How to make a dog tired

11 Ways To Tire Out A Dog In A Small Space

Knowing how to tire out a dog is crucial. And it’s especially important for pet travelers, where you’re working with small spaces like RVs or hotel rooms.


You’ve planned an awesome hike in the mountains that’s sure to tire your dog out. But what if it rains? Or you sprain your ankle? And you’re stuck in a hotel room.

Maybe you live in a small space, like a boat, RV, or New York City apartment. When your square footage is limited, getting creative will help your dog burn some energy.

So, can you exercise your dog indoors—even in a small space? Absolutely!

How To Tire Out A Boat Dog

We lived on a boat that was ten feet across at the widest part. And we had a Golden Retriever. Since we weren’t always hanging out on a cool beach, we had to find ways to tire out a dog in a small space. Even if you’re not a sailor, you can make use of the same skills!

READ MORE ⇒  5 Questions To Ask BEFORE Taking Your Dog On A BoatOur bluewater sailboat was designed so we were never far from a handhold. But that meant it was also too narrow for a golden retriever to turn around in the aisle.

Whether your small space is an apartment, hotel room, adventure van, RV, or vacation rental, you can tire out any dog.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Large dogs are harder to exercise in tight quarters than small dogs. But giving a large dog a good workout is still absolutely possible.
  • Dogs get tired faster when you work their brains as well as their bodies.
  • You can buy (or make) many cool accessories that will help you tire out your pup.

The key to a happy and tired dog is being a creative owner!


11 Ways To Tire Out A Dog In A Small Space

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These are some of the best ways we’ve found to work your dog’s body and brain indoors:

1. Rotate The Toys

Do you keep your dog’s same old toys hanging around all the time? Stop it! Your dog will show much more interest in playing with toys that are new to her.

You don’t need to spend money on new toys all the time. Just hide the ones she hasn’t paid attention to for a while and then surprise her with them a few weeks later.

If she’s an enthusiastic toy lover (like our Honey was), she’ll do a good job of tiring herself out just by jumping around with her long, lost toy.

Pro tip: Add “Hide dog toys” to your trip planning to-do list a week or so before leaving on vacation. Then pack the toys your dog has been missing for your trip.

Honey’s favorite bear had been hidden away for two weeks. As soon as we put it in reach, she sought out her old friend.


2. Set Up A Mobile Obstacle Course

There are tons of ways to tire your dog out with an obstacle course. You can place tape across a doorway to create jumps for your dog to go over or limbo bars for him to go under.

Pro Tip: Pack a roll of blue painter’s tape in your dog’s travel gear to use in hotels and vacation properties.

You can also rearrange the furniture for them to wind around. Have them jump up on and off the couch and other furniture if it’s allowed. Remember to be respectful – not all lodgings want pets on the furniture.

All of our furniture on the boat is pet friendly. So we used Honey’s favorite stuffed toys to encourage her to jump on and off the settees and climb the first few steps of our ladder.

READ MORE ⇒ DIY Indoor Enrichment Games For DogsWe couldn’t move furniture around on the boat. But there were plenty of obstacles for Honey to jump on and off.


3. Play The Shell Game

To play the shell game you’ll need a few extra-smelly treats and two cups. Show your dog the treat and let her watch you put it under one of the two cups.

Move the cups around once or twice and then ask your pup to find the treat. Most dogs will knock over the cup hiding the treat.

As your dog learns the game, make it more difficult. You can add a third cup, use a milder smelling treat, or spend more time moving the cups around.

C’mon, Honey, make your choice. Which cup is hiding the treats?


4. Chase Bubbles to Tire Out a Dog

Dogs with a strong prey drive love chasing bubbles. Just whip out your wand and let your dog pop bubbles until she’s tired!

Make sure you use a bubble mixture that won’t hurt your dog’s eyes. You can get bacon-scented or peanut butter-scented bubbles (yes, really!). Or make your own – which is less interesting, but safe – using glycerin and water.

Find Dog Friendly Bubbles On Amazon

Pro Tip: If you need your pup to be entertained while you’re on a conference call, the automatic bubble blower is a good investment!

Find A Bubble Blower On Amazon

5. Play Hide & Seek

Our boat is too small for this game. But it’s a favorite when we get to shore.

