Mx vs atv alive how to get more free ride maps

Guide for MX vs. ATV Alive

We are down to the last few achievements, and apart from all round talent you should have no problem knocking these out in a short period of time.

Start with finding the bonus vehicles on all levels, well all 2 of them anyway. There are plenty of video guides around if you prefer this, but both are fairly easy to find without.

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Devil's Playground - From the start, turn slightly right and you will see a gap in the rocks/cliff, through that way stay to the right and shortly there will be another gap through the rocks/cliff on your right, which is only a narrow path so can be missed. Then follow this around to the left and pretty much impossible to miss in front of you is the secret ATV vehicle. You can swap to it if you like, but just pulling up next to it is enough to acquire it.

Bryn Carreg Quarry - From the start ride straight towards the big crane, pass by the left hand side of the crane then turn right slightly and head towards the edge of the area. You will probably ride over some rocks being the most direct route. Towards the edge you will see about 3 trees close together and the Bike is sat next to one of these trees, as before pull up next to it to attain it, and the following achievement will pop:

Next it's time to knock out some medals. There are only 5 categories per Free Ride area and you only need to complete one of these, so take your pick. I would go for Devil's Playground as there are plenty of big jumps and open areas to get everything you need done.

The 5 Categories you need to record a silver medal in, and one of them also will need to be Gold are as follows:

1. Hang Time - 3.5seconds required for Silver

2. Jump Distance - 200ft required for silver

3. Best Combo - 600 required for silver

4. Freestyle Jam - 1,500 required for silver

5. Play Time - Find vehicle for Gold

Your first big jump is pretty much going to guarantee you a medal of some description for the challenger achievement. Also if you have a friend who has been playing the game there is a good chance you should beat their record and obtain Bragging Rights also, if not try a few other jumps until you beat theirs. If you are struggling for friends with the game, send me a message and a Friend Request and you can beat mine fairly easily, I did enough for the achievements but little else so no silly targets for you to aspire to.

Now with the first medal or two out of the way time to wrap up the one Gold required and remaining Silver. These really are straightforward - you get a Gold for finding the hidden vehicle! You can see how you are doing per category by pressing Start followed by X. Once the Gold and Silver are safely bagged up you will get the following:

On the Home straight now - whilst still on Devil's Playground go down to the water and once through the archway on the shore you will see some islands to your left. Just island hop by taking a bit of a run up and don't dip the front end of your bike. You do not need to pop a wheelie or anything like that, this one is about speed and amount of water, and is an incredibly short distance to attain which takes no real effort:

Now for a wheelie over 150ft, you can do this on Devil's Playground near the water, the soft sand in the dunes does not seem to give good traction so will make it more difficult. My personal choice was to load up Bryn Carrag Quarry as the ground is hard and is far simpler to pull off. Just get some speed up and pull back on the right stick, once the front wheel is up, do not hold the right stick quite so far back else you will fall off. A few practice runs should net this one:

Finally we arrive at all round talent for completing all level 1 race goals, which can be attained in Free Ride. Each category is noted below with the level 1 goal only, there are levels 2 & 3 also but these have no bearing on achievements apart from some minor XP boosts when attained.

