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How to perform stunts in MX vs ATV Alive

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MX vs ATV Alive was originally released in 2011, but has just had a new lease of life after being available as a free game for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers on the Xbox 360. But as a digital download, you might be struggling to pull off some of the tricks without the manual. So here’s how to perform stunts in MX vs ATV Alive

How to perform stunts in MX vs ATV Alive

MX vs ATV Alive Controls:

With the default controller layout (Xbox 360):

  • Left Stick: Vehicle Steering
  • Right Stick: Rider Control (Rider Reflex)
  • Right Trigger: Throttle
  • Left Trigger: Brake
  • Left Bumper: Clutch
  • Right Bumper: Trick Modifier
  • Reverse: B
  • Reset Vehivle X
  • Bail Out: Press Left and Right stick, plus Left and Right Bumpers
  • Start a Free Ride Jame: Up on the D Pad.

Rider Reflex, Clutch and Seat Bounce:

Move your rider left and right to make sharper turns and balance the motorcycle or ATV.

Move your rider forwards and backwards to keep your rear wheel planted and your vehicle balanced over whoops and small jumps.

Move your rider back and feed in the throttle to perform wheelies, and lean forwards with the brake on to perform stoppies.

Seat Bounce allows you to jump further. Whether you’re able to perform a seat bounce, the shock absorber on your HUD will turn yellow – and you should pull back on the right stick. If you’re successful, the shock will turn orange. And to get a maximum bounce, press the right stick while pulling back, and if you get it right, the shock will turn green.

Use the Seat Bounce appropriately – you want to be landing on the flat or the downside of jumps, and staying lower to the ground is faster as you’ll get your wheels on the ground more quickly and therefore be able to drive forwards.

Clutch: To get our of corners and landings from jump quicker you should hold LB to build up the revs. The further the metre is filled up, the longer your engine will put out peak power when the clutch is released. So pull in the clutch with LB when you’re in the air and release when you’re landing to power out of a jump for example, or when you’re not using the throttle to get around a corner.

MX vs ATV Alive Trick Controls:

Backflip: Just before you take off, hold RB and move the right stick down. Hold the right stick down until you complete your backflip – rider position, throttle and braking will control how fast you flip.

360: Before you take off, hold RB and then move the right stick either left or right, and then quickly down to start the rotation.

Whips: When airborne, move the right or left stick to the left or right to perform a whip.

Scrubs: To stay as low to the ground as possible on a jump, move the right stick hard left or right before you take off, and you can also add the left stick.

  • No Hander: Up,Right,Up
  • Heelclicker: Up,Left,Up
  • Windmill: Up,Right,Down
  • Rodeo: Up,Down,Right
  • Taunt: Up,Left,Down
  • Barhop: Up,Down,Left
  • Shaolin: Up,Down,Upp
  • Superman: Up,Left,Right
  • Double Grab: Up,Right,Left
  • Lazyboy: Down,Right,Down
  • Upcan: Down,Left,Down,
  • Switchblade: Down,Right,Up
  • Superman Seat Grab: Down,Up,Right
  • Supercan: Down,Left,Up
  • Indian Air: Down,Up,Down
  • Nac Nac: Down,Left,Right
  • Ninja Nac: Down,Right,Left
  • Body Flip: Down,Up,Left
  • 9 O’Clock Indian Air: Left, Up, Left
  • 9 O’Clock Nac: Left, Down, Left
  • Cordova: Left, Down, Right
  • Hart Attack: Left, Right, Down
  • Flatliner: Left, Right, Up
  • Kiss of Death: Left, Right, Left
  • Ruler: Left, Up, Down
  • Deadbody: Left, Down, Up
  • Body Varial Right, Up, Right
  • Tsunami: Right, Down, Right
  • Solo Cliffhanger: Right, Left, Right
  • Rigor Mortis: Right, Up, Left
  • Rock Solid: Right, Down, Left
  • Twister: Right, Down, Up
  • Fullpress: Right, Up, Down
  • Buzzsaw: Right, Left, Down
  • Bizzare: Right, Left, Up
  • Kiss of Death Indian Air: Left, Up, Right.