Wait until your dog is distracted by a treat, person, or ball. Then slip into a closet or duck behind a piece of large furniture. If your dog doesn’t come looking for you right away, call her name. Make a big fuss and give her a treat when she finds you.

This game also comes in handy if you have trouble getting your dog to come back at the dog park!


6. Feed Your Dog Using A Food Toy

If your dog has to work to get her food, the effort will tire her out and keep her from gobbling down her meal at the same time.

We fed Honey out of food toys from the time she was 8-weeks old. Her first was a plastic bottle balanced on its opening. We’d put her kibble inside, balance the bottle on its neck, and encourage her to knock it over with her nose. While she was eating what fell out, we’d set the bottle up again.

From there she graduated to more advanced toys, including the Kong Wobbler which required her to work the toy all over the room to get her full meal.

Find A KONG Wobbler On Amazon

The result of feeding Honey from food toys? She took a deep nap immediately after eating.

If you’re concerned about the noise your dog might make while playing with the KONG Wobbler, try a snuffle mat instead.

Find A Snuffle Mat On Amazon

And, if your dog is particularly clever, get a food puzzle that makes them solve problems to release their food.

Find a Food Puzzle on amazon

The mental energy required by food toys paired with the arousing scent of food stimulating the brain will tire your dog out faster than a long romp at the dog park!


7. Play Fetch

Some dogs love to fetch. But it’s not always convenient to take them outside. Don’t worry, fetch is also a great game inside! If you don’t live in a home with museum-quality knick-knacks, that is.

We’ve played fetch on the stairs, using toys that take weird bounces, like a Kong Wubba. Using the stairs for a game of fetch keeps the game contained while forcing your dog to run up and down — using more energy.

Find a Kong Wubba on amazon


Play Tug

Honey loved playing tug, and the Kong Wubba works great for this, too! If your dog gets overexcited with this kind of game, you might want to avoid it. But for some dogs, a good game of tug with their favorite person is loads of fun.


9. Trick Training

Nothing works your dog’s brain better than training. And teaching her to do tricks is fun for you both!

Shaping is a training method in which you reward your dog for getting closer to a behavior, one tiny step at a time. For example, to train your dog to shut the door, say yes and give her a treat if she faces the door.

Once she’s reliably facing the door to receive a reward, wait for her to move closer to the door before giving her a treat. Work your way through the steps until your dog is touching, and then pushing the door with her nose for a reward.

The best part of trick training is, you’ll never run out of things to teach your dog!

READ MORE ⇒  Training Your Dog To TravelOne of Honey’s favorite tricks was “high five. ” And learning it really tired her out.


10. Play Nose Work Games To Tire Out A Dog

We took a class on playing nose work games at our local SPCA and Honey LOVED it. After that, nose work was our go-to whenever we were stuck on board the boat in bad weather.

When Honey heard me say, “Find it,” she knew to start sniffing out the treats I’d hidden around the boat. Using her nose tired her out better than anything else we did!

You’ll have to train your dog to understand what you want her to do when you give the “Find It” command. But it’s worth the effort, because nose work is a fun way to tire out your dog no matter where you are.

Looks like Honey followed her nose right to the box with the treat. Good girl.


11. Give Your Dog A Stimulating Chew Toy

Honey loved soft, stuffed toys with a squeaker. But in a pinch, a crinkly water bottle inside an old sock tied in a knot was a fun substitute. (And it gives you a way to use unpaired socks that come out of the dryer!)

For some reason, most dogs go crazy for the sound of a crinkly water bottle. And the crunch, crunch, crunching is a great way to tire out your dog.

You can also make your own “chews” by mixing up a dehydrated dog food like the The Honest Kitchen, stuffing it in a West Paw Zygoflex Tux toy and freezing it overnight.

Get 20% off your first order of $30 or more (affiliate link) 

Find a Zygoflex Tux Toy on Amazon


Congratulations, you now know how to tire out a dog!

Hopefully, you’ll find at least a few of these ideas work well to tire out your dog out the next time you’re stuck indoors. Here are a few additional tips before you get started:

  • Remember to choose an activity that’s a good fit for your pup.
  • Supervise your dog. Don’t leave him alone in a hotel room or camper with a toy or chew until you know it’s absolutely safe for him.
  • Consider your dog’s limits. A senior pup with joint issues is not the best candidate for playing fetch on the stairs. And a dog who destroys toys might be better suited to trick training than chewing on a stuffed sock.

