating the brown layer.

Antizonants elements are used in the rubber tires to prevent them from drying or cracking. Sometimes these elements are released from the tire and react with oxygen. This reaction creates a brown residue that is left behind on the tire’s sidewall.

What is the best white wall tire cleaner?

If you want to do the cleaning manually SOS pads are easily the best choice. WD40 spray solution, Cycle Care formulas for whitewall, and Green all wheel & tire cleaner are some of the most reliable chemical solvents. Instead of compound chemicals, you can also use toothpaste or baking soda to clean the dirt, oil, and other marks.

Does Magic Eraser work on white wall tires?

Yes, some magic erasers do work well on white wall tires. In fact, cleaning white wall tires with magic erasers is an easier and much quicker way in comparison to other products.

You just have to apply the magic eraser on the tires and scrub the area with a regular carwash towel. And the white letters on your tires will sparkle like never before.

Final Words

That was pretty much everything on how to clean white letters on tires. We have covered the most effective methods of cleaning the tires and bringing back their shine.

For quick cleaning, simply use a strong cleaning solution. If you want to whiten the tire’s sidewalls, bleach them for the best results.

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Ed Walker

Ed Walker is an automotive cleaning expert with extensive automotive cleaning skills. I have been working in automotive cleaning plants with perfection for the past decade. In addition, I own my cleaning workshop, where we wash away firm dirt and grease out of vehicles and turn them into new ones. Sharing cleaning tips for automotive is my passion.

How To Clean Raised White Letter Tires

Some people like pristine white letters on the tires, but it is very daunting to maintain that, especially for off-roaders.

If not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, dirt, dust, and mud because the white letters to fade away. So, whoever wants the white letters on their tires to shine like new, must learn how to clean white letter tires. 

And that is exactly what we have covered in this article. So without any further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Necessary Supplies for Tire Cleaning 

The supplies that you might need to clean your tire are: 

  • An ideal cleaner
  • Soft bristle brush
  • A fine Grit Sandpaper
  • Pressure Washer (Optional)
  • A fine grit Sandpaper

Wait a Minute – What Type of Cleaner Did You Pick

There are hundreds of tire and rim cleaners in the market, professionals know what they need, but beginners often get confused.

Most people go for tire cleaners that consist of aggressive chemical agents. It is true that cleaners with harsh chemicals do a thorough cleaning and don’t require much brushing. 

But the problem with such cleaners is, while cleaning, the chemical flow through the rubber and literally eats it. 

The process is slow, but if the tire is cleaned on a regular basis with harsh chemicals, then that will lead to cracks and rot, which is the end of the tire’s lifespan. 

So, What Kind of Cleaner Should You Pick Then

Even if gentle cleaners with less aggressive chemicals take time and a little more effort to clean the dirty white letters on the tire, they are still the best choice. And the only reason is they are not going to shorten the tire’s lifespan. 

One cleaning solution that is best for cleaning white letters on the tire is SOS pads. Due to their effectiveness, SOS pads are extremely popular among DIY vehicle detailers. 

The best part of SOS pads is they are made of steel wool and soap, with no harsh chemicals.  

And still gives effective and efficient cleaning. Moreover, this cleaning solution doesn’t require much brushing or scrubbing as well. 

Raised White Letter Tire Cleaning Process

Wet the Wheels The very first thing you would do is wet the tire. If you are an off-roader, then there is a high chance that the tires will have caked mud and grime. 

And if they are sitting there for a while, then they might go solid, making it hard to remove. In that case, you will need a pressure washer. 

Because with normal pressure, getting rid of those solid caked mud and grime will be time-consuming and hard. 

With a pressure washer, you will be able to loosen any dirt, mud, or grime build-up within a few seconds.

However, if you do not have a pressure washer, then a nozzle sprayer head can be a good alternative. Attach that with a hosepipe and hit the tire with the max pressure. 

For commuter vehicles, a nozzle sprayer will work just fine since the tire won’t have as much mud and grime as off-roading tires.  

1. Scrub With the Brush  

When the nozzle sprayer is not taking down the dirt and grime build-up, you will need to give a bit of hand there. 

Take the brush and scrub off all the dirt. Run the brush through every nook and crannies. 

Scrub well and make sure the white letters and the entire tire are free from dirt, mud, and grime. Be very careful choosing the brush. Do not use a brush that might scratch or wear the tire. 

Go for a soft bristle brush. A used toothbrush should work. 

2. Apply the Cleaner

Take the cleaner and apply it to the white letters. If you want to clean the entire tire with the cleaner, you can do it too. 

Make sure you spread the cleaner everywhere. And then let the cleaning solution sit for a few minutes. 

3. Use the Brush

After a few minutes of applying the cleaner, now brush the white letters and the entire tire. If required, add more cleaning solutions. 

Brush as long as you don’t see the letters are getting whitish. How long you would need to brush depends on how bad the condition of the letters is. The dirtier they are, the more brushing you will need to do. 

4. Rinse with Water 

Once you are done brushing, rinse the tire with water. And if you don’t see a satisfying result, repeat the whole process again. If the white letters have turned yellow, you will need sandpaper scrubbing there. 

