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Oregon Parks and Recreation : ATV Permits : Ride ATVs : State of Oregon

An ATV Operating Permit (sticker) is required for your machine if you are operating it on lands open to ATV use. The price is $10 and is valid for two years.

Each permit represents the number of ATVs in Oregon and the appropriate fuel taxes are placed in the ATV Grant Fund. About $75 of fuel taxes are applied to every Permit purchased in Oregon.

These funds are put back on the ground to keep your riding areas open and in good condition.

There are two ways to purchase a Permit:

Buy Online

Go to our State Park online store to purchase. You will be emailed a receipt, to print or save on your phone, to show in the field, until your sticker arrives in the mail. It is good for 21 days.

Find an onsite agent

There are approximately 95 private ATV operating permit agents located throughout the state and several State Parks Offices to purchase the permit you can place on your machine.

Oregon accepts permits from other states which accept our permits, including California and Nevada. Other states such as Washington, Idaho, Utah and Arizona do not accept Oregon permits, therefore we cannot accept theirs. For a complete list, see the "Oregon Riders getting out-of-state permits" link below. Out of state residents can purchase an Oregon permit for $10 which is valid for two years.

These funds help provide statewide funding for off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation projects such as operation and maintenance, law enforcement, emergency medical services, land acquisition, planning, and development in Oregon's OHV recreation areas.

The ATV Operating Permit, also known at ATV Sticker or Decal, is required when operating a Class I, II, III or IV ATV on lands open to the public for ATV use.

If a vehicle, such as a motorcycle or truck has a license plate, they need the permit on trails or sand dunes. If you are operating a street legal vehicle such as a truck on forest gravel roads which are open to passenger vehicles, then you do not need a permit. These gravel roads may be open to ATV use, and then you would need to have ATV sticker if you do not have a license plate.

You can purchase ATV Permits one of 2 ways:

1) Online at

2) At any one of the many permit agents located throughout the state in stores and ATV dealerships

The price for a Class I, II, III, or IV permit is $10.00.
All permits, Class I, II, III, and IV are valid for 2 years from the month of issue. The permit expires on the last day of the month punched on the permit. Therefore if a permit is purchased at the beginning of the month, it will be valid for 2 years plus the remainder of the days of that month.
For side-by-sides, jeeps, trucks and passenger vehicle, the permit must be visible from the rear of the vehicle. Suggested placement areas are bumper, tailgate or rear window. For quads, place the permit on the right hand side of vehicle in visible location for sand rail vehicles the permit is to be displayed on the backside of the roll bar in the middle. For motorcycles, display permit in a location that is visible when the rider is on the vehicle.

Permits that are lost or damaged, such as broken windows, switching out body parts, or peeled off by removing front forks will be replaced for the full fee and a new permit must be issued.
Out of state permits:
An ATV/OHV operating permit that is issued in another state shall be honored in the State of Oregon if the issuing state also honors an Oregon ATV operating permit.  This arrangement is Reciprocity.  Unfortunately more states do not accept the State of Oregon Permit, therefore residents of those states must purchase an Oregon ATV Permit.

There is not a different permit for out of state residents. You would just purchase the regular Oregon ATV Permit and that would be valid for 2 years. 

For a list of states that have reciprocity with Oregon visit the Out-of-State Riders section below.

A person who operates an off road vehicle in a designated off road area or trail without a permit is subject to a Class C traffic violation. Which is base fine of $160.

Oregon has a program of reciprocity for ATV Permits, which is dependent on other states having reciprocity with Oregon. If another state accepts our Permit, then we accept their Permit. There are three scenerios: 1) states that we have reciprocity with, 2) states that we do not have reciprocity with and 3) states that have no permit program.

ATV Permit Reciprocity
There are 19 states we have reciprocity with. If someone has a current Permit from one of these States, it is accepted in Oregon and Oregon’s ATV Permit is accepted in their state.

