How to build a snowblower for atv

RAMMY Snowblower 155 UTV PRO

More power and comfort!

Rammy Snowblower 155 UTV PRO is a 155 cm wide snowblower with a 420 cm3 engine. The snowblower is suitable for both small yards and on long paths. Rammy snowblower is compact, so the agility and off-road capability of your ATV or UTV will remain good. Works also in wet snow.

With the adjustable accessory frame, this snowblower is suitable for almost all 4x4 ATVs and UTVs. If the CENTER MOUNTING KIT is on the bottom of your ATV, Rammy can be used with existing fasteners.

The snowblower can also be attached with a LOCK HOOKS 16-19-20 mm. (optional). Like Can-am, Arctic Cat, Polaris or Click&Go2.

Rammy Snowblower 155 UTV PRO features:

Lightweight and compact.

Snowblower 155 UTV PRO is lightweight and compact. The snowblower is agile and efficient. The snowblower is lifted with the ATV's winch, making it easy to use even in a small garden.

Dual snow auger.

The snowblower has a dual snow auger, which makes the snowblower short. The snow auger has a rubber sheet fuse, which minimises damage in collisions with rocks or hard objects.

Quick connection.

Rammy is attached to the base of ATV/UTV with two locking pins (on to center mounting kit). The UTV 155 PRO model can also be attached on the front brackets with a 1-tube accessory frame.

Works in wet snow.

The unique MDS technology enables to have great functionality also in wet snow. The snowblower has a  Briggs&Stratton 420 cm3 winter engine.

Electric control.

The snowblower has a remote control with the following selections: rotation and angle of the discharge chute, engine on/off (kill switch).


The Rammy snowblower is a ready-to-use package. Snowblower, remote control and adjustable accessory frame.

Technical data

Clearing width 1,55 m
Length 0,7 m
Weight Snowblower 125 kg, Accessory frame 25 kg
Height of loading chute 550 mm
Snow throwing distance 1-10 m
Method of moving/throwing snow Single-stage double-threaded blower. The impeller uses the MDS (Minimum Distance Space) technique, which provides maximum throwing power. Max rotating speed is 900 r/min.
Engine Brigss&Stratton Snow Series 2100 winter engine. Torque 28,5 Nm. 420 cm3. Fuel tank capacity 3 L. Oil capacity 1,1 L.
Start Easy pull start and el. start (230 V)
Fuel consumption 1-2 L/h
Attachment to ATV Mount brackets with holes on dozer blade on ATV, hole Ø10mm adjustable width of mount bracket (thickness of mount bracket is 8mm) 240-500mm (outer dimension) and the adjustable length is 750-1250mm. Watch standard mounting. Optional Arctic Cat, Can-am, Click&Go and Polaris 16-19 mm lock hook mounting.
Raise/lower Winch of ATV
Remote control Electrical, 3-function
-    shutdown
-    turning of discharge chute
-    control of angle of end of discharge chute
Standard equipment -    Accessory frame
-    Adjustable skis
-    Remote control
-    Replaceable scraper blade
-    Ice removal tool
Capacity 1100 cubic meters / hour (15 cm total width 5 km/h).
Optional 1 Lock hook Ø16/19 mm Arctic Cat, Can Am, Polaris and Click&Go: 69 € inc. VAT 24 %.
Watch picture.
Price EU price 5381 € inc. VAT 24 %.
Out of EU price 4340 € VAT 0 % + customs duty.
The customs duty is dependent on the country (VAT-%).
CE marking is affixed to the device.

Product is patented.


ATV Snow Blowers - Bercomac ATV Snowblower Line

Because more power is always an option.

There are times when a lighter touch is necessary. But when it comes to moving snow, power is a good thing. Put away your shovel and sell that walk-behind snowblower. Berco makes a line of ATV snowblowers that will turn your favorite ride into your favorite chore. Bercomac ATV snowblowers feature 15 HP and 22 HP models, as well as non-engine models to work with your own engine (specific engine types required). Installation is quick and easy on the majority of ATV models. With heavy duty construction and electric controls, you’ll almost want to clear your neighbors’ driveways. Almost.

