How to know when your boyfriend is tired of you

15 Signs He's Tired of You & How to Deal With It

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When a relationship begins, there’s this excitement and energy that emanates from both partners. At this point, they can do almost anything for each other because of the newness of their love and bond.

However, as time goes on, different factors begin to test their love for each other, and everything seems to step down a bit. If you notice that your man is not putting in the effort to make your relationship work any longer, it might be one of the signs he’s tired of you. 

It takes the conscious efforts of both partners to stir the waters that will ensure everything returns to normalcy.

On some occasions, it never goes back to the way it was if one partner is unwilling to make the relationship work. This article will be looking extensively into indicators that tell when a man is tired of the relationship.

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Is he truly tired of me?

Are you wondering how to tell if someone is tired of you? This puzzle lies in your ability to deduce what your man might be thinking of after reading some of the signs mentioned in this article.

Another way you can tell if your man is getting tired of the relationship is by conducting a sincere assessment of yourself since the relationship started. 

With the personal evaluation and the signs that will be mentioned shortly, you will be able to tell if your man is tired of you or he has something else he’s battling.

How to know if he is done with you

If you want to tell if your man is tired and bored of being with you, you will notice that he will keep a physical and emotional distance from you. 

At a point, you will feel like you are the only one left in the relationship. Also, he will make little or no efforts to keep rowing the relationship boat alongside you.

Here’s a book by Ryan Thant that acts as a comprehensive guide into what men won’t tell you. The book helps women to understand men better and possibly read their minds to know what they want. 

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15 signs that he is tired of you and the relationship

Can you deduce if someone is tired of you? If they truly are, that means it is only a matter of time before they are out of your life for good. If you are in a romantic relationship with a man and you suspect this, here are 15 signs he’s tired of you.

1. He does not communicate with you

When you notice that he is pretty uninterested in communicating with you about issues in the relationship, it is one of the vital signs he’s tired of you. Some partners might feel that since their man no longer complains, that it is a good thing. 

However, they are oblivious that their man has most likely lost interest in the relationship and is only waiting patiently for it to end.

2. He is more self-centered

One of the clear signs he’s tired of you is when you notice that he thinks more about himself and rarely brings you into the equation. Most times, he will only bring you in when he feels like everything has been sorted out. 

So on his priority list, you would probably be at the bottom. You can quickly tell this because his actions water them down as you put more effort into the relationship.

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3. He takes advantage of you

Someone who takes advantage of you might be tired of you, and you can tell if you are sensitive enough. If you notice and are tired of being used, watch closely; you will see that he will draw closer to you when he needs something. 

Then, after you fulfill his needs, he will ghost off till another need arises. When this happens regularly, it is possible that he is tired of you.

4. He gets angry at your unexplainably

One of the common signs he’s tired of you is when he gets angry at you for little or no reason. Almost everything you do pisses him off. Whereas, if another person does the same to him, he would most likely ignore them.

5. He ignores you

Your man doesn’t need to tell you that “I’m tired of you” before realizing this. If you notice that your affairs are of no interest to him, unlike when the relationship was relatively new, then he is likely tired of you.  

It is possible someone else has his attention, or he has lost faith in the relationship.

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6. He doesn’t respect you any longer

Respect is one of the essential pillars of a relationship, and when it is absent, it could imply that one party is tired of the other. When you notice that he doesn’t deserve you, he cares less about how you will feel when he disrespects you.

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7. He doesn’t apologize after an incident

It is normal for fallouts to happen in a relationship, and partners have to apologize to each other for the relationship to move forward. However, if your man is the cause of a particular conflict, and he neither refuses to apologize, then it is one of the big signs he’s tired of you.

8. He doesn’t want you meddling in his affairs

If you have asked yourself, “Is he getting tired of me?” check if he allows you to know what is going on in his corner. He might see other women or plan to relocate, and he does not want you to be involved. 

If you begin to suspect and you ask questions, he might get angry. The behavior of not wanting you to pry into his life is one of the signs he’s tired of you.

9. He doesn’t place importance on special occasions

If you’re tired of loving someone, it is impossible not to remember some special dates in their lives. This is one of the signs he’s tired of you when you notice he doesn’t make any effort to make your important day worth it. 

If he has other plans, he would prefer to cancel on you on those days rather than create memories with you.

10. He doesn’t support you

It is painful to realize that someone who used to have your back before does not care about you any longer. 

If you are looking for one of the signs he’s tired of you, this is one to look out for. When you need utmost support, and he turns a blind eye or gives the cold shoulder, he is tired of you.

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11. He prefers to blame you

If he regularly prefers to blame you instead of owning up to his mistakes, it is clear that he is on his way out of the relationship. When he creates a problem, you might have noticed that he hides behind the shadows and allows you to face the repercussions alone.

