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An ATV Operating Permit (sticker) is required for your machine if you are operating it on lands open to ATV use. The price is $10 and is valid for two years.

Each permit represents the number of ATVs in Oregon and the appropriate fuel taxes are placed in the ATV Grant Fund. About $75 of fuel taxes are applied to every Permit purchased in Oregon.

These funds are put back on the ground to keep your riding areas open and in good condition.

There are two ways to purchase a Permit:

Buy Online

Go to our State Park online store to purchase. You will be emailed a receipt, to print or save on your phone, to show in the field, until your sticker arrives in the mail. It is good for 21 days.

Find an onsite agent

There are approximately 95 private ATV operating permit agents located throughout the state and several State Parks Offices to purchase the permit you can place on your machine.

Oregon accepts permits from other states which accept our permits, including California and Nevada. Other states such as Washington, Idaho, Utah and Arizona do not accept Oregon permits, therefore we cannot accept theirs. For a complete list, see the "Oregon Riders getting out-of-state permits" link below. Out of state residents can purchase an Oregon permit for $10 which is valid for two years.

These funds help provide statewide funding for off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation projects such as operation and maintenance, law enforcement, emergency medical services, land acquisition, planning, and development in Oregon's OHV recreation areas.

The ATV Operating Permit, also known at ATV Sticker or Decal, is required when operating a Class I, II, III or IV ATV on lands open to the public for ATV use.

If a vehicle, such as a motorcycle or truck has a license plate, they need the permit on trails or sand dunes. If you are operating a street legal vehicle such as a truck on forest gravel roads which are open to passenger vehicles, then you do not need a permit. These gravel roads may be open to ATV use, and then you would need to have ATV sticker if you do not have a license plate.

You can purchase ATV Permits one of 2 ways:

1) Online at

2) At any one of the many permit agents located throughout the state in stores and ATV dealerships

The price for a Class I, II, III, or IV permit is $10.00.
All permits, Class I, II, III, and IV are valid for 2 years from the month of issue. The permit expires on the last day of the month punched on the permit. Therefore if a permit is purchased at the beginning of the month, it will be valid for 2 years plus the remainder of the days of that month.
For side-by-sides, jeeps, trucks and passenger vehicle, the permit must be visible from the rear of the vehicle. Suggested placement areas are bumper, tailgate or rear window. For quads, place the permit on the right hand side of vehicle in visible location for sand rail vehicles the permit is to be displayed on the backside of the roll bar in the middle. For motorcycles, display permit in a location that is visible when the rider is on the vehicle.

Permits that are lost or damaged, such as broken windows, switching out body parts, or peeled off by removing front forks will be replaced for the full fee and a new permit must be issued.
Out of state permits:
An ATV/OHV operating permit that is issued in another state shall be honored in the State of Oregon if the issuing state also honors an Oregon ATV operating permit.  This arrangement is Reciprocity.  Unfortunately more states do not accept the State of Oregon Permit, therefore residents of those states must purchase an Oregon ATV Permit.

There is not a different permit for out of state residents. You would just purchase the regular Oregon ATV Permit and that would be valid for 2 years. 

For a list of states that have reciprocity with Oregon visit the Out-of-State Riders section below.

A person who operates an off road vehicle in a designated off road area or trail without a permit is subject to a Class C traffic violation. Which is base fine of $160.

Oregon has a program of reciprocity for ATV Permits, which is dependent on other states having reciprocity with Oregon. If another state accepts our Permit, then we accept their Permit. There are three scenerios: 1) states that we have reciprocity with, 2) states that we do not have reciprocity with and 3) states that have no permit program.

ATV Permit Reciprocity
There are 19 states we have reciprocity with. If someone has a current Permit from one of these States, it is accepted in Oregon and Oregon’s ATV Permit is accepted in their state.

New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island

No Reciprocity
There are states that specifically do not accept our permits, therefore we cannot accept theirs. Out-of-state riders can purchase a permit on our on-line Park store, which would instantly give them a .pdf file in their email which they can use as proof for permit for 30 days. The actual permit will be mailed to you within 21 days. They cost $10 and are valid for 2 years.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
North Dakota

No Permit
There are 14 other states that have no permit program at all, therefore they need to purchase the Oregon permit. Out-of-state riders can purchase a permit on the on-line Park store, which would instantly give them a .pdf file in their email which they can use as proof for permit for 30 days. The actual permit will be mailed to you within 21 days. They cost $10 and are valid for 2 years.

North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Some states issue License Plates for ATVs, which allows them to operate on paved roads in their states. Those vehicles are NOT street legal in Oregon.

​The states that do not have reciprocity with Oregon, require Oregon residents to get an out of state permit. If you are a Oregon Resident and wish to ride in one of the following states, you will need to get a permit for that state. Most of them can be ordered online. Click on the state for directions to obtain a permit.

Arizona $25 - 1 year (plus a processing fee)
Colorado $25.25 expires March 31st
Idaho $12 expires December 31st
Iowa $17.75 expires December 31st
Maine $76, 7 days
Maryland $10
Massachusetts $33 - 1 year
Montana $35 expires December 31st
New Hampshire $40, 10 days
New Jersey  $38
North Dakota $10, expires December 31st
Texas $16 expires August 31st
Utah $30 + $5 online order- 1 year 
Wisconsin $20, 5 day
Wyoming $15 - 1 year
Washington – Effective October 1, 2021, Washington requires Oregon Residents to get a Washington Permit (https://apps. They are free, but riders must go to a Washington Vehicle Licensing Office, with receipt of your Oregon ATV Permit and Driver License, to be issued a Washington Permit. To find an office and check hours go to

The other states either accept Oregon’s ATV Permit or do not have a permit requirement.

