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Over 30 years ago Bill Kristensen Sr. started Hi-Tech, with the goal to create a full service facility that could support customers from mold builds, molding, machining and all post molding/machining operations. We have developed proprietary manufacturing processes for high-temperature molding, thus becoming a unique resource for cost-effective metal substitution. We are experts in advanced thermoplastic materials, our service model is stronger than ever.

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Medical devices need to work exactly as expected. There’s no room for error – whether performing procedures or conducting tests,…

Hi-Tech News

Several years ago Hi-Tech decided to make a change in our approach to how we resource the IT requirements of…

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It’s Electric! Injection moldable Thermoplastic have always been used to save costs and this is due to the very fast…

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Thermoplastic Part

& Mold Design

Hi-Tech can evaluate 3D Models and 2D Prints to help optimize the Part Design for Molding and to help identify potential issues.

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Mold Building & Maintenance

Hi-Tech produces molds in-house and can source molds from Overseas. The tool room allows us to maintain consistent part delivery performance.

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Material Expertise

Hi-Tech produces components and assemblies in a wide range of Engineered Thermoplastics, verifies lot traceability and can aid in material selection during design or supply issues.

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Hi-Tech has been expanding in Aerospace including Air Management, Seating and Engines.


Hi-Tech can help you optimize your design for Medical Devices and Assemblies.


Hi-Tech does produce components and assemblies for the military and can manage ITAR requirements.

Outdoor Recreation

Hi-Tech produces Robust and Durable Products that are used in Outdoor Recreation applications.


Producing electrical components compliant to RoHS or REACH has been apart of Hi-Tech since the beginning.


Hi-Tech can be cost competitive in the consumer market.

Food Service

Hi-Tech has supported Food Service for a long time in reheatable food trays.

Customer Focused. Quality Driven.

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I have been working with Hi-Tech for 5 years now. Over that span, Hi-Tech has always been very easy to work with and they present themselves in a professional manner. Hi-Tech has delivered quality injection mold tooling and parts with competitive pricing. Their Program Management and Engineering group kept up with several design changes throughout the tool build and still delivered on-time.

Roger Stebenne, Director of Materials Planning and Purchasing

Hi-Tech has an excellent customer service and high quality products. Hi-Tech supports us with our Kanban program to have product on time. Support team is always available for us to answer all our questions.

Claudia Lopez, Electri-Cable Assemblies

HiTech Tools and Instruments | Precision Measurement Solutions

Precision Measurment Solutions

  • Precise Gages

An Introduction

We introduce ourselves as authorized distributors of Mitutoyo which is a well-known brand in the field of Precision Measuring Instruments.

In Hitech Tools and Instruments, we are a team of experienced people who have been selling Mitutoyo products over a decade and capable of providing complete technical solutions and after sales service. We believe in growth, hence we are in a constant process of expanding our horizons by introducing new products of prominent international brands.

The partners of Hitech Tools and Instruments have varied experience in all the fields including Power Tools, Hand Tools, Measuring Instruments, Cutting Tools and Electrical Solutions.

Thus, Hitech Tools and Instruments can be one stop shop for all your requirements on Precision Measuring Instruments.

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The high-tech sector is the “nervous system” of the economy. At the end of last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia should become a global supplier of products of a new technological order. “Already now there are developments and discoveries that will change the world, the very nature of the economy and the way of life of millions, if not billions of people. In three to five years they will enter the world market, and by 2030 they will become everyday life, like today's computer technologies. And we must be leaders in these processes,” he said during the council for science and education.

Which domestic representatives of the industry can attract attention with current offers? Undoubtedly, among them is CJSC Corporation Russian High Technologies, established in December 2002 with the aim of consolidating the efforts of Russian companies in the development, production and sale of modern high-tech medical equipment, as well as the implementation of venture projects in the field of high technologies. The interlocutor of the correspondent of our publication was the general director of the company Dmitry Nikolaevich DYLEV .

– Dmitry Nikolayevich, the activities of the Russian High Technologies Corporation include a wide range of areas, each of which has a separate company. Relatively recently, you, among other things, began to work in the areas of security and anti-terror. What results have been achieved so far?

- Yes, that's right. To date, the results are as follows: we have developed and produced a range of radio wave inspection equipment. In this line there are devices made by order of the state, in particular the FSB of Russia, and on an initiative basis.

The development of the Zaslon mobile hand-held scanner is considered unique. This device, which we spent more than five years to create, still has no analogues in the world. It is designed to detect any metal and non-metal objects hidden under clothing on the human body (including liquids in plastic, glass or ceramic containers; weapons made of various materials, including composite), explosives and explosive devices, bulk substances. Zaslon also detects any hermetically sealed objects. The device is portable, operates from its own power sources, is not tied to the mains and allows you to work around the clock when changing the battery. Its equipment includes: a storage case (at the same time it is also a stand for examining human legs), the device itself (weighing just over 1 kg), rechargeable batteries, a charger and an elastide simulator.

"Barrier" is very effective in the security system of protected facilities and in crowded places. Within 30-40 seconds (for experienced operators 7-10 seconds) the desired objects are detected with a probability close to 100%. If an object is detected, the device emits a sound signal and the red indicator lights up.

- And what is the basis of this device?