Top Tips:

  • You’ll need to master the 360 and Backflip if you want to collect all the achievements in the game – the easiest way to do this is to wait until you have access to the 250 and 450 MX motorcycles, and you’ve upgraded them to the maximum to give you more power, and more manoeuverability (Which comes from the Factory Chassis at the 3 star level).
  • Make sure you get the hang of the Seat Bounce to maximise your air time. You’ll need this for most jumps to let you perform any combos.
  • Practice the stunts in free ride – alternatively to get the achievements, including landing a 360 across the finishing line as you win a race, switch the difficulty to Rookie and the laps down to 1 or 2 to get to the finish line more quickly.
  • There are no Rider Skills which make tricks easier – when attempting a trick mode, I’d tend to use Holeshot Boost to get away from the other riders at the start, and Quick Get Up when I inevitably crash.
  • Stick to the same track to practice – something like the first track which has two big jumps, including one across the start/finish line.

See all of our MX vs ATV Alive coverage and news, here. You can still find MX vs ATV Alive for sale via the Xbox Marketplace, or find physical copies on Amazon.

MX vs. ATV Unleashed Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

MX vs. ATV Unleashed

Corey Feldman Interview

Cheat mode

Enter "TOOLAZY" as a code to unlock all bonuses.

All freestyle tracks

Enter "HUCKIT" as a code to unlock all freestyle tracks.

All Machines Challenge tracks

Enter "LEADFOOT" as a code to unlock all Machines Challenge tracks.

All Open class tracks

Enter "NOTMOTO" as a code to unlock all Open class tracks.

All National tracks

Enter "GOOUTSIDE" as a code to unlock all National tracks.

All Supercross tracks

Enter "GOINSIDE" as a code to unlock all Supercross tracks.

All tracks

Enter "PITPASS" as a code to unlock all tracks.

All bikes

Enter "BRAPP" as a code to unlock all bikes.

All ATVs

Enter "COUCHES" as a code to unlock all ATVs.

All Pro riders

Enter "WANNABE" as a code to unlock all Pro riders.

All gear

Enter "WARDROBE" as a code to unlock all gear.

50cc bikes

Enter "MINIMOTO" as a code to unlock the 50cc bikes.

500cc bikes

Enter "BIGBORE" as a code to unlock the 500cc bikes.

1,000,000 Store points

Enter "BROKEASAJOKE" as a code to unlock get 1,000,000 Store points. Note: For a ton of points, enable this code, then keep selecting "Done" when it says "Here are some points for the store!".

Pro physics

Enter "IAMTOOGOOD" as a code.

Golf Cart

Get 80 race points to unlock the Golf Cart.

Stadium Truck

Get 100 race points to unlock the Stadium Truck.

Bigger jumps

You can double preload to make bigger jumps; double preloading is when you preload on the bottom of a face and at the top. Just preload as usual, only preload at the very bottom of a jump. Then on that same jump, preload again at the top. This will make you go a lot farther.


When riding an ATV, try landing more on the front of the vehicle. When riding a bike, land more on the rear. Doing so prevents that particular vehicle from crashing as easily. This is especially useful in freestyle modes.

Land no handed

To land no handed on an ATV or a moto bike, do not get too much air. Only do this at the Super Cross or Nationals as you cross the finish line. Do a no hander and hold it. Try to land on all your tires; this will require practice.


Hold in Gas + Clutch. Hold Gas for about five seconds, then release. Hold Down and the front of the bike or ATV will go up.

Easy Store points

The easiest way to build Store points quickly is to go to the high point challenge in freestyle mode. Once you are driving, try to pull of as many backflip combos as you can on every jump. Once finished with the round, you will receive half the stunt score in Store points, sometimes even getting 100,000 Store points in only a one minute run. The dirtbikes are slightly easier to accomplish this with. Additionally, to get fast and easy Store points, go to single player mode. Do freestyle mode for about ten minutes and you should have about 1 million Store points.

Point gaps

There are hidden tricks within the Nationals tracks that can be found in Free Ride mode. One is in Goblin Gulch. In order to do this gap you must be in Free Ride mode. On one of the big berms on the track is a stone tower. At the bottom of it is a picnic table area. Go to the picnic area from the berm. Jump it and you will get a picnic gap worth 9,000 points.

Hill climb

When doing a hill climb, to get more traction lean back all the way up; you should fly up the hill.

Uphill challenges

When driving a golf cart on the uphill challenges, the easiest ways to make it is as follows. When the green light flashes, quickly accelerate. Run into the other golf carts to knock them off the mountain or hill.