12. His presence threatens you

Have you ever felt scared in the presence of your man? Maybe you think he is going to spank or pounce on you the next minute. When you begin to feel like this continuously, it means that his body language suggests that your perception of him has been flawed. 

At this point, you can tell that the relationship is not worth continuing.

13. He has no plans for the relationship

It is pretty easy to tell when your partner isn’t interested in the relationship anymore. You will notice that they don’t talk about the relationship goals or plans. They live the day as it comes with no iota of intentionality.

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14. He gets annoyed when you want to be cozy with him

Partners in healthy relationships will always want to be around each other. This is why you can find any of them acting cute and cozy around the other. He is likely tired of you if you notice that he doesn’t fancy the way you act ‘childish’ around him.

15. His friends change their attitude towards you

Have you noticed that the friends of your man no longer act friendly towards you? 

Sometimes, they probably behave like strangers around you, and you begin to wonder what went wrong. If this happens to you, you can guess that your boyfriend is tired of you and has probably told his friends.

Yaz Place’s book titled Signs He’s not into you helps women know if their man is still interested in the relationship or just wasting their time. Hence, they can stop guessing and look at the possible signs that their man exhibits.

Three things to do when he is bored of you

After you have confirmed that your man is bored of you, what is the next step to take? It is best to act right so that you don’t ruin the chances of having your man back and saving the relationship.

Here are some things to do when you are sure your man is bored of you.

1. Communicate with him

You might think you know all that is going on, but you would be shocked when you converse with him, and he starts to open up. Having open and honest communication with him would help you find out why he got bored.

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2. Plan a surprise getaway with your partner

One of the ways to revive a relationship with an individual who is tired of someone is to plan a getaway that they would not see coming. 

The both of you can go to a place far away from work, family, and friends and use the opportunity to reconnect with each other.

If you are wondering why he is tired of you, watch this video on why he could be done with you.

3. See a therapist

If you think that things are beyond control, seeing a therapist would be a great idea. A therapist helps you uncover the root cause of the problem, which allows you to see things from a different perspective. 

In addition, it would be great if you and your partner see the therapist together so that the matter won’t be judged from one angle.

To fix your relationship if you think your man is bored of you, check out Tara Fields’ book titled: The Love Fix. The book helps partners to both repair and restore their relationship on track.


After reading some of the possible signs he’s tired of you, you now have an idea of why your man has been behaving in a certain way.  

Therefore, it is advised that you don’t confront him like you want to attack him. Instead, it is best to have open and honest communication with him to get him cooperative.

11 Signs He Doesn't Want A Relationship With You Anymore

Do you know how to tell if someone is tired of you? At one point or another, almost everyone has been in a relationship where they are just over it.

It could be a friendship, a family connection, or a romantic connection that has just gone sour, but whatever kind of relationship it is, you know it’s just awful.

In most cases, when we get fed up with a person, we tend to want to walk away. From what I’ve seen, though, most do not.

When this happens, people will either wait for the relationship to die naturally or wait until it’s more convenient for them to leave the other party behind.

If you're on the receiving end of this, you might want to know what signs to look for that he doesn't want a relationship with you anymore so you don't end up holding on for no reason.

Is he tired of me?

The funny thing about being fed up with or tired of someone is that you often don’t realize how well they can hide it.

Or, rather, I always found it strange how often people are blindsided when they hear that their partner is bored and done with them.

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You'll know if your boyfriend is getting bored of you and is done with your relationships if you notice certain behaviors like too much excessive phone use, wandering eyes, or outside attractions getting in the way of your fun times.

These nonverbal cues can help you assess if you're stuck in a passionless relationship and it might be time to break up for good.

Here's how to tell if someone (specifically, your boyfriend) is tired of you.

1. He's distant.

Any sort of affectionate display or discussion seems to annoy, repulse, or anger him.

When someone is really sick of a person, they don’t want to see that person. They don’t want snuggle up to that person, and they may even be just on the verge of snapping at that person.

This is because they are sick of seeing them or even having to speak to them.

If you’ve become an obvious source of annoyance, he’s probably fed up with having you around.

2. He jokes about hurting you.

I’m a firm believer that a person’s jokes tell what is really on their mind.

If he’s regularly joking about hitting you or leaving you, then there’s a good chance that he’s really pissed off with you to the point that he’s regularly thinking of hurting you.

3. You feel uneasy around him.

You feel like you have to tiptoe around him in order to keep the relationship going. A good way to figure out if he’s fed up with you is to check your gut feeling.

If you get the feeling like you need to handle everything with care just to keep him from leaving or exploding, then it’s pretty likely that he’s fed up.

4. He's not communicating with you.

He used to complain or try to talk about issues in the relationship, but now, he’s stopped.

Most girls I’ve met see the sudden end to complaining as a good thing, but it’s often a sign that the relationship died.

