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Best Discount Tire Coupons and Promo Codes - April 2023

$110 Off on Bridgestone Tires

Save up to $110 when you purchase a set of select Bridgestone tires at Discount Tire.

  • Valid until 04/06/2023
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$90 Off on Firestone Tires

Up to $90 off when you purchase a set of four select Firestone tires at Discount Tire.

  • Valid until 04/06/2023
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Military Discount

Discount Tire offers great discount to our folks that are serving in the Military service.

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Why Discount Tire Is Our Go-To Tire Source?

If you're looking for the best tire deals right now, Discount Tire is a good place to start. Discount Tire has been in the tire business for more than fifty years. They were among the earliest direct-to-consumer tire shippers. Discount Tire’s sales volume allows them to provide a huge variety of tires at the best prices to fit all budgets. Generous rebates make what is already a low price leader even more attractive. Finally, many of the tires have an additional $50.00 rebate available when you make your purchase with a Discount Tire credit card. Don’t forget Discount Tire Direct's replacement wheel inventory, which, if purchased together with tires, includes free mounting and balancing.

Discount Tire Direct's Website?

If you have armed yourself with a minimum level of knowledge of the tires that your vehicle requires (size being the most important variable), the website provides a fantastic structure to go about narrowing down your choices. One particularly nice feature is the ability to choose OEM tires for your car (the tires that came on your car from the factory) if you are wanting to maintain the same ride, handling, and fuel economy characteristics that your automobile had when new.

How to Best Leverage Discount Tire's Savings Potential?

To take advantage of Discount Tire and Discount Tire Direct's rebates and sales navigate to the discounttiredirect. com website and input either your vehicle or tire size information. You will need to know your vehicle’s tire size (example: 265/75-17) as many models of cars and trucks come with different available tire sizes.

After selecting "View Available Tires" look for the "On Promotion" filter. This will narrow your choices to exclusively those tires with available rebates and sales on top of Discount Tire's already hyper-competitive prices. Many of the rebates can be combined—this makes for an even better value. Also, on many listed tires you will notice an "Instant Price Match" link. If you find a better price online (including shipping) for these tires, Discount Tire will match it.

The combination of excellent pricing and years of experience places Discount Tire and Discount Tire Direct on our shortlist of superior tire retailers.

Discount Tire Direct has a huge selection of tires at very good prices with free shipping. From premium brands like Michelin to brands that focus on affordability like Milestar, Discount Tire Direct has them all.

Do Discount Tire stores rotate tires for free?

If you purchase tires from Discount Tire, they will rotate your tires for free for the life of the tires.

Does Discount Tire Direct provide warranties on tires purchased online?

Discount Tire Direct honors all manufacturer warranties. Should a workmanship or tread life warranty issue occur, contact Discount Tire Direct customer service.

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$30 Off + $110 Promo Code Discount Tire Coupons

It is easy to use a DisountTire coupon code. Follow these tips:

  • Pick one that gives you the best discount.

  • Go to the official DisountTire website, start shopping, and send your items to the cart.

  • Proceed to checkout to access the “Promo Code” box.

  • Type or paste the DisountTire code and click Apply.

What do I do if my promo code isn’t working?

DisountTire offers exciting coupon codes that allow customers to save. The codes are always active, but sometimes you may have challenges using them. If your Discount-Tire promo code or promo code isn’t working, try the following:

  • Check if the expiration date has reached as it could be the reason.

  • Verify that you entered the code in the correct formatting.

  • Check if the items you selected qualify for a coupon.

  • Check if you have met DisountTire ’s minimum purchase requirement.

Can I combine coupon codes?

Unfortunately, DisountTire doesn’t allow customers to combine coupons. Regardless, a customer can combine tire manufacturer and promo to save.

Using online coupons in store

Unfortunately, DisountTire doesn’t allow customers to use online coupons in store.

Sale section

Discount-Tire has a permanent deal section where customers can access options at reduced prices. Black Friday and Memorial only get updated on that specific day. Customers will access patriotic promotions and rebates that are worth remembering.

