How to get spare tire off pt cruiser

2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited 2.4L 4 Cyl.

1. Getting Started - Prepare for the repair

2. Find Spare Tire Kit - Locate all of the components for your spare tire jack kit

3. Access Spare Tire - Locate and remove the spare tire

4. Pre-Jack List - Things to do before jacking up vehicle

5. Position Jack - Assemble components and position jack

6. Raise Vehicle - Use the jack to safely raise the vehicle

7. Replace Jack - Secure jack kit components back in place

8. Flat Tire Tips - Tips on dealing with a flat tire

9. More Info. - Additional information on flat tires

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Learn how to change a flat tire using the Chrysler PT Cruiser spare tire kit. Make sure you are in a safe area that is level and free of traffic before attempting to fix a flat tire. This video shows you where the spare tire, jack and jack kit is located in your PT Cruiser how to assemble the components of the spare tile tool kit, how to replace the flat tire with your spare tire and safety precautions to take when using your jack. Most Chrysler jack kits include the jack, a jack handle and a lug nut wrench. The video also shows how to put the 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser back in its original location.

Which way does the spare tire go on? The PT Cruiser spare tire should always be mounted with the valve stem (the thing you put air into) pointing out. If you cannot see the valve stem, the spare tire on PT Cruiser is mounted backwards. In addition, if your PT Cruiser has a donut spare (a small spare tire), then you should mount it on one of the rear wheels when you are in a safe area to do so. What is the maximimum speed for a spare tire? If your PT Cruiser has a donut spare, the maximum speed is likely 50 miles per hour. Some trucks have full-size spare tires, which would have the same speed limits as the other tires. How many miles can be driven on a spare tire? If it is a donut spare tire, you should not drive more than 50 miles on a donut spare tire.

While following the instructions provided in your PT Cruiser's owners manual and in this video will help minimize the risk of injury. The best way to avoid injury is to never get under your vehicle while it is jacked up. Remember also, that even if your car is jacked up properly, another car could hit it and knock it over; therefore, be sure to give careful consideration to your environment before raising your car.

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A Dozen Facts About The Chrysler PT Cruiser That Aren't True At All

Home » A Dozen Facts About The Chrysler PT Cruiser That Aren’t True At All

Man, what a long, tedious day of truth! And not only that, it was a day without a single mention of PT Cruisers in a major story. How did that happen? What are we coming to? This is a huge, huge problem, but, panic not my sweet, sweet, Autopians! Uncle Jayjay Torch is here to solve both of these problems at once, by providing you with a dozen fascinating facts about the glorious Chrysler PT Cruiser, not one of which is true even in the slightest. They’re all lies, filthy filthy lies, lies I’m telling you right to your beautiful face without even blinking! Lies, lies, lies! About the PT Cruiser! Cruiser, cruiser, cruiser!

Off we go, mothergrabbers!

  1. The “PT” in “PT Cruiser” stands for Pneumonia Tsar, which was what Lead Designer Kiefer Sutherland called his mom due to her strict rules when he was sick as a child. Sutherland also acts occasionally, when not designing cars for Chrysler, and is best known for playing Han Solo in 1974’s Star Wars.
  2. Due to persistent wildlife issues around Chrysler’s Everglades Assembly Plant that built the majority of PT Cruisers, it was estimated that between 2002-2006 nearly a quarter of PT Cruisers left the factory with one or more baby crocodiles trapped behind door cards or in the spare tire well.
  3. NASCAR racing legend Kyle Durndell was obsessed with PT Cruisers and was in the process of preparing a PT Cruiser bodyshell for his car when he was killed in a crash in July 2002. His will stipulated that no effort should be spared in making his dream of racing his PT Cruiser a reality, so his team reached out to the Vatican who was able to arrange for a 48-hour Return To Life voucher that was used to allow Durndell to race in the March 23 race at Bristol Motor Speedway for the Food City 500. After the race, to make up for the 48 hours of life, Durndell had to spend 48 hours in Catholic Hell.
  4.  The original directive of the PT Cruiser, first written by Lee Iacocca in 1983, was for Chrysler to build a car that looked as much as possible like the car on the cover of Action Comics #1, the comic book that introduced Superman, while still being acceptable to a modern market.
  5. All temporary donut spare tires were originally shipped filled with helium, which saved over $75 dollars on the shipping costs of PT Cruisers over their production run.
  6. The comparatively high average age of PT Cruiser buyers was the reason why many large cities trained Paramedics to seek out any PT Cruisers first when they got a call for an elderly person in medical trouble in a car, where the type of car was not specified. After PT Cruisers were Lincolns, then any type of Buick.
  7. To save money on initial tooling, only the right side front fender had a stamping machine; left fenders were made by a worker beating a right fender “inside out” with rubber mallets.
  8. The crash-protection “knee bar” underneath the dashboard was made with specially calcium-fused femur bones from cattle. The tensile strength was about ideal for the application, and the bone would “give” in an impact in such a way as to transfer energy away from the passengers effectively. It was also light and relatively cheap, being sourced from byproducts of the beef industry. The structural bone industry has grown significantly since the PT Cruiser’s pioneering use of the material, and now most modern cars are 0.7% animal bone by weight.
  9. The “PT” In “PT Cruiser” is an homage to Preston Tucker, creator of the famous Tucker 48 car.
  10. In an attempt to attract younger buyers, in 2006 Chrysler introduced the Juicy Couture Edition PT Cruiser, which sported a special two-tone paint job, a rhinestone-studded dash, terrycloth seats, and a coupon for a chihuahua from your local animal shelter:
  11. Factory original PT Cruiser oil filters used a woven filter made with 100% American-sourced barbershop floor hair, and while initial results were excellent, over time the residual mousse, gel, and conditioner content proved too high and contaminated the oil, causing excess foaming.
  12.  Stellantis has announced that, by 2024, its Chrysler division will drop the Pacifica to make room for a new electric PT Cruiser, to be called the PeT Cruiser-E-Tron ReCharge Evo. The Chrysler 300 will remain in production as currently planned until the year 3807, with a major facelift expected in the late 2800s, at which time USB-D connectors will be fitted.



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