How to take spare tire off jeep wrangler

How to Remove Jeep Jl Spare Tire?(6 Easy Steps To Follow)

by Abraham Kuhlman

The jeep wrangler is a heavy recreational vehicle having five big-sized wheels, including a spare one. You may think the spare tire removing process is very tough. Or you have an updated jeep wrangler Jl and don’t want to take a single step that can hurt your jeep.

Through jl is one of the latest versions of the jeep, its spare tire removing process is not much different from the other wrangler.

Sometimes you don’t want to create more pressure on the tailgate when you have an unnecessary tire. Or, you want to change the tire carrier and add a spare tire delete kit. Okay, these steps will help you to make it easier.

1. Remove the Inner Trend Panel:

it is not must necessary that you have to remove the inner trend panel. It depends on your tire removing purpose. But some wires are directly connected to the third brake light and back camera. So for camera and lights safety, you have to remove this plastic or metal cover.

2. Disconnect the Wire:

the trim panel tool may help you to remove the wiring harness. Then, you will find three wires are connected for different duties. Simply disconnect this by unplugging. Now your back camera, third brake light, and number plate light are separated and safer.

3. Remove Tire Cover:

you don’t need to open the full tailgate to remove a spare tire. Instead, find out the cover edge and pull it; you can easily remove the tire cover if you have a tire cover on your spare cover. Sometimes, you may find the number plate instead of the tire cover.

4. Open Lug Nuts:

after removing the tire cover, you will find a spare tire that you want to remove. There are three or more lug nuts in the spare wheel you have to remove.

The lug nut size is pretty bigger, so you have to bring a 90-degree lug nut wrench. Open all the lug nuts by rotating lug nut wrench anti-clockwise.

5. Remove the Spare Tire:

now it’s time to remove the spare tire. Just pull it and remove it. Call someone else If you don’t have enough strength to carry it.

If your purpose is to add another spare tire, then push a new one according to the position of the lug nuts. Then, tightly adjust all the nuts by lug wrench. Cover it with a tire cover if you have one.

If you want to change the tire carrier or add a spare tire delete kit, you have to work more. First, open the camera cover with a hand tool named t40 Torx. You will find all the bolts in the tire carrier and remove each. Be cautious when removing the third brake light. Then adjust the new tire carrier or spare tire delete kit.

6. Adjust all Tie Lug Nuts Tightly:

finally, adjust all the lug nuts as much tight you can. Reconnect three wires of the camera, third brake light in the tailgate. Reassemble inner trend panel.

So, taking off the spare tire in the wrangler Jl is not heavy duty, but it depends on the purpose of removing it and the strength of your hands.

If you have all the necessary tools, you can do without an expert. But, Don’t forget to keep another person with you because the wrangler’s spare tire Is really big and heavy.

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    How to remove spare tire from Jeep Wrangler


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    Jeep Wrangler - Video Lesson

    Model: Jeep Wrangler JL, MK 4 - Years 2018-2023
    Part: Wheel
    operation: How to remove spare tire from Jeep Wrangler

    If you need to use a spare tire on your car, or just want to remove it, just follow these steps. Before starting, make sure you turn off the car engine. Then take the case with the special service kit that Jeep offers and go to the back of the car. Insert the hex wrench provided in the spare wheel lock hole. Turn counterclockwise and remove the plastic cover. At this point, unscrew the bolt at the bottom and also remove. It remains only to pull the spare wheel towards you to remove it.

    Published 16 January 2022 by ScegliAuto

    Installation of luggage racks.

    The car is already equipped with a luggage carrier, so it is necessary to purchase the appropriate luggage rails for the car model. The first step is to remove the eight plastic plugs hiding the threaded nut. Position the two beams on the roof according to the mounting holes, then tighten the eight mounting screws without tightening them. The screws can now be carefully tightened, re-checking that they are all properly tightened. It is good practice not to overload the trunk and keep the dimensions within legal limits.

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    Jeep Wrangler Tuning

    Supercars are commonly referred to as road storms.
    Like Ferrari or Lamborghini. At worst, Porsche. These machines are born to fill their owners with a sense of success and the pleasure of speed. Of course, they are not designed for big sports, but they are always ready to help the pilot feel superior.