Rebate promo

Discount-Tire has a rebate by mail program to allow its customers to save. The rebates will be rewarded by mail, and customers can combine them with the Discount-Tire credit card savings options to save more.

Do customers get free shipping?

DiscountTire provides free ground shipping for all in-stock wheels for 48 states within the US.

The DiscountTire app

The Discount-Tire app makes the customer wheel buying experience easier and fast. Customers can book online appointments, make in-store purchases, and save time. The app allows customers to:

  • Get updates on tires, rebates, and promotions.

  • Finance purchases using a Discount-Tire credit card.

  • Find nearby Discount-Tire stores.

  • Shops for tires and wheels using the DisountTire Wheel Visualizer or Treadwell.

  • Use the DisountTire Touchless Experience.

  • Pay DisountTire credit card bill(s).

More unique discounts

How do I get a military discount?

DiscountTire offers a 5% Military discount for armed forces members on active duty, reserves, and veterans. Also, these reduced prices can be combined with other deals, rebates, and instant savings. For a customer to know if they qualify for this, they should visit the official DiscountTire website and use ID. me to verify their status during online checkout. Once verified, it will be applied instantly.

Can I get a student discount?

Unfortunately, DisountTire does not provide any student discounts.

Is a sign-up offer available?

DisountTire has an email newsletter that customers can sign up for to access its blogs. Also, customers can share their vehicle photos to get insight on which tries to buy for that type of model.

Can I refer a friend?

Unfortunately, DisountTire refer a friend program isn’t available.

What is the return policy?

DisountTire ’s return policy is simple. If a customer is not satisfied with an item(s), they can return it for a refund or an exchange. A customer can return the item(s) to any Discount-Tire stores. A customer should reach out to their local Discount-Tire store and plan for the return. If the customer wants to exchange the returned item(s) for a new item(s), their account will be charged for the new item and credited for the returned item(s). The refund will be made to the original payment method, and an account credit could take up to 14 business days.

What are the available payment options?

Every DisountTire store accepts cash, debit cards, charge cards, traveler’s checks, postal money orders, and personal checks for payments. Also, customers can sign up for a DiscountTire credit card.

When is it profitable to buy winter tires - || Read

As soon as the first snow powders roads and roadsides, Kazakhstanis begin to frantically attack tire shops in search of a winter set of tires for their car - it doesn’t matter how much rubber costs, there is nowhere to go. “Prepare the sled in the summer, and the cart in the winter,” says folk wisdom, but does it fit in the case of tires?

As it turns out, flashes of hot deals on winter tires happen twice a year. And the spring-summer period is not the most profitable for buying winter shoes. So when?

Period one.

Beginning of autumn

Experts from the tire business believe that the best time to buy winter tires is August and September. Why?

General manager of the SVS group of companies Oleg Turkin, distributor of the Bridgestone brand in Kazakhstan:

— It is profitable to buy winter tires before the start of the winter season, until October, in the period August-September. At this time, the main suppliers already have all tire models in stock, because we start the supply of winter tires for the upcoming winter from July-August. Also during this period, many dealers make pre-season promotions.

Aleksey Zayakin, head of the press service of Nokian Tires in Kazakhstan, shares the expert’s opinion and also develops the topic of discounts in the pre-season period: the full range is already in stock, but there are pre-season discounts. The size of the discount in this case can be 5-10% in relation to the average market value.

Development Director of ecar. kz Mikhail Mai believes that only manufacturers of premium brands have logic in pricing in the Kazakhstani market:

- Major brands fix their tire prices for a long period. Continental, Bridgestone, Michelin, Nokian, as a rule, do not change their prices during the winter season (September-December). It is impossible to find logic in pricing in the middle and budget segments. Often the price jumps even during the active season - it depends on the success of sales. If the dealer feels the risk that the product will not sell, he can reduce the price.

After the first snow, tire shops switch to round-the-clock operation

One way or another, buying a winter kit right before the onset of winter (October and November, depending on the region) is always stressful. There is a queue in stores, a queue at tire shops, and most winter tires are already available at the maximum price. Due to the influx of clients, consultants cannot devote the necessary amount of time to the client, and he does not have time to choose a favorable price and wait, because he found himself in a force majeure situation - snow, ice outside the window. This is the worst, but, unfortunately, the most popular scenario in Kazakhstan.