New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island

No Reciprocity
There are states that specifically do not accept our permits, therefore we cannot accept theirs. Out-of-state riders can purchase a permit on our on-line Park store, which would instantly give them a .pdf file in their email which they can use as proof for permit for 30 days. The actual permit will be mailed to you within 21 days. They cost $10 and are valid for 2 years.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
North Dakota

No Permit
There are 14 other states that have no permit program at all, therefore they need to purchase the Oregon permit. Out-of-state riders can purchase a permit on the on-line Park store, which would instantly give them a .pdf file in their email which they can use as proof for permit for 30 days. The actual permit will be mailed to you within 21 days. They cost $10 and are valid for 2 years.

North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Some states issue License Plates for ATVs, which allows them to operate on paved roads in their states. Those vehicles are NOT street legal in Oregon.

​The states that do not have reciprocity with Oregon, require Oregon residents to get an out of state permit. If you are a Oregon Resident and wish to ride in one of the following states, you will need to get a permit for that state. Most of them can be ordered online. Click on the state for directions to obtain a permit.

Arizona $25 - 1 year (plus a processing fee)
Colorado $25.25 expires March 31st
Idaho $12 expires December 31st
Iowa $17.75 expires December 31st
Maine $76, 7 days
Maryland $10
Massachusetts $33 - 1 year
Montana $35 expires December 31st
New Hampshire $40, 10 days
New Jersey  $38
North Dakota $10, expires December 31st
Texas $16 expires August 31st
Utah $30 + $5 online order- 1 year 
Wisconsin $20, 5 day
Wyoming $15 - 1 year
Washington – Effective October 1, 2021, Washington requires Oregon Residents to get a Washington Permit (https://apps. They are free, but riders must go to a Washington Vehicle Licensing Office, with receipt of your Oregon ATV Permit and Driver License, to be issued a Washington Permit. To find an office and check hours go to

The other states either accept Oregon’s ATV Permit or do not have a permit requirement.

​Ocean Shore ATV Operating Permits are issued by OPRD. A person with a disability can establish they are entitled to a reasonable accommodation by providing OPRD a copy of physician’s letter; DMV disabled placard; Veterans letter; or Oregon State Parks Special Access Pass.

Once established, they can qualify for a permit to operate a quad (Class I ATV) or side-by-side (Class IV ATV) on certain ocean shore areas. However, upon request from an individual with a disability, OPRD may issue such a permit for sections closed to motorized use using criteria established under OAR 736-004-0062.

For more information, please contact (503) 881-4637

Oregon Parks and Recreation : All-Terrain Vehicles In Oregon : Ride ATVs : State of Oregon

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Welcome to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD)  pages for All-Terrain Vehicle use in Oregon!

Oregon has a diverse range of ATV opportunities. We have dunes, desert, and wooded trails. You can find single-track trails for motorcycles, ATV routes that are fun for the entire family and thousands of miles of routes suited to high-clearance vehicles. Side-by-sides are becoming very popular throughout the state and there are many opportunities for them. Many hunters use ATVs to get to remote areas. Many vacationers find ATV rental opportunities at the ever-popular coastal dunes. You can even find inland sand dunes in the middle of the state.

OPRD manages the ATV funds that are generated by ATV sticker sales and fuel taxes. We work with all land managing agencies and organizations throughout the state to provide funding for high-quality recreation opportunities for you. OPRD also manages the ATV Safety Education Program. Riding areas are managed by various Federal, State, County and non-profit organization landowners.

This website is intended as a clearinghouse to provide ATV riders in Oregon with information about where to ride and rules to know and follow. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, then email us at [email protected] or call us at 877-772-3359.


​You can purchase an Oregon ATV Permit in one of two ways:

1. Buy Online

2. Find an onsite agent near you

More information for Oregon residents and out-of-state riders.

An ATV Safety Education Card, required by all Class I (quad) and Class III (motorcycle) riders is available through our free online course at

All youth riders 15 and younger operating Class I (quad) or Class III (motorcycle) ATVs must complete a hands-on course. Map and listing of courses.