    Off-road is a completely different emotion. And any trip along the "great outdoor" fills the jeep's heart with quiet happiness and severe euphoria. This is what we live for, this is what we stand for. But for some, this is not enough. They need something else. That's for them and there are tuning specialists, such as Truckgarage. Well, who else could remake a standard Jeep Wrangler like that?

    First, a few words about the Jeep itself. Leading its history from the famous army Willys, this SUV has become a legend for a reason and has become a household name. Everything that should be in the perfect SUV is embodied in the classic Jeep. The combination of base and track, weight and power, strength and size makes this machine an excellent all-terrain vehicle. From the process of moving on a cult car, the jeep's soul literally begins to sing, not to mention the fact that only the driver of the Jeep SUV can be called a true jeep.

    Even more fun if you remove the top and doors, which are needed only in the city, and even then not always. Well, unless you leave your car outside overnight. Driving without a roof and doors in a Jeep is not comparable to riding in the coolest convertibles, it's something else. Believe me, I know. I had Jeeps, three of them. On an ordinary SUV, you watch a movie about off-road on the screen, which is the windshield. On an open Jeep without a roof and doors, you become direct, akin to a biker, a participant in a road extravaganza, you feel cold and warm with your whole body, you catch smells and sounds.


    Well, in Truckgarage's Wrangler, the soul can sing a lot louder. Because the first thing he did, as expected, was lifted. The famous ICON Stage 2 suspension kit raised the car about 5 inches (130mm). The suspension system includes long arms, long adjustable transverse links and spring-shock absorber struts (coilovers), which allow not only to increase suspension travel by more than one and a half times, but also to relieve internal stresses that occur during inevitable twisting. And so that the suspension does not pierce when the driver goes too far, hydraulic compression stroke stops (hydraulic breakers) were added.

    Fitted with some serious 40-inch Nitto Mud Grappler tires on 22-inch XD Series wheels. To accommodate such rollers, with a width of almost 400 mm, and with a reduced reach, of course, it was necessary to increase the wheel arches. The specialists did not cut the native plumage, but acted radically by installing steel, very strong (7 mm steel) wings from Smittybilt. They are wider than standard and at the same time give more space for meter wheels. Well, in order for these “gears” to rotate confidently, the main gears from Nitro Gear lowered to 1 / 5.13 were put into the axle gearboxes. But this is not enough to feel complete superiority over the off-road world.

    In our country, alas, half of life is winter. Therefore, the standard plastic awning was thrown out and the coolest Wildboar in Fastback style was installed, while leaving the original soft awning in the kit, which hides in the trunk when folded and is waiting in the wings. In winter, as you know, most of the time it is dark. This remarkable circumstance also did not escape the attentive tuning specialists. After all, the darkness allows you to emphasize the exclusivity of the car with the help of LED optics! Trucklite LED headlights and Rigid LED headlights literally solved this problem brilliantly. It remains to give the car impressiveness. This task was taken over by the stylish Fab Fours power bumpers. The front one has a kengurin, built-in optics and, of course, a mandatory winch. Where without her? The rear bumper is equipped with a heavy-duty wicket, capable of carrying a huge “fortieth” spare wheel without damage. You yourself know what a serious task this is: a heavy spare wheel can simply tear off the rear door, on which it is located in the standard.

    Finally, to make it easier to get into the car, Jeep was equipped with AMP-Research electric thresholds. The door was opened - the threshold lowered, closed - the threshold retracted, and nothing interferes with off-road exploits. With the doors removed, the thresholds can be left in any position. And so that the car does not get scratched, it was completely treated with a protective coating LINE-X. At the same time, by the way, by altering the interior with leather and making a white line a decorative element. It turned out stylish!


    And now, with all this tuning, let's try to go. Some will ask: where to mount the sand-trucks and hi-jack? Yes, such a handsome man does not need a shovel and sand trucks. That's not what it's for! This is a real super Jeep to support your own ego. For example, to organize a disco on a wild beach or dashing races in some abandoned quarry.

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