Second period. After the New Year

If you have winter tires, but its replacement is coming next season, then know that the second equally profitable period for purchasing it begins ... in January! Alexey Zayakin says that the discount in the period January-February can reach up to 20%. But there are also nuances: there may be difficulties with the availability of specific models and sizes.

After the New Year holidays, sales season opens for tire manufacturers

Mikhail May links the price reduction with another factor:

- Starting from the second half of December, few people buy tires, most people are already preparing for the New Year, and big expenses are inappropriate here. A good option to buy winter tires in January, February. The sellers went to work after the holiday, there are almost no sales, but they need to work, so various sales are launched to stimulate demand. At the same time, the assortment is already scarce, there are leftovers on the shelves, often not the freshest.

Does the dollar exchange rate affect the cost?

It is difficult to keep up with the galloping growth of the dollar exchange rate. And what will happen in winter? More expensive or maybe cheaper?

Oleg Turkin about currency fluctuations:

- Of course, the exchange rate affects the cost, because all our tires are imported, but I think it is not advisable to rely on this factor when planning the purchase of tires. Since this phenomenon is poorly predictable, its impact on the price of tires is not directly proportional and may have a significant temporal inertia.

In other words, the prices for imported tires will not change during the course fluctuations in the current season, but for a new import next year it will.

And when is it not the season to buy winter tires?

Many people think that the best time to buy a winter set is the spring-summer season. Mikhail May refutes this opinion:

- In summer, sellers are busy selling summer tires, and they have no time to think about winter assortment. Winter tires are stored on the upper shelves. Often the seller is not up to the pricing policy for winter tires in the off-season. As a result, the price is the same, and the choice is from last year’s leftovers, and it’s quite a long time to store tires until the season.

What is the result?

August-September is the best time to buy winter tires, and here are the reasons:

  1. Best prices: pre-season discounts, the tire market is at rest.
  2. Maximum selection: most dealers have stocked up for the winter season.
  3. No hype: there is time to calmly decide on the model and analyze sellers' prices.

And in October-November, the price tags for winter shoes will traditionally creep up to meet customers sliding on summer tires with open arms. The sleigh should be ready today.

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Tire fitting in Minsk

Until recently, all you needed to be happy was your own car. In fact, with the purchase of a car, the adventure is just beginning. For every car owner, the main thing is that his car is always in a technically sound condition and ready for work. This requires constant maintenance. Tires must be given special attention. After all, their condition is responsible for the contact of the car with the road, which is the basis for the safety of the driver and passengers.

Every car needs new tyres, tire fitting and maintenance from time to time. But what if the number of car enthusiasts is growing by leaps and bounds, and they are not in a hurry to offer high-quality tire fitting in Minsk at affordable prices?

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A wide range of services

At the same time, car tire fitting is far from the only item in the list of our services: all service centers also have specialists in motorcycle tire fitting, tire and wheel repair.

If you are still not sure where the best tire service is, feel free to choose any of our tire fitting partners as close to home as possible and with maximum discounts. In each of them you will find top-notch tire fitting services.

Tire service:

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  • tire replacement

and much more at a discount from SLIVKI.BY!

SLIVKI Tire Fitting

SLIVKI management approaches the selection of tire fitting partners with all seriousness. Even if the tire changer is only required to change the shoes of the car, we cannot allow the products of well-deserved tire brands to fall into unwise hands. We are sure that changing the shoes of rubber can be elevated to the rank of art, so it will only take a few minutes.

Moreover, our mission is not just to find and offer tire replacement services, but also to constantly improve the service culture. There are no boors, sluts and alcohol lovers among the tire service workers present at SLIVKI.BY. Politeness, punctuality, accuracy, attentive attitude to the client and consulting support - all this is as natural and non-negotiable for us as the prompt replacement of winter tires in the spring for motorists.

It is enough to choose the right tires - and you no longer have to look for where to change your car shoes quickly and at no extra cost. In the service centers of our partners, there are attractive systems of seasonal discounts up to 77% and discount programs for regular customers.

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