Easy tricks in Boston

When doing freestyle mode with an ATV or dirtbike, there is a building where you can go up the ramps to get reach. When you get to the top, there is a location where you can fall off. When you get to the top quickly accelerate. When you fall you get a lot of air for tricks.

Stuck at gate

You can get a fourwheeler to flip over backwards at the gate. A dirtike cannot flip over at the gate. After you flip over backwards at the gate, take off like usual. The game will not let you go more than five seconds forward because it will keep on restarting you repeatedly.

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MX vs.

ATV Reflex - Gambling

Few of us follow what's going on in the world of motocross, or even know the names of key racing stars. However the sight of motorcycles wallowing in the mud invariably produces on men aged from 12 to 32 years old hypnotic impression - there is something in this sport something that distinguishes it from civilized and skimmed asphalt races. Not high speeds - they just don't exist here. And not even the number of broken bones riders, which is much higher than in other disciplines. Case, most likely in a different way: to be a motocross star, you need to do more than just ride faster than anyone - you need to do it spectacularly, to be a real actor in the saddle.

Perhaps this is why motocross (compared to other types of racing competitions) has so many girls. Prancing on a two-wheeled horse is not for you to sit inside a cramped car where no one can see you anyway. The main thing here is the show. When riders in bright overalls overcome a climb so steep that the stairs in your entrance, in comparison with it, it will seem like a smooth avenue, to them involuntarily get respect. Therefore, the demand (albeit very limited) for simulators motocross always exists, and sometimes among them there are really good games. Now, with the advent of MX vs ATV Reflex , there was one more.

How I spent my summer

The start of motocross is a special ritual that is reminiscent of racetrack racing. Until the iron barrier comes down, everyone gets nervous and keeps their hand on the clutch lever.

Despite the fact that Rainbow Studios was a bit whether not single-handedly brought to the people three-dimensional motorcycle racing (ancient Motocross Madness - just their work), the first game to notice the show appeal of this discipline was last year's Pure . Aerial acrobatics at a height of 50 meters above the ground had little to do with real motorcycle racing, but it was largely thanks to her that the Black Rock Studio broke the bank. MX vs ATV Reflex, which still adheres to the laws of the real world (included licensed racers and championships), against this background it looks real anachronism. Motorcycles (as well as quads, buggies and pickup trucks) go around and bounce around on artificial springboards - well, where have we not seen anything like this?

Meanwhile, right now the series is experiencing the second revolution in its long history (the first happened with the advent of quads and the abbreviation ATV in the name), only this time - technological. physically correct the dirt that is now in every first off-road race is now available and real motocross riders. Another thing is that in some Colin McRae DiRT 2 this very dirt is first of all decor element. Rally cars pulled out clods of earth with their wheels and left behind a barely visible track, but this had practically no effect on the behavior of cars. Motocross is another matter. While racing down the compact and bulldozed track, two-wheeled motorcycles manage to gouge a real gutter in the mud meter depth, which is especially difficult to ignore when cornering (steering pulls out of the hands with terrible force). And if the race takes place on wet ground (track they are specially poured with water before the start so that spectators and riders do not suffocate in clouds of dust), then the track also manages to fill with water - also physically correct. H 2 O ripples, dislodges sunken wheels from the bottom and severely disappoints everyone who likes to overcome the fords without slowing down the gas.

All eyes on the ruts: a couple of laps ago they were not here, but now you can get stuck.

The quads aren't as fast and bouncy as the Pure, but that just makes riding harder.

The model of vehicle behavior has also become more reliable - now, when you see a fallen tree on the road, the trunk of which is thicker than the wheel of your ATV, you involuntarily retract your neck and brake almost to zero, because if this is not done, the rider will have to dampen the speed with his own body. On in a heavy pickup truck, the same obstacle is perceived much more calmly, but on motorcycle ... In general, if you have ever tried to overcome on a bicycle wet tram tracks or curbs, then there is nothing to explain, and if not - just never try to do it at a sharp angle.

You will be waist-deep

Racing pickups from Colin McRae DiRT 2 as guest stars.

In general, you have to fall all the time in the game. First of all, because of the aggressive but stupid opponents who often go "on contact". And in the second - when trying to perform some famously twisted trick. The tricks themselves are an integral part of motocross, and in the past parts series for their performance awarded separate points. But since Pure closed this topic for good, the developers of MX vs ATV Reflex seem to have quieted down and pushed the tricks into the background. Now, during a regular race, no one makes us look for the jump button - just sit firmly in the saddle and slightly tilt the body when cornering.