If a guy is trying to talk to you about something that is seriously bothering, he still believes that the relationship can be salvaged.

If he stops trying to discuss it or attempt to make it better, it’s because he’s done trying to make it better and because he’s checked out of the relationship like last night’s hotel stay.

5. He has an icy demeanor.

Ever have to deal with someone that you hated? If so, you already probably knew that it’s really hard not to be cold towards them.

If he’s got an icy disposition towards you these days, it could be one of the signs he's tired of you.

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6. He's become consistently selfish.

Generally speaking, when a guy is totally done with a relationship, the relationship starts becoming all about him.

He will only talk to you when it’s convenient for you, he will probably get super selfish in bed, and you will drop to his last priority.

This means that if you’re constantly feeling like you’re putting in all the effort, it’s probably because he’s over it.

7. He rages at you without warning.

Does he regularly lash out in anger of the littlest of things? This isn’t a good sign.

At best, he’s fed up with you and the relationship. At worst, you’re dealing with an abuser. Either way, it’s time to call it quits.

8. If you try to approach him about his behavior, you either get stonewalled or he explodes.

A guy who still wants a relationship to exist will talk things out and do what he can to make sure that you two make it through. A guy who is totally fed up with you, on the other hand, will not.

The reason why is because he will not see any use in talking to you about it anymore.

If you can’t get any answers out of him or he ignores you, it’s a sign that the relationship needs to come to a close.

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9. His friends, who once were cordial to you, have started to be hateful toward you.

This is a bad sign. When this happens, it means that he’s been venting to his friends about you, and what he’s been saying about you isn’t the least bit nice.

When this happens, your relations with his friends are permanently wrecked and that means the relationship between the two of you probably won’t be salvageable anytime soon.

But you can make new friends that pay attention to you and don't give you disinterested responses. The same logic can be applied to a boyfriend or girlfriend or partner too.

10. He's spending less time with you.

It used to be that you were joined at the hip. Nowadays, it’s anything but!

You literally have to fight to get him to reply to you via text, and he constantly cancels dates at the last minute. Sound familiar? If so, it’s a sign that he’s over you.

11. He’s asked you for space.

We all know what it means when a man wants space, and I shouldn’t have to tell you.

Space is normal for every couple. But if your partner isn't looking forward to spending time with you, it means that you’re most likely going to have permanent time apart.

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How to know that a man is tired of you

In many ways a woman can face uncertainty if your man is tired their relationship as a couple. There is nothing more painful if there are still feelings and although you do not dare to give a step in the matter, you prefer to wait until everything is resolved.

Lack of interest on the part of one of the partners of the couple may be due to a large monotony or lack of interest. The worst thing is when relationships can last for a long time, because they cannot be broken off mainly because of great affection. When a woman can suffer because of someone who is not reciprocated, she has to limit herself create and manage your love for yourself . Therefore, you will have to part with the person who does not love you.


  • 1 How can we know that a man is no longer interested in a relationship
    • 1.1 Physical contact was lost
    • 1.2 He is unemotional and does not care about your problems
    • 1.3 Is he worried about what you are doing?
    • 1. 4 He is not honest with how he feels
    • 1.5 He no longer plans with you
    • 1.6 When you meet to go out, he gets bored

Arguments can be divided into two types of realities. We can recognize the type of relationship two people have when they don't live together but maintain a dating relationship. Or we can meet stable and secure relationship for many years and where they coexist under the same roof. Before any of the two types of relationships, we can find this man is tired of sharing his love with your couple. In this case, women can assess this lack of interest with a series of tips so that you can observe these signs.

Physical contact has been lost

There is almost no contact or it has already been lost. Of course your intimacy in bed lowered the level of , passionate about quality and quantity. Now the meetings have become more sporadic, and their intensity is no longer what it was at the beginning. You can be sure if she is only looking for you for sex and if the affection she used to have for you has become much colder.

He is unemotional and does not care about your problems

Now he no longer expects you to do his homework as usual. The distance began to appear and he doesn't even lean over his shoulder to tell you what he did during the day. But not only these are the only details, the woman is looking for comfort and talks about some problem she is facing, and is not heard from . A man is much more impartial and no longer attaches importance to relationship problems, although for her they are.

Is he worried about what you are doing?

Another reason that may indicate they are not interested is when they are bothered by almost everything you say or do. A conversation can end a small fight , there are differences of opinion and there can be clashes at any time. This may be one of the obvious reasons why makes excuses for to justify his distancing.

He is not honest with how he feels

This is another problem that may occur. A man can be adapted to the lifestyle, seek comfort and no longer love his partner. To be honest and say that you don't feel anything anymore is not going to happen. They will lie to you if their goal is to show that they are losing interest in the long run.