​Ocean Shore ATV Operating Permits are issued by OPRD. A person with a disability can establish they are entitled to a reasonable accommodation by providing OPRD a copy of physician’s letter; DMV disabled placard; Veterans letter; or Oregon State Parks Special Access Pass.

Once established, they can qualify for a permit to operate a quad (Class I ATV) or side-by-side (Class IV ATV) on certain ocean shore areas. However, upon request from an individual with a disability, OPRD may issue such a permit for sections closed to motorized use using criteria established under OAR 736-004-0062.

For more information, please contact (503) 881-4637

Off-Highway Vehicle Registration - California DMV

OHVs are motor vehicles that are used only off public roads and highways, on lands that are open and accessible to the public. OHVs such as all-terrain vehicles, trail bikes, racing motorcycles, dune buggies, and snowmobiles do not require regular vehicle registration, but they must display an ID plate or placard issued by DMV.

To register your OHV, you will need:

  • An Application for Title or Registration (REG 343) form.
  • Proof of ownership, such as:
    • The manufacturer’s certificate or statement of origin.
    • An original or certified copy of the factory invoice to the non-California licensed dealer.
    • Out-of-state titling documents.
    • Bills of sale to establish a complete chain of ownership to you.
  • A Verification of Vehicle (REG 31) form completed by an authorized DMV employee, peace officer, vehicle verifier, or auto club employee.
  • Applicable registration fees or use tax.
  • To visit a DMV office.

You might also need:

  • A Certificate of Non-Operation/Planned Non-Operation Certification (REG 102) form.
  • An Application for Duplicate or Transfer of Title (Reg 227) form.
  • An Application for Replacement Plates, Stickers, and Documents (REG 156) form.
  • The ID plate(s).

OHVs must be identified as such unless they are registered for on-highway use or are exempt from identification. California Vehicle Code (CVC) §§38006, 38010, 38012, and 38013

For OHV-designated riding areas, see the California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation page.

OHVs display a DMV-issued identification (ID). A new ID plate is issued every two years at the time of registration renewal.

Off-highway vehicles are issued either a green or red ID plate depending on their manufacturing date.

  • Green ID plates are issued to new vehicles that comply with California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions standards — snowmobiles, amphibious vehicles, dune/sand buggies, golf carts, and all off-highway vehicles manufactured before 2002.
  • Red ID plates are issued to vehicles manufactured after 2003 that do not meet CARB emission standards.

OHVs not certified to meet CARB standards have a “3” or “C” in the eighth position of their vehicle ID number.

OHV IDs expire on June 30 of the second calendar year following the original OHV ID. In order to avoid a 50% late fee penalty, renewal fees must be received or mailed and postmarked on or before June 30.

Fees cannot be prorated, even if paid late.

When you pay your renewal fees, you will be issued a new ID certificate (registration card) and ID plate.

Vehicles exempt from OHV ID include, but are not limited to:

  • Special mobile/construction equipment.
  • OHVs owned by exempt agencies.
  • Forklift trucks.
  • Golf carts.
  • Self-propelled wheelchairs.
  • Certain racing motorcycles.
  • Motorized bicycles (mopeds).
  • Vehicles owned or operated by an out-of-state resident with a valid driver license issued by another state or foreign jurisdiction. (See CVC §38010 for all OHV ID exemptions.)

OHV motorcycles used solely in organized racing or competitive events on a closed course such as speedways, racetracks, or defined routes of travel (on- or off-highway) cannot be registered as off-highway vehicles, as closed courses are not available for vehicle access by the general public other than event participants. (CVC §§38014, 38088)

However, racing motorcycles may be issued a permit for a fee that allows transportation to/from course events. The permit is a sticker that must be mounted on the vehicle in a clearly visible location. The permit remains valid until the vehicle is sold or dismantled.

If you do not want to renew your OHV ID, you must file for planned non-operation (PNO) status by completing a Certificate of Non-Operation/Planned Non Operation Certification (REG 102) form and submitting it by June 30, with the PNO fee.

If you do not file for PNO or renew the ID certificate, your account will go into collection, your wages might be garnished levied by a ban.

If your OHV ID is lost or damaged, you must apply for a duplicate certificate of title, ID certificate, or substitute ID plate.

  • To apply for a duplicate certificate of title, complete the Application for Duplicate or Transfer of Title (REG 227) form.
  • To apply for a replacement ID certificate or ID plate complete the Application for Replacement Plates, Stickers, Documents (REG 156) form.

Yes. If you recently bought an OHV, you must be sure to transfer the title. If you sold your OHV, the new owner should complete the title transfer.

To register your new OHV, you will need:

  • The California Certificate of Title or, if lost, a REG 227 endorsed for transfer.
  • A transfer fee.
  • A renewal fee if the registration is expired or the transfer occurs after May 30 of the expiration year.
  • Use tax, if due.

To change to off-highway ID, submit:

  • Your vehicle’s California Certificate of Title (REG 227).
  • Your vehicle’s on-highway license plates/stickers.
  • Pay the OHV ID fee.

To be eligible for on-highway registration, your OHV must be manufactured for both on and off-highway use.

Motorcycles manufactured after 1978 with an engine size of 50 cc or larger must have a label indicating that the vehicle meets CARB emission standards and a manufacturer’s certification for on-highway use.

ATVs do not meet federal standards for on-highway use and cannot be converted.

If your OHV has a red ID plate, it cannot be registered for on-highway use.


  • Motorcycles manufactured before 2005 with an engine size of less than 50 cc are exempted from emission label requirements.
  • Motorcycles manufactured after 2006 with an engine size of less than 50 cc may have a label indicating that they meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for on-highway use in lieu of a CARB label.

Emission systems cannot be altered to qualify for on-highway registration. For emission information, see the CARB website at or call 1-800-242-4450.

Registration Fees

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