Most of all, keep it fun! And you might discover that your dog is as happy to hang out inside with you as he is to roam the mountains or head to the beach.

Visit our Amazon store to learn about more products we rely on to make traveling with pets easier, safer, and more fun!

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5 Quick Ways to Tire Out Your Dog

Last updated on By Puppy Leaks 26 Comments

Does your dog have a lot of energy? Looking for ways to give your dog more exercise each day? If so you’re not alone.

When my dog was younger I struggled to keep up with her. Our daily walk didn’t even come close to tiring her out; if anything it seemed to hype her up even more. She made it quite clear to me that a 2 hour walk just wasn’t going to cut it. She needed a lot more exercise.

So I started experimenting with different exercises, trying to figure out which ones came close to tiring her out, and luckily I found a few. And the best part? These activities will give your dog a lot of physical exercise in a short amount of time, so perfect for a few quick exercise breaks throughout the day. Here’s 5 quick ways to tire out your dog.

1. Flirt Pole

If you want to really tire out your dog quickly a flirt pole is the way to go. A flirt pole (also called a flirt stick) is a long pole with a lure attached by rope to the end. As you move the pole around the lure moves, enticing your dog to chase. Flirt poles provide great physical exercise, and they’re quite mentally stimulating. (here’s a great video of one being used)

Flirt poles utilize your dogs instinct to chase in a non destructive manner. And for those of us who have a hard time keeping up with our dogs it’s great because it’s an activity where your dog does all the work. Your dog will be running around like crazy while you stand there moving the lure around for them.

A couple minutes of using a flirt pole are extremely tiring for your dog. And because it’s such a high impact activity remember to keep the sessions short to avoid injury.

Flirt poles are available at many pet stores, and there’s plenty available on amazon, or you can make your own flirt pole with some pvc pipe, some bungee cord and a dog toy.

2. Frisbee

Frisbee is like fetch on steroids, or really what fetch could be like if I could throw worth a darn. I can toss a frisbee way further than a ball, and that added running distance for dogs is great physical exercise. It doesn’t get much easier that standing there tossing a frisbee while your dog does all the hard work.

If your dog doesn’t know how to catch a frisbee I’d start out by using one that’s a soft disc. Traditional frisbees are pretty hard, so if your dog accidentally gets hit in the face with one it may discourage them from trying to catch it. Get your dog excited about the frisbee by tossing it short distances or rolling it on the ground and encouraging them anytime they show interest in it.

3. Tug of War

Tug is my favorite game to play with my dog Laika. It’s fun, it’s great physical exercise, and it’s a good way for dogs to practice good manners. When playing tug just remember to follow one rule: the game stops if your dog’s teeth touch your skin. Puppies who haven’t learned bite inhibition will struggle with this rule. If you want to save your hands from those sharp teeth remember to teach your puppy not to bite before attempting tug.

A game of tug can be physically demanding for your dog, and if your dog is big it’s great exercise for you as well. Since most tug toys are made out of rope or other materials that can be easily destroyed by dogs don’t forget to put it away after your game. (I’ve made this mistake a few times, hence why we’ve had so many different tug toys over the years)

4. Chasing Bubbles

One of the easiest ways to tire out your dog is to teach them to chase bubbles. It still surprises me how much Laika enjoys it, and if I had to guess I’d say it’s probably Laika’s all time favorite game (if she could talk I could confirm this). As soon as I start walking over to the kitchen sink where those bubbles are she starts to get excited.

If your dog doesn’t know how to chase bubbles start by blowing a couple at a time. Point to the bubbles and encourage your dog to chase them around. Catch some yourself to show you dog that there’s nothing to worry about, and that the whole point of the game is to get them before they touch the ground.

We use bubbles made for kids, but there’s plenty of bubbles made for dogs on amazon (bacon scented is the most popular choice). They’re non toxic, but they can upset your dogs stomach if they ingest too much. And because bubbles can be irritating to your dogs eyes remember to wipe off their face afterwards.

5. Playing With The Hose

If your dog doesn’t mind the water using the hose (or sprinklers) can be a great way to give them exercise. I found this out by accident the first time I tried to bathe Laika outdoors after she rolled in something gross. Rather than standing still for her bath she went crazy trying to chase the stream of water.

