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About Tire Crew

We know how valuable your time is that’s why Mobile TireCrew performes all of our services on site whether at home, work, side of the road or anywhere you might be. Saving you money, time and most importantly hassle of waiting around at the shop. And all our tires come with manufacturer’s warranty. We can handle all your tire needs for your car, truck, SUV, atv , skid steer. Our process is simple, you give us a call for tire quote once you decide the tire of your choice we bring the tires to your preferred location and mount, balance and install them on your vehicle. If you did not buy the tires from us we can offer you same great service.

Our Services

Tire Crew Mobile Tire Services carries all major brand tires at competitive price. Our technicians are TIA trained and we use state-of-the-art equipment to mount, balance and repair tires. We also safely remove wheel lock nuts if you have lost your wheel lock key.

Flat Tire Repair

Tire injuries are common on the road. If the tire is repairable, we will inspect the tire for any damage then plug and patch the injury from the inside of the tire and balance the wheel assembly.

Mount & Balance

We use state-of-the-art equipment to balance your wheels so your car drives smooth with no vibrations and our touch-less technology ensures we safely mount tires without wheel damage.

Auto Detailing

Need a Quick maintenance or complete vehicle detail? Using our state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals we deep clean your carpet, seats, floor mats, and clean and condition your leather seat. We also offer exterior wash, clay treatment, polish, wax and paint protection service. Best part is this service can be done at your home or office.

Roadside Assistance

Stuck on the side of the highway? We will help repair your tire if repairable otherwise get you a new tire or install a spare for you.

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Windshield Repair

Get that small chip on your windshield repaired before it turns in to large crack. Not sure if your vehicle’s windshield can be repaired? Ask your service tech at time of tire service. Our technicians are AGRSS (Auto Glass Safety Council) certified.

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Headlight Restoration

Have your vehicle’s headlights have become cloudy and dull? Tire Crew Mobile Tire Service can restore them to show room finish. This will increase safety and appearance of your vehicle. Call now to book your appointment.

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Auto Glass Features

Tire Crew offers mobile Auto Glass Services that can be done at your home or office. Our complete Auto glass services include: -Windshield chip repair -Windshield replacement -Windshield wipers replacement

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Our mobile service meets you wherever you are.

With the click of a button, you can schedule a tire swap or repair and our tire specialists will come out to wherever you are and take care of it while you work, play, or whatever else you’d rather be doing. Always know you can get safely from Point A to Point B - and even maybe detour to Point F - without worrying about your tires.

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Your tires are already mounted on their own wheels, and just need to be changed between seasons.

Our tire technicians will remove your tires and wheels from your vehicle and put your other set of tires and wheels on. Unlike our tire swap service, we don’t remove your tires from your wheels. This service includes complimentary tire inspection and pressure check


Car, Van or Crossover


Light Truck or SUV


+ Add a second vehicle


Annual Package:
Winter + Summer

Tire Swap &

You only have one set of wheels, which need to be mounted with tires every time you do a seasonal change.

We’ll remove your current tires from your wheels and replace with your other set of tires, then we’ll install them back on your vehicle. This service includes complimentary tire inspection, balancing and pressure check.

Car, Van or Crossover



Light Truck or SUV


+ Add a second vehicle


Annual Package
Winter + Summer

New Tire

Your tires are either wearing out, or you’ve never had a specific set of tires for each season.

We’ll find the right tires for your vehicle, make sure you’re getting them at a competitive price, and bring them with us to your appointment. Need wheels for your new tires? We got that too.

Search for your tires.

flat tire repair.

Your tire has a leak and needs repair.

Our technicians can assess the leak and patch your tire on the go to get you back on the road. We’ll make sure the patch holds, and will advise you on how to follow up to make sure your tire is in top shape.


Oil Change.

Regular oil and filter changes, with your choice of regular or synthetic.

Change your oil, not your schedule! We’ll bring our Wheely experts to you and change your oil and filter with the same convenience you’ve come to love. Our white glove service includes oil change, disposal, filter change, and vehicle inspection.



We can boost most cars, SUVs and trucks to get your battery going again.

Batteries can stop working in cold weather, or if the car hasn’t been in use for a long time. Our technicians can come to you and jump start your battery.

$59. 00

There’s a lot of love for Wheely. 

“Such amazing service. I really appreciated not having to leave my car for the day. Saved me so much time. Coming to my home was perfect. Friendly and knowledgeable technician.”
— Debbie
“As a fleet manager for a company with 100+ vehicles, having a service like Wheely is invaluable. I have used a few other companies that offer the same services, but they’re out matched in price and most of all, the friendly customer service. They have saved me many tow truck bills.”
— Justin
“Awesome experience! Fast, friendly and professional service. Extremely easy to book an appointment, and the convenience of having my winter tires swapped out right on my driveway can’t be beat. ”

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Offsite car tire repair - punctures, cuts, tire replacement.

Following the roads of St. Petersburg and the Ring Road, motorists very often find themselves in an unpleasant situation with a tire puncture, sharp objects stuck in the tire, and the most difficult one - with a side cut of the tire.