ATV Snowblower Features:

  • Electric controls
    • Deflector raise and lower
    • Chute turn 210°   
    • Engine start
    • Snowblower engage
    • Throttle
    • Electric lift (using vehicle winch)
  • 12 & 16 gauge steel frame for long life
  • 15”, 4-bladed impeller for throwing snow long distances, protected by shear bolt system
  • Saw tooth auger system chews through all kinds of snow, protected by shear bolt system
  • Maintenance free worm-type heavy duty gear box
  • Bushing-mounted rotating components can be easily replaced as needed
  • Reversible, replaceable long-life scraper protects snowblower base
  • Double-layered base to protect against damage
    • Choose your power – 15 HP engine or 22 HP Honda engine
    • Adjustable, replaceable skid shoes for smooth travel over various terrain types
    • Quick hook up to your ATV:
      • Extendable frame goes underneath your ATV and hooks up to rear ball hitch.
      • Chains attach to front axles via straps or permanent brackets.
      • Dolly wheel frame supports entire weight of snowblower.
    • Performance features:
      • Heavy duty gear box takes on any snow type, without maintenance.
      • Unique Type B belt system is reliable and long lasting.
      • Electromagnetic clutch for instant engagement.
    • Warranty
      • Residential: 1 year
      • Semi-Commercial, Professional, or Rental use: 90 days

    ATV requirements:

    • Requires 2” rear ball hitch with winch (1000 lbs. or more)
    • Measurement from furthest front point of vehicle to ball hitch must be 143” or less
    • Subframe extension required for measurements longer than 106”

    Bercomac vantage ATV Snow Blower

    95/MSRP More Details

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    48” Bercomac Versatile ATV Snow Blower (No Engine) 558020 $3,995.95

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    54” Bercomac Versatile ATV Snow Blower (No Engine) 558025 $4,145. 95

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    48” Bercomac Versatile ATV Snow Blower (15 HP) 568020 $4,595.95

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    54” Bercomac Versatile ATV Snow Blower (15 HP) 568025 $4,695. 95

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    54” Bercomac Versatile ATV Snow Blower (22 HP Honda) 568022 $6,945.95

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    How to make an auger or rotary snow blower with your own hands from a trimmer, chainsaw, walk-behind tractor

    Removing snow with a shovel is a rather laborious process. To facilitate it, a homemade snow blower can come to the rescue. Having made it, you will not only free yourself from the hard work of clearing the snow, but also save a lot of money by not spending money on expensive models of units in the factory.


    Homemade snow blower options

    The main task of a snow blower is to capture and throw snow masses from the place of their accumulation, for example, from the sidewalk. Snow blowers made by craftsmen have a different design. But according to the type of snow capture, the models differ in screw and rotary.

    Auger unit

    The main part of the snow plow unit is the auger, which resembles a meat grinder screw.

    There are two types of screw units.

    1. Single stage . Equipped with one screw in the form of spirally arranged knives. The helical blades consist of two parts and converge in the center where the tossing blades are located. When moving the mechanism with a bucket, a layer of snow is cut, which immediately falls under the rotating knives. The latter crush the snow and move it to the central part of the hull. Since the blades are located in the center of the auger, they capture the crushed snow and throw it into the nozzle installed at the back of the bucket. The higher the speed of rotation of the shaft with the blades, the further the snow is thrown. Auger knives can be either with a smooth edge or with a serrated one. Blades with a smooth edge are used for clearing fresh snow, and are often made from a conveyor belt. A toothed auger is used when it is required to remove icy and packed snow.
    2. Two stage . This is an upgrade of the auger-type snow blower. In its design there is also a screw. But for better snow ejection, a rotor with 2 or more blades is installed at the rear of the bucket. An auger snow blower works on the same principle as a single-stage unit, but thanks to the rotor blades, the snow is better crushed and thrown out over a long distance (up to 15 meters). The following figure shows the structure of a two-stage type snow blower.

    Rotary assembly

    The rotary snow blower is the simplest design and consists of a round volute body and guide vanes . In the upper part of the body there is a sleeve through which snow is thrown out.

    Rotor with blades is installed in the central part of the volute. This impeller is driven by an engine (petrol or electric). The rotor, rotating at high speeds, captures the snow, crushes it in the body of the snail and throws it out through the sleeve.

    Homemade snow throwers can be of two types.

    1. With fixed drive . The motor is installed in the unit, after which it becomes a full-fledged snow blower.
    2. As an addition to other implements (mini tractor or walk-behind tractor). Therefore, the motor is not installed on these mechanisms. The transmission of rotational motion from the engine to the rotor occurs by means of a chain or belt drive.

    Choosing the type of engine

    Before you make a manual snow blower, you need to understand what type of engine is better to choose - electric or gasoline.

    Electric motor

    Electric units are quiet and very easy to maintain . They also do not require any consumables. The only inconvenience of electric devices is the electric cable that constantly interferes with movement. Of course, you can use the engine running from batteries, but the operating time of such a cleaner will be limited by the battery charge level. Therefore, if you are going to make an electric snow blower, be aware that it can only work within the yard, that is, the range of movement of the unit will be limited by the length of the power cable.

