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OTR Tire Conference to Display Giant OTR Tire

  • Release Date: January 23, 2023

BOWIE, Md. – The Tire Industry Association’s (TIA) 2023 Off-the-Road Tire Conference in Tucson, Ariz., will have a very, very big guest this year – the world’s largest off-the-road tire.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is bringing a 63-inch rim diameter RH-4A+, size 59/80R63, OTR tire to the conference for attendees to see first-hand. Weighing 12,500 pounds and standing about 13-feet tall, the behemoth is designed to provide cut-protection and wear in hard rock conditions on mammoth ultra-class haul trucks such as the Caterpillar 797 and the Komatsu 980. The Akron, Ohio-based tire maker built the tire at its Topeka, Kan., tire plant.

TIA is holding the 68th annual OTR Tire Conference Feb. 22-25 at the Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf and Tennis Resort and one of the themes of the event is to showcase how massive OTR tires can be, and the types of equipment needed to service them safely.

“We wanted to display the largest-size OTR tire to show attendees who may have never seen one how big these tires really are and to stress the importance of TIA training to properly and safely service them in mines and construction sites around the world,” said Matt White, TIA’s director of tire service.

In addition to the Goodyear tire, the outdoor display will feature some of the equipment involved in servicing ultra-class tires. This includes:

  • A Titan International Inc. wheel designed for a 63-inch tire;
  • A Stellar Industries OTR 23,000 tire handler truck, provided by Purcell Tire & Rubber Co., which will display the 63-inch tire in its manipulator arms;
  • Tools required to change a 63-inch OTR tire, including a jack, provided by AME International;
  • A Haltec Corp. tire inflator and deflator; 
  • OTRUSA.com tire chains for use on a 57-inch OTR tire; and
  • Fuller Brothers showing how much Tire Life performance and safety liquid is needed for a 63-inch OTR tire.  

“We are excited and appreciative of the sponsor companies and individuals who have made this display possible,” White said. “This will be a great addition to this year’s OTR Tire Conference.”

To register for the 2023 OTR Tire Conference, visit events at www.tireindustry.org. The cutoff date to secure a room in TIA’s room block is Friday, Jan. 27. For additional information about the conference, email [email protected].


  • “Innovative Technology Using High Pressure Water Jet for OTR Recycling,” presented by Tommaso Verri, CEO, Rubber Jet Valley;
  • “An Inspiring Success Story from Mesopotamia to Florida,” presented by Fatih Sedele, CEO, and Burak Yolga, country manager, Las Zirh Zincir San. Tic. A.S.; and
  • “Advancements in Robotics to Increase your Plants, Productivity, Profitability and Employee Retention,” presented by Daniel Zeledon, president, Tesco-Italmatic L.L.C.

The OTR Tire Conference is the premier gathering for professionals in the global earthmover tire, retreading and service industries. In addition to the educational sessions, the conference includes multiple networking and business meeting opportunities, tabletop exhibits and a leisure program that includes a golf outing, a sporting clay tournament and a crystal scrub journey.

For additional questions, contact LaKisha Pindell at [email protected].

Conference registration is required prior to reserving a room, with no exceptions. A special reservation link will be provided once registration is received and payment is processed.

OTR 2024 - Tire Industry Association

The Tire Industry Association is keeping its popular Off-the-Road Tire Conference in the West for 2024. The 69th annual event will take place Feb. 21-24, 2024, at the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa in Las Vegas, Nev.

The two and a half-day conference is the go-to event for the global OTR tire industry, typically attracting more than 500 people from 40 states and 13 countries to a dozen educational sessions, tabletop exhibits, leisure activities and networking opportunities.

“It’s been many years since the OTR Tire Conference has been held in Las Vegas and the venue is an exciting draw for attendees,” said TIA CEO Richard “Dick” Gust. “The Red Rock Casino, Resort is located 10 miles off the Las Vegas Strip and fewer than 20 minutes from Harry Reid International Airport. It is an ideal spot for the conference, allowing for lots of interaction between attendees, suppliers, sponsors and speakers. I look forward to seeing everyone in Nevada for OTR 2024.”

If you’re a retreader, tire dealer, manufacturer, supplier or service provider involved in OTR tires, don’t miss out. Put the dates on your calendar and plan to attend the OTR Tire Conference in 2024.

Online registration will open in the summer of 2023. Sponsorship opportunities are available. To learn more, email LaKisha Pindell, TIA vice president of meetings and events, at [email protected].

The Association unveiled its plans for next year’s event Feb. 24, on the last day of the 2023 annual OTR Tire Conference in Tucson, Ariz.

2023 OTR Tire Conference Photo Gallery

Below are video recaps of each day of the 2023 OTR Tire Conference.

Day 1 2023 OTR Tire Conference Video Recap

Day 2 2023 OTR Tire Conference Video Recap

Day 3 2023 OTR Tire Conference Video Recap

“It’s been many years since the OTR Tire Conference has been held in Las Vegas and the venue is an exciting draw for attendees,” said TIA CEO Richard “Dick” Gust. “The Red Rock Casino, Resort is located 10 miles off the Las Vegas Strip and fewer than 20 minutes from Harry Reid International Airport. It is the gateway to majestic Red Rock Canyon and is a beautiful location allowing for lots of interaction between attendees, suppliers, sponsors and speakers. I look forward to seeing everyone in Nevada for OTR 2024.”

For more information about the 2024 OTR Tire Conference, email  [email protected].