Take one fine-grit sandpaper and gently scrub on the letters. You will need to be very gentle here, you just want to take off the yellow coat from the letter. Putting more pressure while sanding can wear the white part off as well.

SOS pads should be enough to properly clean the white letters on the tires. But if you feel that’s not working, you can try a bit of harsh chemical consisting cleaners. 

Just make sure you don’t apply the solution to the entire tire. You don’t do it regularly. 

Doing that much should be enough to lighten up the white letters on the tire. 


What are the best products for cleaning white letters?

There are so many commercial cleaners out there on the market. But choosing the good one is a hard task to do. You can use Wesley’s Bleach-White, SOS pads, and fine sandpapers for cleaning the white letters from your tires.

Is it okay to keep the white letters on the tires?

The taste of people and trends keeps on coming and going. There was a time when white letters were supposed to be stylish. But now people have a different opinion about it. So, the choice is all yours.

Why are my white letters turning brown?

The reason behind turning your white letters into brown is an element called antiozonant. Some rubber tires use antiozonants to prevent oxidation and make them more durable.


Are you still here? Well, that’s pleasing.

We hope you learned how to clean raised white letter tires. The process is super easy, you just need to pick the right cleaner and do a little bit of brushing. That’s it.

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Ed Walker

Ed Walker is an automotive cleaning expert with extensive automotive cleaning skills. I have been working in automotive cleaning plants with perfection for the past decade. In addition, I own my cleaning workshop, where we wash away firm dirt and grease out of vehicles and turn them into new ones. Sharing cleaning tips for automotive is my passion.

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Yellow, red, colored labels on tires: what do these dots mean

Almost all new tires have labels of various colors. Some people just don't pay attention to them. Others, on the contrary, attach great importance to such marks. Few people know what the multi-colored marks really mean. Let's try to understand and understand which of the existing versions are myths and which are real.


  • What marks are found on tires and what they mean

    • Yellow label

    • Red mark

    • White label

    • Stamp containing the numbers

    • Colorful stripes

    • Video: What do the labels on the tires mean

  • Comments by amateurs and experts

What are the marks on tires and what do they mean

There are several main theories that explain the origin of the colored marks on new tyres. Some people believe that these are technological tags that the consumer should not be interested in. Others are sure that this is the designation of defective products or those that have not passed quality control. Let's see which one is right.

If you think logically, you can come to the conclusion: making marks with paint, the manufacturer understands that during operation they will quickly be erased. Therefore, the information that the multi-colored labels on the tires convey is of temporary importance and is important until the first tire fitting.

Most often, the manufacturer makes small round dots with a diameter of 10–15 mm on the side surface of the tire. Their color is usually white, yellow or red. There may be triangles instead of dots, but they have the same meaning.

Yellow mark

The area with a round or triangular yellow mark on the side of the tire is the weakest and least protected.

The yellow mark on the bar indicates the weakest and least protected point.

This information is important when mounting the bar. The disk has a designation in the form of the letter L, indicating the weakest point of the disk. The correct position of the tire means placing the mark on the rim on the opposite side of the yellow dot on the tyre. The yellow mark is combined with the heaviest place on the disk, i.e. the nipple. This is done so that in the event of a strong impact, simultaneous damage to the tire and disk does not occur.

Red mark

If the yellow mark indicates the weakest point on the tyre, then the red mark indicates the strongest. In scientific terms, it is applied at the location of the maximum radial force deviation (RFV). During the installation, you must place a red mark next to the designation on the disk in the form of the letter L.

The red mark indicates the strongest part of the tire

To understand why the tire develops weak and strong points, it must be taken into account that the process of its creation is complex and time-consuming. To obtain the most ideal shape, the tire is made of several layers.

Very rarely the red mark is not opposite the yellow one. When mounting tires, it is important that the yellow mark is located at the maximum distance from the weakest point on the disk.

Red and yellow marks placed opposite each other

White marking

The side of the tire can be painted with a white dot or dotted. Do it in the most flexible place. The white mark indicates the location where the radial force deviation will be the smallest.

The white mark indicates the place where the deviation of the radial force will be the smallest.

It is not always the yellow and white marks on the tire at the same time, but you need to consider that they mean about the same thing. When carrying out the installation, it is necessary to rely precisely on the location of the yellow dot, but if it is not there, we place the white mark at 180 o from the letter L.

A stamp with numbers inside

If in the previous cases the color of the marks mattered, then the stamp can be of any color. There are yellow, blue, white stamps, this does not affect the information they carry.

There are yellow, blue, white stamps, their color does not affect the information they carry

The meaning is not the color, but the number that is written inside. Such a mark indicates that the tire has been tested at the factory and corresponds to the declared quality, and the number indicates the inspector who conducts this test. For an ordinary consumer, such information may be needed only if a marriage is detected. With the help of a stamp, it will be possible to find a person who missed the sale of a defective product.

Multi-colored stripes

Tire stripes of different colors can be applied. They are needed to make it easier to find tires in stock. Since the tires are stored vertically, the strips help the manufacturer's warehouse staff to distinguish the release date and other information without removing them from the rack.

Multi-colored stripes on tires make it easier to find them in the warehouse.

For the buyer, this marking does not carry any information and when choosing tires, it is not necessary to pay attention to it.

Video: what the tire labels mean