Some dogs love chasing (or in Laika’s case biting) water that’s coming out of a hose or sprinkler. She’d run back and forth chasing the hose hours if I let her, and it’s one of those activities where your dog (or water bill) is doing all the work.

Don’t Forget About Mental Exercise

A good balance of mental & physical activity can keep dogs busy & entertained. A lot of your dog’s physical demands and need for mental stimulation will depend on his breed and age. Laika (being a German Shepherd mix) needs plenty of both mental & physical activity, so I added in a new play and exercise sessions each day until I found the routine that worked for her. You’ll know you’ve found the right balance when your hyper dog starts to relax throughout the day.

If you’re giving your dog plenty of physical exercise and they’re still hyped up try adding in some mentally stimulating activities. Playing some fun games with your dog and using food puzzles are two of my favorites. Stuffing a Kong with frozen peanut butter might seem too simple, but it’s an easy way to keep dogs entertained for 30+ minutes.

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How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

Is a walk good enough for your dog? Does your dog get a mix of mental & physical exercise? What are your favorite ways to exercise your dog?

Please share with your friends 🙂

This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase I’ll earn a commission. Please see our disclosure page for more information.

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9 ways to take your dog home

Dogs, being bored, always do mischief. We are the main dzherel of rozvag, to that, so as not to give your vikhovants anyhow, the stink to start an independent search for ideas - and even then we will be mortified, or torn fіranki.

Playing with your creature sprat once a day, you can change the way someone has destructive sounds, such as an overworld bark or chewing.

Axis is a list of 9 ways to get your dog into a home.

1. Thimblegrass

Thimblegrass is a simple solution for trapping a dog. To join the group with your Vikhovanian, you will need 3 cups and one smakolik, which you will use with these cups. Show a bunch of weasels, and then we’ll see how you eat under cups. Sweat you will mix the cups and you will want your vihovantsa "knowing contentment." Grab your lover with a lot of rosy stimulation and help you to practice over your skills to solve problems.
Іz tsієyu thunder even better cope with cats.

2. Grab in tow.

Tug of war is one of the best ways to take part in understanding the game with our dogs. Tse vіdmіnniy sposіb rozumovo and physically zadіyati your domestic creature. Shards do not mean great space;

Contrary to what other people say, you can’t make your dog aggressive with a tug, but you can’t make your dog dominating. Allowing you to remake your cheating, you just make a bigger group of hoots for the new one, and you will be able to make your chotir-like friend grow bigger. Dogs, like playing at the tugboat with their hairmen, turned out to be more hearing.
Tugboat - a miraculous way to also win your love, dorimuyuchisya basic rules of the game, for example - "the game is attached, as if the teeth of a dog are sticking out of my hands."

3. Train your dog to help with work.

Dogs are like mother robots, it's easy to find out how to bring your captions. You can make them feel more embroidered, by naming your lovers by naming certain objects, as if you don’t mind helping them.
If you want to deal with all your friends, learn how to bring you something from the refrigerator. To teach your dog how to open the refrigerator, wind the towel around the handle, so that it is easy for you to open the door.

4. Mush the dog to “get it” zhu.

We give our domestic creatures a life of comfort - stench without cost otrimuyut warm bed, great respect and eating. But our dogs were popular, so that they could keep order with us, many of them miss out on respect for deacons rozumovo stimulating diy.

One of the simplest ways to send a call to your mind is to make them eat for eating. You can make your dog vikonate and do some tricks, first of all take away your insults, or you can make your lover happy with toys for handing out hedgehogs.

5. Teach your dog "shukati" your toys

Just like your dog knows the names of his own toys, learn his "go and find" yoga. Promote your favorite toys in a pack or in a container and tell you that you know your love. Your oskelki become right at your cіy grі, you can work more її more collapsible, more number of toys, like you need to go over.

Tsya gra to give your dog a mindfulness training.

6. Work out with the dog at the same time with the clicker.

Since you don't have a clicker, you can get yoga on our site. If you teach your dog chomus, the skin second is important. It's so easy to miss the opportunity to talk to our chotiripami vikhovantsy at that moment, if you behave like you know. If you hit the clicker, you can tell the exact moment if your dog has learned the right choice or hit the right command.