He no longer makes plans with you

Always run away from any plan should be done by two people, or at least almost everyone. He will make excuses, for example, that he is tired or he needs space for him, but the worst happens when something is offered from outside, and he does not refuse. If there is no coexistence, it can be noticed when he no longer includes you in his plans who always has things to do or has a very busy schedule.

When you meet to go out, he gets bored

If you notice that he has recently become bored in your meetings, this is a bad sign. Already You don't even have a good conversation or even everything you say to him seems boring. In addition, it can be labeled your lack of interest When he looks at everyone but you, he even looks at other women.

When a person loves you, he only looks to share all his moments with you, because he misses you and because he thinks of you a lot. When this person had the perfect image and you start noticing that their reaction to you is unfair, you have to make it clear that there are inconsistencies.

First you need to do this react to any of your comments, that you notice a distancing, and if it is not fixed, it means that he is losing you. If he is sincere and tells you that he is tired of you, there is nothing more to do here. But perhaps you did not notice this distance and do not suspect that causes break . At the moment this problem can be fixed.

8 sure signs that a man has lost interest in you and will leave you soon

More and more often it seems that a beloved man has turned into a stranger? Tenderness and passion have disappeared somewhere, and he is no longer interested in spending time with you. It looks like your relationship is in jeopardy. If the partner began to behave differently, devotes less to plans and almost does not share the events that happened to him during the day, this is a dangerous wake-up call. Most likely, the beloved has cooled off and is going to part with you. Have you noticed the following signs in the behavior of a man? Then do not waste precious time if you want to save the relationship.

1. The guy stopped being affectionate

Does the man touch you less and less, almost never compliments and rarely calls you some cute nicknames? All these are signs that he has cooled off towards you. Photo © Shutterstock

In any romantic relationship, the first sign of discord, some kind of resentment or even a future breakup is the fact that one of the partners has ceased to be affectionate to the second. Does a man touch you less and less, almost never compliment you, and rarely call you cute nicknames? All these are signals that the partner has cooled off towards you.

2. The man does not show sexual interest

Another important detail that literally signals tension in a relationship is either rare sex or its sudden absence. How to understand that a man will leave you soon? He will stop wanting to have sex with you. On the one hand, it is completely normal that passion fades over the years, like sex. An alarm bell will be precisely the passivity and disinterest of your life partner in proximity. If the first point also coincides, then most likely the partner has already thought about breaking up with you.

3. The man becomes isolated and doesn't communicate with you so much anymore

All common themes suddenly disappeared somewhere. Now, if you are talking about something, then it is rather something neutral or you are not conducting a dialogue, but a monologue. Photo © Shutterstock

Loss of sexual interest, lack of interest in you in general. All this, unfortunately, says one thing: the man has cooled off. Somewhere all the common themes disappeared abruptly. Now, if you're talking about something, it's more of a neutral thing. A loved one can often not listen to you at all, goes somewhere into himself. You can observe this behavior of his not only before an imminent parting, but also if your partner is depressed. In both cases, you can not hesitate.

4. A loved one shows up at home less often: stays late at work or goes to spend the night with friends

If you notice such behavior in a partner, there may be two options: a man has taken a mistress or plans to part with you soon. It is already uncomfortable for him to meet: he is under stress, so he constantly finds an alternative to home - a place where he can think about everything. Or he found saving solace in another woman. Open and honest conversations will help clarify the situation.

5. A guy flirts with others in front of you

A man can directly show his disinterest in you by flirting with other girls. Photo © Shutterstock

A disgusting and unpleasant situation. Thus, a partner can intentionally anger you if there are still feelings in the man’s heart. Or they show you disinterest so directly, they say, now it’s much more fun to flirt with other women. It's funny, but if you start making comments to the gentleman or try to clarify the situation with flirting, most likely, the answer will be toxic: "Jealousy is stupid, I didn't flirt, it seemed to you."

6. Your partner is less likely to let you in on his plans

If a man has cooled down and thinks about breaking up with you, his next behavior will be another clear example. A man will stop dedicating you to plans, inviting you to his company or spending time together. At some point, it may even seem that you are just roommates: you live in the same apartment, but your life paths have diverged.

7. You become uncomfortable and "cold" with a man

If you now feel "cold" in your relationship with a man you once loved, it means that he has decided to put an end to your romance. Photo © Shutterstock

The emotional coldness that you feel with a partner who has withdrawn from you is completely normal in a situation where a man has ceased to show interest in you. You may feel lost, abandoned, and even devastated. If you now have such feelings with a once beloved man, it means that he has decided to break off the romantic relationship. But you can try to take the initiative yourself.

8. A man becomes irritable and more often conflicts with you

Sometimes a partner who has decided to leave does not have the courage to directly admit this to a woman. Therefore, a man begins to get annoyed, find fault with trifles, make scandals from scratch and constantly provoke you to negative emotions.

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