Wheel repair prices

The cost of comprehensive services for the repair of tire damage with a visit to the client

crossovers, minivans, SUVs, minibuses

Spare wheel fitting
2000 2500

Wheel puncture repair (using a harness) without removing the wheel (if technically possible)
2200 2500

Wheel puncture repair (by installing a harness) with wheel removal and balancing (if technically possible)
2500 3000

Wheel puncture repair or tube repair (fungus or patch method) including wheel removal, disassembly and balancing
3000 3500

Repair of a cut wheel (by installing a patch of sizes 1-3, including removal, disassembly and balancing of the wheel
from 3000
Departure of the master free of charge within the Ring Road of St. Petersburg

The cost of leaving the ring road + 30 rubles / km.
Service fee for low profile tires (< 50) +20% to the list price.
Cost of services for RunFlat rubber +50% to the cost according to the price list.

Tire punctures and minor damage are very easy to repair, especially when performed by employees of a stationary or mobile tire service RECORD24. But if you “jumped into a hole”, ran into a sharp object, hooked the tire with something big and got a side cut, then you can’t do without the help of specialists. But just do not rush to immediately throw away your tire.

At first glance, a tire is a rubber product with a ribbed pattern. But this is not at all the case, because the tire also has an internal structure. The main structural elements of the tire are the carcass, which is responsible for the stability of the car and the tread, which increases the cushioning of the tire. But the most important component of the carcass of any tire is the cord layer, which consists of steel threads. With a side cut of a tire, it is these threads that often suffer.

Tire puncture repair in St. Petersburg

Even with a slight side cut, the specialists of the company RECORD24 do not advise you to carry out repairs yourself, because an incorrectly made patch can lead to the following troubles:

  • a “hernia” may appear at the site of the patch, but with a much larger diameter than the side cut itself;
  • at high speed, the tire may simply burst;
  • with a short period of operation, the patch may peel off;

That is why, if you find yourself in a similar unpleasant situation in St. Petersburg, call our masters. RECORD24 specialists will help you save on time and money, because they will repair your tire competently and inexpensively. When repairing a tire side cut, they must:

  1. Wash the tire from dirt and dust.
  2. Carefully study the nature of the damage, namely the distance from the damage to the edge of the tire. If the distance is less than 40 mm, then such a tire can be repaired, but in the future it is better to use it as a “spare tire”.
  3. If the side cut is to be repaired, it will be brought into the proper form without fail: the torn edges will be cut off with wire cutters, for the most durable hitch of the patch and tire.
  4. Will be treated with a drill.
  5. Glue with raw rubber and vulcanize.
  6. Install a reinforced patch.
  7. Will be treated with special cement.

Repair of tire punctures without dismantling is carried out using self-vulcanizing bands. This is a fast and efficient repair. Wheel puncture repair with harnesses is a standard and full-fledged express repair. These harnesses are made of synthetic cord impregnated with butyl rubber and can be installed on any type of tyre. Puncture repairs are recommended after a complete tire inspection. If necessary, several harnesses are used at once for emergency repair of punctures larger than 6 mm. However, quick install butyl rubber bands are only a temporary repair. They are very different from reinforced harnesses, which are installed by cold vulcanization.

In case of more significant damage, tire puncture repairs are carried out using cold vulcanization technology. For this, fungi or patches are used. With their help, it is possible to repair punctures in the tread area, shoulder and sidewall of the tire with a diameter of up to 13 mm in radial tires and up to 25 mm in diameter for bias tires. Fungi can improve the quality and efficiency of tire repair. They can be used for almost any tire repair. Their installation does not require the use of special tools. Fungi can be vulcanized either cold or hot. The cap and stem of the fungus are covered with an adhesive layer necessary for cold vulcanization. The adhesive layer gives absolute tightness and high-quality vulcanization when repairing tire punctures.

REСORD24 specialists recommend to balance the wheel immediately after the tire repair, and also not to give heavy loads for the first time, because the wheel must be run in again.

If you decide to repair a tire side cut in St. Petersburg or the Ring Road, then you'd better contact RECORD24. We are ready to help you anywhere in St. Petersburg and the Ring Road, because we have specialized mobile tire fitting teams with all the necessary machines and tools.

Prices for the repair of damaged tires

Turning to RECORD24, you will receive not only a quick and high-quality solution to the problem, but also a relatively inexpensive one. The price of our services for the repair of tires and tire side cuts is relatively low. In addition, after the first contact you will receive a loyalty card, which will give you a 5% discount on subsequent visits.

We work 24 hours a day

If you need help in repairing a wheel or tire, repairing tire side cuts, but you cannot get to a tire service, call: +7 (812) 309-27-99 and +7 (812) 922-23-26. The company RESORD24 has several brigades of round-the-clock mobile ambulance. And it doesn't matter what time of day it is, day or night - RECORD24 works for you 24 hours a day, without days off and breaks. We understand that every minute is precious for you, therefore we act not only qualitatively, but also promptly.

How to make an appointment for tire repair

If you need tire repair, and you decide to use the services of a stationary tire fitting company RECORD24 - leave your request in any way convenient for you:

  1. Place an online order on the page.
  2. Request a call back by filling out a simple form on the page.
  3. Just call: +7 (812) 309-27-99, +7 (812) 922-23-26

But if you need urgent, urgent help, or you just don’t want to leave home, sign up for repairs or wait for the appointed date and time, then call the above numbers and our operator will send a mobile tire fitting team to your place. Our team will repair the tire as soon as possible, balance it and put it in place. You will not have time to drink a cup of coffee, as your car will already be on the move.

Call RECORD24 and your car will always be on the move!

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