7. Greet with a dog with a dog

Grace with a dog of the breed Laika, and other breeds of dogs can be honored. As your dog doesn’t have enough room for repair, you can ask someone to help you to get your dog out if you go to get help.

8. Gras for all motherland.

It is good for a group to work with a partner or for a great company. We sit for you, or we stand in one side of the room with a toy, or weasels. Huck the dog along the devil and drink wine if you come. Reconsider that your lover will take a lot of positive reinforcement every now and then, if you get drunk. This is a simple way to help you understand the pokirnist nature of the creature.

9. Wick the Kong, to take your dog for a trival hour.

Kong - my favorite toy for dogs, which is boring. If you want your creature to be occupied for one hour, try stuffing Kong. You can freeze the peanut butter triplets or the broth in the middle, or just put some sweets in there and give your vihovantsi.

Stuffed Kongu's Vikoristan - a wonderful way to keep your dog busy, while you're on the robot, or you can borrow it. Put your Kong stuffing in the freezer for a night and give it a spin if you're going. Frozen Kong continue to be satisfied for 30 more hvilin more for more dogs, and then you remember to burn it down, or even more richly.

I need to beat the classic Kong, because the stench is non-toxic and safe, you can put it in the dishwasher.

Hyperactive puppy: what to do? | Royal Canin


An active, inquisitive and energetic puppy is the norm. But an animal that constantly destroys everything in the house, demands attention, whines and howls, tries to run away on a walk, does not allow guests and other animals to pass, cannot sleep for a long time - this is already a hyperactive puppy, whose behavior needs to be corrected as much as possible earlier.

A puppy can be called hyperactive if it behaves too emotionally in any situation: on the street it jumps on passers-by, pulls on the leash, fusses at any loud sound, at home it continues to demand your attention, even when it is on its hands, it continues to whine and cannot calm down.
If signs of hyperactivity appear in a puppy not only on the street, but also at home, when he is left alone, or at the sight of guests, then we need to talk more about problems with socialization, and not about hyperactivity.
Large and giant dog breeds require long walks, at least two hours a day. If you don't walk your dog much and leave it alone for a long time, it's not surprising that it becomes hyperactive when you meet it.
Dogs historically lived in a pack, being alone is stressful for them, especially for a puppy that has recently been separated from its mother and brothers. Perhaps hyperactivity is an adaptation process that needs to be made as comfortable as possible for the animal.
Wrong education also leads to hyperactivity of the puppy. Explain to all family members that it should not be grabbed without warning, you must first call the animal by name. You can not disturb the puppy while eating and sleeping, it is absolutely impossible to beat the dog and lock it up for a long time alone. All this provokes nervousness in a puppy.
Do not constantly yell at the puppy as soon as he tries to explore something in the house, jump, bark or bite his hand. It is normal for a puppy to explore the world with the help of teeth, voice, smell. You need to reward him for good behavior and not allow or ignore the bad. Gently, but categorically, wean the puppy from biting you, allow you to gnaw only special toys and teach commands.
Review the breed standard. It's possible that your dog has a normal activity level for this breed and age. For example, a 4-month-old Jack Russell Terrier is likely to be a restless pet if not played with, taught commands, and not allowed to walk. But a hyperactive pug or Pekingese is a rarity.
A hyperactive puppy cannot follow commands to stay still, it is difficult for him to sit still even for a couple of minutes. Such a dog needs to be taught commands as early as possible, do endurance exercises, teach to eat on command, give an intellectual load and ask to look for something, bring sticks and toys, and then with age and over time the dog will become obedient. If you are having difficulty raising a puppy, it is best to send him to a general training course.


1) There is no better way than a long walk. The puppy must be tired before being alone at home or before falling asleep. The longer you walk outdoors, the more games you offer on the walk, the more often you let your dog off the leash, the more likely it is to tire and reduce its activity when you get home.
2) After consultation with a veterinarian, you can reduce the caloric intake: you may be overfeeding the puppy, and he has absolutely nowhere to put his energy.
3) Constantly keep the puppy busy with games, training, teach the norms of behavior, if possible, show the animal new routes, places, situations. It is very important for a puppy to explore new territory: it can be a trip out of town, swimming in lakes, going to visit, traveling by public transport.
Try to diversify the puppy's life, from constant sitting in four walls, the animal can become hyperactive, or, conversely, fall into apathy.

Learn more