Complete a race without Wrecking - 5

Complete an online race - 10

Beat over half the field in an online race - 5

Place 1st,2nd or 3rd in race with a 125MX Bike - 10

Place 1st,2nd or 3rd in race with a 250f MX Bike - 10

Place 1st,2nd or 3rd in race with a 450f MX Bike - 10

Place 1st,2nd or 3rd in race with a 250f ATV - 10

Place 1st,2nd or 3rd in race with a 450f ATV - 10

Win a National Race - 10

Win a short Track Race - 10

Get the Holeshot - 10

Get the Holeshot and win the race - 5

Win a Race on rookie or higher - 15

Win a race on amateur or higher - 20

Win a race on Pro or higher - 10

Win a race on All Time - 5

Pass an opponent in a race - 100

In a race pass an opponent with contact - 50

Ina race pass an oppoennt without contact - 50

Set the fastest lap in a race - 10

Lead a lap of a race - 25

Lead every lap of a race - 10

Lap an opponent in a race - 5

Ride a Mile - 50

Hydroplane on the surface of any body of water - 500ft

Complete a Jam session in Free Ride - 5

Complete any trick without wrecking - 25

Complete a 360 Trick without wrecking - 25

Complete a Backflip trick without wrecking - 25

Scrub a jump without wrecking - 25

Complete a stoppie trick over 50ft without wrecking - 5

Complete a wheelie trick over 100ft without wrecking - 5

Complete a whip without wrecking - 25

Complete any trick combo without wrecking - 25

Without wrecking complete a trick combo that includes a 360 - 10

Without wrecking complete a trick combo that includes a Backflip - 15

Wreck your vehicle - 25

Save yourself from wrecking by using Wreck Avoidance - 10

Finish them all to unlock:

Now if you have been struggling with the challenges for the level 1 race goals you may already have the high miles achievement, but if not the best place to rack up the missing miles is on Devil's Playground. Just keep rising along the length of the waters edge and back again. You will average around about 60mph, so at 1 mile per minute give or take it could take anything from 1 minute to an hour. There is no menu to check your progress and the achievement does not pop during Freeride, so you need to quit out and it totals up at that time. I would suggest riding for no more than 10 minutes without reloading to check if you are there, and unlock:

4. Multiplayer

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MX vs. ATV Alive Review

MX vs. ATV Alive

By Ryan Clements

Updated: Oct 15, 2020 9:13 pm

Posted: May 25, 2011 1:30 am

Out of all the game types, racing games are some of the most skill-intensive experiences you can find. Not only do you need to learn the basic handling of your vehicle, but you also need to know the layout of the course, your location on the track, and the locations of the other racers. Motocross is an even more extreme example, as your rider's body plays just as important a role as the bike itself.
These are some of the reasons why I like motocross games, including MX vs. ATV Alive. Like the MX vs. ATV games before it, Alive puts you out on the dirt in aggressive, high-speed competitions. You'll race across sprawling canyons and thick forests, all while managing your bike and rider's position. The racing itself is fun, but the overall experience is hurt by a number of technical quirks and a course unlock structure that feels more like a bad role-playing game than a racer.

During play, I opted to disengage the rider assists so I could be in total control, and I stuck with riding the motocross bikes because they're more fun and easier to handle than the ATVs. Regardless of your choice, you'll need to think about where you are on the track at all times, as a great deal of the MX vs. ATV Alive experience is about maintaining your speed while traversing tight turns and hitting jumps.

To do this, you need to be mindful of your bike and your rider. With the right stick, you control the Rider Reflex system, which modifies your rider's posture and weight to assist with turns. It can also be used to save you from a costly wreck, or help boost you off of jumps. This is where your skill level comes in, and it also adds to the fun in a major way.

One of my biggest complaints when it comes to MX vs. ATV Alive's gameplay is the reset system, which is meant to get you back on the track in the unfortunate event that you go careening off the road. Ideally, you should be able to tap one button at any time to reset your rider, but MX vs. ATV handles rider resetting poorly.

You can only get back into the action by holding both bumpers and clicking in both sticks. Even then, this command only causes your rider to bail out, and you then need to wait for the actually reset to occur. It's a slow, clunky system that can cost you precious seconds in a close race.

MX vs. ATV Alive Screenshots

The events in MX vs. ATV Alive are spread across a number of different track types. There are 12 national tracks (longer races), four short tracks, and two free ride areas (three, if you count the downloadable James Stewart Compound). I wasn't interested in the short tracks because they were, as the name suggests, short. All the national tracks, however, are great and make for exhilarating events. I just wish there were more than 12.

The most baffling thing about MX vs. ATV Alive is its unlock structure. When you first boot it up, you only have two national tracks to choose from. You can't play any others until you reach level 10 (your rider earns experience for completing events). In short, you'll need to race the same events repeatedly just to get at more tracks. The next course unlock happens at level 25, which takes a long time to reach.