Complete information about the ATV Safety Card, rules and safe practices are available on our ATV Safety Card page.

Youth must:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Have ATV Safety Card
  • Be supervised
  • Be on the appropriate sized ATV
  • Wear a seat belt

Oregon has specific requirements for youth operating or as a passenger in appropriate Off-highway vehicles. Visit our Youth Rider Page for more details.

Oregon has four types of ATVs: Class I (quads), II (4x4s), III (motorcycles) and IV (side-by-sides), with rider requirements for each type of vehicle. Visit our Types of ATVs page for more details.

There are 54 designated and managed riding areas and trails in Oregon. Visit our Where to Ride Online Map for more information.

Looking for general information about riding on roads and trails in Oregon? Visit our Places to Ride page.


Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
ATV Program
725 Summer St NE, Suite C
Salem OR 97301
[email protected]

  • Online Safety Education
  • Youth Hands-on Training Locator
  • ATV OARs & ORS
  • FAQ
  • Oregon ATV Guide (English)
  • Guia Sobre Vehiculos Todoterreno en Oregon (Espanol)


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License category A1: snowmobile, ATV, tractor Voronezh

Are you going to get a tractor license? Great idea! In addition, category A1 provides a number of advantages, for example, the right to drive off-road vehicles.

Don Driving School will help you become a first-class driver of not only a tractor, but also a light motorcycle, you can get a snowmobile license and an ATV license after successfully completing the courses with our experienced teachers.

What are the benefits of driving a tractor?

Category A1 includes not only driving a tractor, but also driving more modern modes of transport. A1 includes tractors and bikes with engines up to 125 cubic centimeters, such as all-terrain vehicles: snowmobiles, snow and swamp vehicles and, of course, ATVs. In addition, with A1 you get the right to drive motorcycles with a sidecar. Thus, the rights to the tractor give the driver the opportunity to drive modern all-terrain vehicles and light motorcycles!

Any venture involving an off-road vehicle requires an appropriate document with a driving permit. Some drivers may neglect the rights to an ATV, which sooner or later leads to sad consequences: theft, fines, accidents. Do you want to confidently and safely conquer the off-road on your brand new ATV? Then contact the team of specialists of the driving school "Don"!

What are the features of obtaining the right to drive an ATV in Voronezh?

What are the specifics of getting an A1 license if you are going to drive an ATV? First of all, it all depends on the type of transport that you plan to use in your activities. For Russian legislation, ATVs are a relatively new type of vehicle. If you are the owner of a passenger SUV, ATV, then you will have to register it with the traffic police, like any other passenger car. The opposite situation with a snowmobile, snow and swamp vehicle. For them, registration with Gostekhnadzor is provided. For these types of ATVs, a Passport of a self-propelled vehicle is issued. But in any case, you will invariably need to study at a licensed driving school and obtain the rights of subcategory A1.

Driving license category A1

Restrictions for driving tractors and light bikes are fairly standard. You must be a person who has already reached the age of 16, and have a positive conclusion from the medical board. The rest is in your hands! If you are ready for learning and have collected the necessary certificates, then the Don driving school is waiting for you in its modern classes to take a course on driving an ATV, tractor, snowmobile. After graduating from driving school, you pass exams and you are issued a driver's license.

Who can't qualify for category A1?

License to drive a tractor, ATV, etc. people under 16 years of age and citizens for whom driving is contraindicated based on the results of a medical commission cannot receive:

  • With poor eyesight.
  • Hearing impaired.
  • Suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • With mental disorders.
  • With diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Patients with epilepsy.
  • With injuries and severe consequences after operations.
  • Mentally retarded.

This is a non-exhaustive list of ineligible diseases. A more detailed list can be found in Order No. 302n, which was issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia in 2011.