Here, too, one small innovation is hidden - if you landed badly or somehow lost control, the game always gives a couple of seconds to correct the situation. You just need pull the right stick in the indicated direction, and the rider who previously held the steering wheel with one hand, will return to the saddle again. Not the worst way to use quick-time events in racing - anyway much more honest than the ubiquitous time rewind.

When it comes to content and variety, Rainbow Studio has reached some cosmic heights over the years of working with the genre. We have already said that in addition to motorcycles, there are quads and other four-wheeled units in the game, that you need to discover in the course of a career. And which (most chic!) can also race against each other. It turns out almost MotorStorm in miniature - light motorcycles at a glance rush forward, but on the first straight they are caught up and rolled into the mud heavy pickups. And the main guarantee of survival in such races is usually the ability do not climb on the rampage and stay away from local battles.

Other than regular circuit racing, checkpoint orienteering, freestyle, supercross (where it takes place in a closed stadium and tracks are especially slow and insidious), the developers for some reason added to the game freeplay. In this mode, we simply explore a deserted piece of territory in search of new flags and tasks, while trying to understand if we have already passed by this pine or not. Fortunately, unlike the boring Fuel is not the main mode here, but just a way to unwind.

Tracks are a real gem of the game. There are a lot of them, and they are all dirty.

But why a thoroughly dirty motorcycle has a perfectly clean tread (at least in the Xbox 360 version) is a separate question for the developers.

* * *

Despite the best dirt in video games, which finally not only loads the processor, but also has reliable physical properties, MX vs ATV Reflex is quite highly specialized race. Fans of bright graphics and high speeds choose MotorSorm: Pacific Rift , and for those who don't have a PS3, there's still a multi-platform Pure. The most important condition when buying Reflex is to love motorcycles and motocross, and the game will take care of everything else.

Formula of the game: 50% MX VS ATV: Untamed + 40% of this mud + 10% of improved graphics

gameplay: 8

Graphics: 7

9000 Sound and music: 8

Management: 8

Story: -

Stability: 9

Originality: 7


.8 Over the mountains, over the valleys /
MX vs. ATV: Reflex
Developer Rainbow Studios
Publisher THQ
Official site www.
Release date November 2010
Genre Arcade Racing

Rainbow Studios, which breathed life into virtual motorcycle racing with the release of the Motocross Madness dilogy, continues to delight players with new projects. Unfortunately, not all of them reach personal computers or appear with a significant delay. So, MX vs. ATV: Reflex arrived on consoles a year ago and has only just made it to PC players, just in time for the release of the new Alive this spring.

As the name of the game suggests, we will be offered to ride not only two-wheeled horses, but also four-wheeled ATVs. In fact, the fleet of vehicles here is even larger and we will eventually have UTVs, sport buggies and small pickup trucks at our disposal.

However, acquaintance with the game will begin with motocross. And further, as we progress through various championships, we will have access to new vehicles, and the tournaments themselves, where they are allowed. Staying true to its roots, the game offers us cross-country racing or supercross on difficult artificial tracks in the lights of large stadiums to the sound of a roaring crowd.

Among the banal races of several laps on the same track, there are knockout races, passing checkpoints and a free ride mode. Checkpoints are not very out of the general range, because there is always a rolled road, and the difficult terrain does not make it possible to cut off the path much. Free ride includes several locations where we look for secret flags and go through several competitions - drive up a steep mountain in the allotted time without falling down, or fly through all the markers in the air, jumping on jump hills.

There are some tricks, but they play a secondary, not a key role, as in Pure. Separate competitive stages just offer us to do somersaults on stadium tracks with springboards.

The main interest is mixed competitions. The game only at first limits us in transport, and then nothing prevents cars, ATVs and two-wheeled bikes from clashing in one race at the same time. Moreover, it turns out to be quite interesting and exciting, because the tracks are built in such a way that certain sections create problems for different vehicles. The motorcycle easily overcomes the steepest sections, but gets stuck in the water, and on a sharp turn, some pickup truck will simply crush it into a cake, throwing it back a few positions.