For those that want to shell out extra money, you can pay to unlock everything from the start (including all the vehicles). This presents you with a horrible choice: you can laboriously compete in events to expand your experience, or you can pay to access content you should already have. There's just no reason why unlocks couldn't have happened more frequently.

Read more on how MX vs. ATV Alive was reviewed.

When it comes to racing, MX vs. ATV Alive is fun and calls for serious skill. The reset mechanics are aggravating, but I generally had a great time both on and offline.

Unfortunately, most of the content here is imprisoned by a nonsensical unlock structure that requires immense repetition to get at. The only alternative is to pay extra money to unlock everything at once. Furthermore, with no tournaments in place, every event here is a single race and not a series.

MX vs. ATV Alive is plenty of fun, but not nearly as complete or polished as other racers released during this generation.

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MX vs. ATV Alive

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MX vs.

ATV Alive Review


Ryan Clements

Review MX vs ATV All Out PS4

The off-road racing genre is not as widely represented in the gaming arena, so the output of almost every such project is albeit small, but an event. The MX vs ATV series has been around for over ten years and during this time managed to become recognizable and respected brand. The previous part - Supercross - came out four years ago, and turned out not to be the most successful. The more fans waited and counted on a full version for the new generation, updated and improved. Were you waiting? Did you ask? Get it. MX vs ATV All Out brought in to throw mud at you from head to toe. So that stock up on a reliable suit and pull it tighter over your head helmet.

The game starts with tutorials, which are located here on one of the four open locations with the possibility of free movement. On this relatively large map we will be returning every time after the completion of championships and races. Apart from introductory functions, in the modes of free driving, you can practice tricks on the presented jumps and ramps and try to collect collectibles scattered around gears. Career as such is not provided and we ourselves are free choose which missions, modes or competitions to pass. They open gradually, but even at the very start they are presented an impressive number. Supercross, national competitions, opencross, checkpoint races without a clear route and freestyle stunt competition held its breath in anticipation dizzying somersaults and hot crazy chases. From collaborative modes provides split-screen and multiplayer with participation of up to 16 people.

At first glance, the project does not experience a lack of content. But it is worth taking a closer look, and it becomes clear that most of the tracks use the routes of four key locations, and the choice of arenas is not sparkling with variety. It is also important to note that a large amount assets and materials borrowed to some extent from previous games and moved with minor changes. Let with reservations, but there are dozens of trails to choose from with different conditions and in a variety of geographic regions. Transport represented by well-known models of motocross bikes, ATVs and buggy. Each can be customized, improved, modified to your taste and color, using licensed parts and materials. The rider can be personalized in the same way, choose the brand and choose the color of the helmet, suit, gloves, shoes and other items. Money without any problems are earned in races and competitions, and you can spend them in garage.

Now directly about the process itself. And here everything is far from so rosy. The first thing to say is that it is absolutely broken control. Yes, to physics in the MX vs ATV series and previously emerged weighty claims, but this time the creators have outdone themselves, in bad sense. Most of all went to bikes. Okay, from the arcade no one expected a race of miracles, but at least some logic in management, one way or another, was traced in the previous parts. On this time we have a solid lottery. How does a two wheeler behave? the aggregate is known, probably, to one god of chances, for events are impossible to predict. Sometimes, the racer generally falls off motorcycle on level ground. This happens even on straight sections and small speed. In addition, from time to time, the steering wheel for some reason jams, and driving becomes impossible. As a result, we obediently move out in complete bewilderment into a ditch. The latter is also the case with other types of transport. buggy and ATVs behave a little better on the road, after all 4 wheels and some rudiments of clutch let you know, but the pleasures of no virtual driving. No road feel at all and dimensions, dull boxes with wheels that, when in contact with the slightest obstacle behave as if they have zero weight and are not affected by gravity. Bleeding, changing tires and clutch make no appreciable difference. The same trough accelerates faster and goes a little faster. Okay, just accelerate especially here everything still won't work. Even open locations are full of bumps and various obstacles.