Opening a new category A1 by an experienced driver

How does an experienced driver and a novice get a license? Of course, these two statuses provide different options for obtaining rights. If you already have access to driving a category B vehicle, then obtaining a subcategory A1 license is much easier for you.

It is enough for an experienced driver to pass a medical commission and get a positive opinion from doctors, after which they can enroll in ATV driving courses at a driving school. When replacing a driver's license, it will be enough to show a medical certificate to an employee of the State traffic inspectorate, which will approve the admission to driving vehicles of category A1. After that, category A1 will be automatically opened in your driver's license.

This rule does not apply to class A licenses. Motorcycles and light motorcycles have a significant difference.

Documents for obtaining rights A1

To obtain category A1 rights, you must first contact the Gostekhnadzor department. The required package of documents must be attached to the application, which we will discuss in more detail below. For experienced drivers who have the right to drive cars, it is enough to have a medical certificate.

Category A1 driver's license for beginners

How can a completely inexperienced driver who has not previously passed any exams in the traffic police get a coveted driver's license? First, of course, you need to learn how to drive a tractor or an ATV in specialized courses. Secondly, the next step will be the successful passing of exams. Thirdly, it is necessary to collect the necessary set of documents to certify a driver's license and admission to driving courses. Let's take a closer look at this list:

  • Passport is a document that certifies your identity as a driver. You need a copy of the first pages with personal information and registration.
  • State duty payment receipt;
  • certificate of successful completion of training courses;
  • a document confirming the excellent passing of exams in the traffic police;
  • medical certificate, which you will need to be admitted to training at a driving school;
  • application for a driver's license.

Want to get your ATV license from a licensed driving school? Or do you need a snowmobile license? Then we are waiting for you at the courses!

Training to drive category A1 vehicles: tractor, ATV, snowmobile

Passing courses is a mandatory step to obtain a license or open a new category. Driving school "Don" has a state license and conducts driving courses for all types of transport, including ATVs.

During the course, our teachers will help you:

  • Learn traffic rules;
  • Understand and care for the ATV.
  • Develop the skills of timely medical assistance in case of critical situations on the road.
  • Maneuver on a tractor, ATV, snowmobile on difficult sections of the road and off-road.
  • Learn to navigate and position yourself on the highway inside the city and in the region.

Our courses include practical and theoretical parts. The theory is mastered by cadets in modern computer training centers. If we talk about practice, then we are ready to provide you with our huge fleet, one of the largest in the city! With us you can learn how to control the movement with the inclusion of different gears, driving at low speeds while maintaining balance, avoiding difficult obstacles, the "eight" - driving a light motorcycle along the lines in the form of the number 8. Do you want to become a first-class driver of a light bike or an all-terrain vehicle? Then the driving school courses "Don" is for you!

Why is it better to learn to drive an ATV, tractor, snowmobile with us?

  • We have educational branches throughout the city. There is no need to get to us with transfers!
  • We have developed a curriculum that focuses on the specifics of the traffic situation in our city and region.
  • We have a well-established staff of experienced teachers who provide first-class courses not only for young drivers, but also for people with a solid driving experience. We are always ready to help you improve your driving skills!
  • We offer courses for all types of transport, including the most modern ones: ATVs, snowmobiles.
  • We have the largest car park in the city. We offer you a wide range of practice machines, you can practice on any of them.
  • Classes at our school go all day long, which allows each of our cadets to build the most optimal and flexible study schedule. You can fit our courses into even the busiest work schedule.

Petrol ATVs for adults and children. Catalog

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On the page: 25285075100


Engine type: 4 stroke
Displacement: 150 cc see

Model C PSM

229900 r.



Engine type: 4-stroke
Volume: 250 cu. see

Model C PSM

249900 r.




In stock



Engine type: 4 stroke
Displacement: 125 cc see
Max. speed 60 km/h

94900 rub.


ATV Stalker-110

Engine type: 4-stroke
Volume: 110 cub. see
Max. speed 45 km/h

RUB 59900


ATV Stalker-250

Engine type: 4-stroke
Volume: 250 cub. see
Max. speed 80 km/h

179000 r.