Goodyear Unveils Multiple New Tires at Annual Dealer Conference :: carway.info

At its annual dealer meeting, Goodyear again unveiled several new tires across a range of segments. One of the highlights this time around is the Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT off-road tyre, which Goodyear marketing director Jay Robinson said was built with a strong focus on durability and reliability and aimed at the mid-price segment.

“The Wrangler TrailRunner AT is an all-season, high-grip, long-lasting all-season tire that can take on any challenge,” said Mr. Robinson. - Whether you're driving on the highway or rough off-road, these tires will allow you to use the full potential of your SUV or pickup truck. The new TrailRunner AT has all the qualities of the legendary Wrangler line.”


Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT features a large block tread pattern whose configuration enhances tire performance on asphalt and off-road. Sawtooth block edges combined with additional sipes at various angles improve ride quality in difficult weather conditions, while stepped shoulder block walls increase traction in deep mud and snow. Among other things, the pattern has been optimized to increase the resource and reduce the noise level.

Tires are available in 41 sizes from 225/75 R16 to 275/60 ​​R20 and fit many SUV and pickup models. The warranty mileage is 88,000 km.

Goodyear also announced that it has completed an update to its Kelly budget brand lineup with the introduction of the new Kelly Edge HP tires, featuring an asymmetric tread pattern that enhances traction on a variety of surfaces.

“We are wrapping up the introduction of Kelly's new line of tires, which already includes the Kelly Edge A/S and Kelly Edge AT tires that debuted at last year's Goodyear Dealer Conference,” said Mr. Robinson. “The Kelly A/S all-season and AT off-road are offered in a wide range of sizes to cover most of their target segments, and the Kelly Edge HP is applying the same strategy to the high performance tire market.”

The Kelly Edge HP pattern features a wide center rib for improved handling, and chunky shoulder blocks that stabilize the contact patch for optimal cornering stability. In addition, the variable tread pitch has reduced noise levels for the most comfortable ride.

Kelly Edge HP are available in 20 popular sizes from 195/55R15 to 245/45R18. The warranty mileage is 72,000 km.

In the truck tire segment, Goodyear introduced the previously introduced Goodyear Endurance WHA for garbage trucks and the economical Goodyear Fuel Max RSA, as well as the all-new Goodyear Endurance RSA.

“The Endurance RSA is our best and most versatile regional and interurban tire and is an important part of our Goodyear Total Solution program,” said Norberto Flores, Goodyear Marketing Manager. - Trucks used in regional and urban transport move on a wide variety of surfaces and therefore require tires that can handle any conditions. We are confident that the Endurance RSA fully meets this requirement and that they will become the preferred choice for our customers.”

The Goodyear Endurance RSA is more wear resistant than its predecessor, the Goodyear G661 HSA, with reduced rolling resistance and increased resistance to curb damage. Tires are manufactured using IntelliMax Rib Technology, which, thanks to optimized tread stiffness, increases operational life. This is also supported by a new pattern, increased groove depth to 22/32 inches and a reinforced carcass with high-strength steel cord breakers. In addition, the two-layer tread structure reduces fuel consumption and emissions of harmful substances.

Goodyear Endurance RSA will be offered in 11 sizes, with the first 11R22.5 available in April 2016.

Manufacturer Goodyear presented new tires at the annual conference

Every year in the United States, a national dealer conference is held, which brings together leading manufacturers and distributors of automobile tires. As part of the event, several large companies traditionally present new tire models at once. This year was no exception, with Goodyear's developments receiving the most attention. American tire manufacturers have demonstrated the expected all-season tires Assurance WeatherReady. At a parallel exhibition for its customers, the manufacturer presented Endurance wheels that can withstand ultra-high loads.

Innovative Tire Solutions Assurance WeatherReady

Assurance WeatherReady's name reflects the new tire's ability to adapt to all weather conditions. Goodyear engineers have produced these tires in several sizes, they are designed for rims with a bore diameter of 15-20 inches. They can be equipped with minivans, SUVs, and the range will cover ¾ of the target market segment. The manufacturer recommends using this product on a range of vehicles, including Honda Civic, CR-V and Accord, Chevrolet Cruze and Equinox, some Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan models.

The main task of the developers was to improve the traction properties of Assurance WeatherReady tires. To successfully achieve this goal, several solutions were introduced:

  • special traction grooves that retain their characteristics throughout the entire life of the tire;
  • 3D TredLock technology for predictable cornering grip in all weather conditions;
  • asymmetric tread design combined with radial channels for fast water evacuation on wet roads;
  • Zigzag block edges for stable handling on snowy or icy surfaces.

Key features of Goodyear Endurance tires

Manufacturer Goodyear has long announced the start of the development of a special line of tires Endurance, designed for tourists and lovers of outdoor activities. At the conference, representatives of the company presented the result obtained by the engineers. Rubber, capable of withstanding increased loads, will make it easy to transport boats, snowmobiles, water skis over any distance. Numerous problems associated with damaged wheels, the need for urgent tire repairs will disappear forever.

The main advantages of tires Endurance are endurance and high load capacity. When developing them, the manufacturer used a proprietary technology called Goodyear Durawall. It allows you to protect the rubber from cuts, sidewall punctures, and other common damage. As a result, tires have good mileage, surpass many analogues, which is confirmed by the level of mileage guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Additional benefits of the new Endurance 9 tires0031

Goodyear will produce Endurance tires for trailers as a separate series. Among these models, motorists will be able to find tires with a size ST 255/85 R16. There are no other wheels with identical parameters on the North American market today.

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