- Sophisticated software based on the use of neural network technologies. More precisely, the analysis of micropower microwave waves reflected from the human body, using artificial intelligence - a neural network. That is, we are talking about the possibility of learning and more effective solutions based on accumulated experience. This is the main advantage of our devices over computers based on mathematical algorithms. After all, if incorrect data is given to the input of the classical system, it does not give an answer. And our devices provide a solution in any case. Artificial intelligence is able to operate with what people call intuition.

The know-how is that we have found a way to optimally tune a neural network that works effectively when processing a large amount of information and makes a decision in real time. For example, "Barrier" is able to detect objects made of any materials, including precious stones, non-ferrous and rare metals, metal oxides, drugs, banknotes. It can be used for inspection and detection of objects in any place and under any conditions, there is no binding to one place, as with stationary inspection points. With it, you can carry out inspection near the train cars, at the bus or ship ladder, on the way to the stadium or park, and so on.

Mobile handheld scanner ZASLON

– As far as I know, Zaslon has been successfully operated today…

– For more than five years! All Russian nuclear power plants, subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the North Caucasus and Volga districts, subdivisions of other federal and commercial structures are equipped with it. There is a selective inspection at checkpoints. So the tactics of using this device is well tested, and the high efficiency of its use has been proven.

- Is the use of "Barrier" the most appropriate for the protection of especially dangerous and sensitive facilities?

- Optional. It can be used in the protection of any terrorist dangerous objects. The psychological factor is also important here. Experience shows that a terrorist attack can be prevented if the terrorist knows that checks are possible even on the outskirts of the place of its implementation.

Today we equip with it those facilities whose managers or owners are interested in purchasing it. Zaslon is one of the few devices developed on an initiative basis that successfully passed state tests and was supplied to the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. They know about our devices. Their price is quite acceptable for devices of this level (especially since it is difficult to correlate the price of the device with the value of human life). The benefit from the use of "Barrier" is unambiguous, especially compared to those devices that are currently used, given the lack of consumables for them.

We carried out trial operation of Zaslon at various facilities and under various conditions. Everywhere the device proved to be good. Extremely promising technology! Applicable to a large number of areas - security, communications, space, military affairs ...

On the basis of "Barrier" we have made a whole line of stationary devices. They have the same advantages, but are used as the main means of screening with 100% verification of the entire flow of people. These are our, Russian, patented developments. All these devices have already passed state tests and are on trial operation. When developing them, we, taking into account the shortcomings of existing imported analogues of stationary inspection devices, improved our technologies. Our scanners work in automatic mode with a higher throughput, easier to maintain, with their help, an object located on the human body is detected under any layer of clothing and under wet clothing too. These are fundamental advantages over foreign analogues. The next advantage is more efficient maintenance and repair, since this is a domestic development and all production is located in Russia.

– Please tell us more about the new developments of your specialists.

– The first in the line of our stationary devices is the inspection complex DK-E. It consists of an inspection scanner and 7 additional modules (radiation control module, weight control module, biometric control module, psycho-emotional state module, etc.). This is a lock-type device that blocks a person for the entire time of inspection. Doors open to the exit only if all indicators are in order.

The next in the line is the inspection scanner OSMOTR-S, version 1. This pass-through scanner, developed by order of the Federal Security Service of Russia, is distinguished by a multifunctional interface, automatic indication and classification of detected objects on the basis of metal-non-metal.

The third device is the inspection scanner OSMOTR-S, version 2 - lock type, also developed by government order. Retaining all the functionality and advantages of the scanner in version 1, it has a 360° rotation of the scanning system, which makes it possible to obtain a full three-dimensional image and examine a person from all sides, as well as a narrow shape so that it can be placed on a checkpoint that has a small area.

On the basis of any of these devices, you can make an extended access control system (ACS), equipping them with additional modules that are necessary for a particular customer. We hope that after trial operation, a decision will be made to equip all facilities with them, where there is a threat of penetration in order to organize a terrorist attack.

Currently, our focus is on radio wave equipment, X-ray replacement. To make it work without harm to humans. The technology is there, funding is required.

Given today's absolutely correct import substitution policy, I am sure that our new products will be in demand. There is a state attention to our devices, and at the moment the issue of including the products manufactured by the Corporation in the import substitution program is being decided. There is also experience in operating new devices - only positive reviews.

- Do you really manage without difficulties?

– Of course not! Let me highlight the main problem. Her character is, in general, systemic. The fact is that all tenders are announced in our country in the middle - towards the end of the year, so that the supply of equipment and the closing of the contract is carried out in December. Which significantly reduces the volume of delivery. For us, as a manufacturing company, this, of course, means a significant obstacle, since we are “tied” to a certain production cycle, which cannot be shortened. Thus, in order to somehow carry out deliveries in such conditions, it is necessary to make a backlog of products in stock, which significantly increases financial costs, which are not always available.

The best option would be if tenders were announced at the beginning of the year. And it’s better at all at the end of the previous one and form an order two years in advance. This would make it possible to increase production volumes and, as a result, increase the number of jobs, attract young specialists, and load the production capacities of our Russian contractors. Accordingly, the amount of deductions to the treasury would also increase. I note, to the treasury of our state! After all, this does not happen with foreign supplies, foreign entrepreneurs “feed” their economy. Meanwhile, our devices are quite competitive both in the Russian and foreign markets.

– Do you plan to enter the foreign market?

- Yes, very possible. And I assure you, the Russian High Technologies Corporation will look more than worthy there!

Russian High Technologies Corporation
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