Engine type: 4-stroke
Volume: 200 cc see
Max. speed 70 km/h

210800 r.

Out of stock

In stock




ATV Stalker-150

Engine type: 4-stroke
Volume: 150 cub. see
Max. speed 50 km/h

175000 rub.

Out of stock


Out of stock

Out of stock






Out of stock


Out of stock



Out of stock

In stock

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Vehicles with four wheels are different. In Russia many people understand ATVs as four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles, in the USA - like four wheelers. They can also differ a lot. from each other. We will tell you about small copies of large units. Baby copies of Japanese, German and Chinese manufacturers are designed for young drivers. Our online store offers high quality vehicles for young motorists.

To every parent who carefully monitors development your child, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with our range. A compact all-terrain vehicle is considered not only a toy, but also a useful solution in acquiring driving skills at a young age. You can buy a petrol ATV, and your child will learn the basics of driving on his own vehicle. ATV for children, which is the prototype of an adult model, guarantees the young driver is completely safe. Don't forget to order special equipment - colorful helmets and protective suits to inspire the young driver to travel in your own vehicle. ATVs for children with protection attributes will turn your pastime into children in an interesting game on wheels. You will be convinced that received in childhood driving skills will be useful for the child in the future.

Where to order?

After choosing the children's transport you like in the catalog, call or make order on the store's website. Our managers will provide the necessary assistance, give a clear answer to your questions. The order will not have to wait long, as we We work with all regions of Russia, and your order will be delivered right on time. Only with us the buyer will find a wide range of vehicles of the world manufacturers at affordable prices. Your child will remember this gift forever. life is like a miracle, and will be very grateful for his first vehicle.

We present to your attention a wide range of popular all-terrain vehicles filled with gasoline from the world's best manufacturers. In our store There is a wide choice of ATVs - from simple to more powerful, on fuel or on batteries. Managers will be happy to help you choose exactly what you need. need to.

Petrol ATVs have some differences, which are not similar to electric models:

  • reliability the design of the jeep is increased due to the reinforced frame;
  • installed the engine is much more powerful, which means it develops a high speed;
  • installed Automatic transmission;
  • volume tank up to five liters;
  • have sizes suitable for use by children and adults;
  • improved grip due to rubber wheels
  • has great permeability.

ATVs differing among themselves in some parameters:

  • Engine - two-stroke or four-stroke and power;
  • availability additional functions;
  • miscellaneous bodies - ATV or UTV;
  • miscellaneous overall parameters.

All these differences affect the cost, the more additional options and equipment, the higher the price. Which transport is better to order remains decide for the client. You can choose the unit that suits you best. ride for you and your child, as many ATVs are rated by weight up to a hundred kilograms, which means they can withstand an adult.

How not to make a mistake in choosing an ATV?

When buying a gasoline ATV, you need to pay attention to its dimensions, because the model should be comfortable for the child to sit in it. Also, the child must it is easy to get to the control devices and immediately you need to decide what should be power of the unit and its engine. For a small child, the best option there will be a quad bike with a two-stroke engine. Manufacturers make such children's vehicles of small size and weight. Their engine has much less power. They have the function speed limits if the child is already striving for a fast ride. If parents do not mind riding an ATV yourself, then in this case you need to pay attention to the model with a four-stroke gasoline engine with a volume of up to 150 cubic centimeters, a speed of up to 50 kilometers and a fuel reserve of up to 5 liters.

Such models are suitable for movement and an adult, and you You can share the joy with your child from a walk in the bosom of nature. Decide also with a body. The ATV body model is most commonly found on ATVs, it looks like a motorcycle.

UTV models resemble the design of a car. He is a vehicle with seats that are located across the body. Which choice you make depends on the intended operating conditions and decisions assigned by the owner of the all-terrain vehicle to the vehicle.

Learn more