Sport Truck sometimes resembles a tank, scattering everyone on the way. From the start, you can simply crush all the nimble enemies, go half a circle perfectly, jumping on potholes, and then roll over in a ditch with logs or on a very sharp turn. Yes, and among the thicket you can’t maneuver much. But a light motorcycle can sometimes cut where it is difficult to fit into a larger opponent.

The only trouble is that in fact the whole choice is limited between nimble motorcycles and powerful cars. Quads are maneuverable, but too sensitive. This is not a perky cheerful Pure. Here the drive on both pairs of wheels is perfectly felt and you can easily fall down on a sharp rise, not keeping your balance and lifting the front end. Lightweight buggies and UTVs can't match the speed of cars, but jump on the track much easier, making it much more difficult to control. As a result, all this is fun and great at first, then you just choose a motorcycle or car and calmly go through the track.

It would be nice if there was some incentive for the player to use intermediate class vehicles more often. But there are catastrophically few competitions in the game that specifically limit us in choosing among them.

Riding motorcycles requires constant control of the balance and the need to compensate for the imbalance in the balance of the motorcycle by tilting the rider's body. But the most difficult thing is to control a light ATV, which is too responsive, light, jumpy and unstable on inclined surfaces. Here everything depends on fast and, most importantly, precise movements of the body, because if you overdo it with the driver's inclination, you can easily fall on your side or land on your neck. By the way, if after landing you did not keep your balance, you will still have the opportunity to normalize the position of the bike by pressing one of the illuminated body tilt keys in time. Such a quick-time event.

In competitions where there are no restrictions on vehicles, the developers successfully combine different terrain elements and different types of dirt to make the races more unpredictable. From snow to mud, from mud to hard to bumpy and wavy surfaces, and a few sharp turns in a grove of trees - somewhere forward riders break out on motorcycles, and somewhere on buggies and pickups. It is these races that give maximum adrenaline and pleasure.

Motocross and Supercross are not as dynamic. In stadium races, difficult tracks force you to be attentive and correctly control your balance. Here the key to success is not in speed, but in the correct passage of all tricky turns and maintaining balance after all the jumps. However, it is still interesting and exciting, but racing on sports trucks alone is really boring and boring. The tracks in such competitions are unpretentious and, thanks to obedient control, are passed very easily.

A little obstructed on steep slopes by a fixed low camera that limits the view.

The money earned for prize-winning places, together with the bonus for tricks, is spent only on buying new things for your garage. The necessary amounts are accumulating quite quickly and there is still nothing to spend until new classes are opened as the championships progress.

The surface of the track has a direct and immediate effect on any vehicle. Dirt roads are combined with gravel and sand embankments, sometimes even covered with snow. Each vehicle behaves differently on different surfaces. Having easily overcome some section on a motorcycle, you can lose ground a little, getting bogged down in a stream or on a snow-covered turn. And there is a lot of dirt in the game, and it has a direct impact on the physics of vehicles. Only in MX vs. ATV: Reflex wheels leave real ruts in viscous soil, which also create certain difficulties. The most difficult thing is to overcome the road eroded by ditches on a quad bike, it is difficult for a motorcycle to taxi out of such a place, unless it is a downhill. For cars, this is not a problem at all.

All the technological delights of the game end in the mud and changing terrain of the road surface. The same dirt does not stain vehicles at all and does not splash fountains from under the wheels, as in other games. The environment looks simple, the textures are rather weak, the stubby trees look very poor, the water is also not so hot. There are no advanced lighting effects, the blinding sun will not interfere with the player. And there is no widespread blurring of the image at high speeds either.

MX vs. ATV: Reflex is a unique game. Here in one bottle and motorcycle racing, and mixed competitions. Only here motorcycles, sports buggies and cars can come together. Off-road, dirt and collisions with motorcycles flying to the sides and cars overturning on sharp turns are provided. The traditional motocross and the players' favorite tricks on the jumps are not forgotten. Quite spectacular and varied, but sometimes boring. Often dynamic races are replaced by mournful trips along familiar tracks. The most difficult races with intricate tracks, constantly changing landscape and soil provide maximum pleasure. Car racing is not exciting, and supercross in stadiums also becomes boring in the end. More than once mentioned Pure is more dynamic and brighter. But Reflex is more serious, it has more realism (there are even licensed championships). And most importantly, the game has no competitors. No MotorStorm on PC is expected, and the next part of MX vs. ATV is unknown when it will appear in our area.

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