Unacceptable performance adds fuel to the fire, clip motley glitches, as well as stable-periodic freezes and departures. On some tracks, the frame rate per second drops to values ​​so low that the game starts to look more like slide show. To win in such conditions, not to mention the performance the most dangerous tricks requiring well-balanced actions and distance calculation is not just difficult, but almost impossible. What surprisingly, the game manages to slow down even in the absence of rivals on the track - in free ride or ghost racing modes, the situation doesn't get better. In online battles, the situation, as you understand, further exacerbated, turning the ongoing disgrace into a special kind of masochism for everyone involved. And okay picture matched, but visually All Out looks at best tolerably, and sometimes even inferior to MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore, which and 3 years ago never impressed. But even there, at least the dirt looked like dirt and bikes with cars were left on it noticeable juicy footprints, here we don't even have that.

The difficulty of the races is quite uneven. On the same level some competitions are held without hesitation and the slightest strain, others will make you sweat properly. General situation exacerbated by tight unresponsive controls, broken physics and performance below the plinth. Among the proposed schemes management was not found in any way convenient and universal. One way or another, for different types of races, you have to select individual options. Some layouts are more optimized for stunts, better on others cross country and so on. I personally had a particular difficulty. when passing exactly motocross arenas. It's crazy physics bikes, miscalculations in the layout and a lot of active objects, in the form barriers and other building structures, intertwined together. As a result, overcoming such stages, and I am already silent about competition turns into a real torture.

Online All Out is slow and buggy as hell. Matches and opponents are searched for a catastrophically long time, sometimes search at all freezes. The connection often breaks for no apparent reason. Login and It is already a great success to hold a regular online match here. For me personally for some reason could not connect to most of the active sessions - gave a connection error. Repeatedly noticed a strange a situation where the players who dropped out during the race eventually occupied the first places with zeros instead of time indicators! Pro local multiplayer incidents can be told for a long time and eloquently, but it is better not to try to repeat on yourself. The game also there are network achievements, like "take first place in 25 online races" or "come first in a race with 15 live opponents." It won't be easy to do it all honestly, so, probably, it remains to hope for happy bugs. One in a word, aiming at getting the platinum cup, you can only sympathize and advise stocking up on sedatives means. By the way, judging by the statistics of the received trophies and personal Observations, there are two non-working ones. These are cumulative trophies - drive 100 miles and spend 100,000 local currency in the garage. If the first one is not so easy to trace, but about the second I have no without any doubts. Spent even more than the required amount, and no result followed. Again, all hope for a speedy fixes.

What did we end up with? I will be extremely categorical and honest. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a failure. As sad as it is to realize, it's not just a disappointment, but a real slap in the face with mud. The situation is not saves even a wide variety of settings, tracks and modes. The release version of All Out in terms of quality and level of playability is barely pulling on the alpha test. Obviously the project will get better with time. – several patches have already been released, and in the future we may well to please the next Encore version. In its current form, this lewdness does not deserve the slightest attention, and even more so your money.

Fans motocross and off-road racing can only sympathize. MX vs ATV All Out was one big disappointment. tight management and terrible physics, an incredible amount of technical flaws and bugs, unacceptable performance on most tracks even in the absence of rivals and many other unpleasant moments. With an impressive list of tracks and modes, wide opportunities for customization and tuning of vehicles and a solid the amount of related thematic content, the game is very hard to enjoy. And if optimization with bugs is possible correct with patches, then with controllability, I'm afraid to do nothing will not work. She is completely broken. A particularly difficult situation with motorcycles, where every turn becomes a lottery, and motocross - fierce torture. If you miss this type of games, better pay attention to MXGP, ageless Pure or even Monster Energy Supercross, All Out is worth avoiding.

This review is based on the digital version of the game for Xbox One, edited by the publisher.

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