    Petrol ICE

    Petrol snow blowers are powerful and rather noisy units . They cope with thick snow covers, including icy ones. Gasoline devices have an advantage over electric ones, not only in terms of power, but also in mobility, since they do not depend on the electrical network. Due to this, the units can be used for cleaning snow drifts in large areas, for example, near private sector yards, in high-rise building yards, on sidewalks, on separate sections of the road, etc. But despite the listed advantages of gasoline devices, they also have disadvantages:

    • engine service required;
    • needs regular refueling;
    • presence of exhaust gases;
    • high noise level during engine operation.

    Based on the above, you can understand that if you need to clear drifts from the yard of a summer house or a small private property, then it is better to stop at the manufacture of an electric snow blower. If you intend to regularly clear large areas of snow, then a gasoline drive will cope with this task better than an electric one.

    Engine options from other units

    To make a snow blower with your own hands, you will need to choose an engine that will rotate either the auger or the rotor of the unit. If you are going to make a device with an electric motor, then any asynchronous type electric motor with a power of at least 2 kW and a rotation speed of 1500 to 3000 rpm is suitable as a drive component. If you take an engine with less power, then it will not cope with thick layers of snow and will stop all the time. In this case, cleaning drifts with a shovel will be much more effective.

    As a drive component, some craftsmen use motors from electric trimmers and chain saws. It is not uncommon to find homemade snow plows made from a lawn mower. But the power of these units is only enough for cleaning freshly fallen and loose snow.

    A more powerful variant of the driving part for the snow thrower is the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). It can be taken from a chainsaw or petrol trimmer. Also, a snow removal unit can be made from a motor cultivator or a motor block.

    Self-made auger

    The auger for the snow blower is the main moving part of the machine, the manufacture of which is not difficult. It is best to use a rubber belt from a conveyor 10 mm thick and 1.5 m long for the manufacture of the auger . From the rubber strip, it is necessary to cut out rings in the amount of 4 pieces with a diameter of 28 cm. The details are easily cut using an electric jigsaw.

    Tip! To cut rings from the tape, you can do without a jigsaw. Screw 2 sharp screws into a small board and use this device as a compass. After a few full turns of the cutter, the ring will be cut.

    Below are drawings of all auger parts.

    Shaft is metal pipe with a diameter of 27 mm . Adapters are fixed to its ends, on which bearings are installed. A cut 120 mm long is made in the central part of the pipe, into which a central plate will be installed, designed to throw snow. Also, 4 plates are put on and welded onto the pipe. Rubber rings will be attached to them and to the central plate. How this is done can be clearly seen in the next photo.

    A metal strip can also be used to make the auger. But it is preferable to use rubber, because it does not scratch the paving slabs and is not damaged when it comes into contact with a hard obstacle, such as a curb or a fence.

    Making a bucket for the auger

    It's also easy to make a bucket that will serve as a housing for the auger. For this purpose, roofing iron is usually used. The drawing below shows the dimensions of the bucket.

    For bucket sides, plywood or 10 mm thick OSB board can be used. The latter option is more suitable for this purpose, since it is more moisture resistant than plywood. Bearings are installed on the sidewalls of the housing (you can use the 205th, closed), and the screw shaft is already inserted into them. Bearings must be closed with glasses.

    Important! When assembling the snowplow assembly, it is necessary to make a small gap, about 2 mm, between the bucket and the auger so that the latter does not touch the body.

    To remove snow from the bucket, a hole is cut in its upper part. As a drain, you can use sewer plastic pipe with a diameter of 150 mm or another. The main thing is that the diameter of the chute exceeds the width of the folding blades of the auger.

    In order to direct the snow thrown out by the shovel to the side, a plastic bend can be put on the pipe.

    The bucket with auger is mounted on a pre-made of metal angles (50 x 50 mm) frame (see drawing above). To fix the engine on it, corners of 25 x 25 mm are used.

    Tip! If you attach a slightly curved sled to the frame, as shown in the following figures, then working with a snow thrower becomes much more convenient, since it becomes possible to tilt the mechanism for better gripping of snow.

    But this unit can be further improved. The modification of the snow blower is to add small wheels to the rear of the skid . In this case, the snow blower will be more convenient to pull back and transport.

    Assembling an auger snow blower

    Snow throwers based on an auger are the most powerful and capable of handling even icy snow. In addition, the auger is most often used in self-propelled snowplows.

    Based on chainsaw

    This snowplow is made by hand quite simply. Since it will be powered by a chainsaw engine, a few additional parts for the chain drive will be required. For these purposes, you can use front and rear sprockets from a motorcycle, as well as a chain from it.

    How the frame and auger are made has been described above. A long handle is attached to the frame. A large sprocket from a motorcycle is installed on the auger shaft on the right side, and a small sprocket is installed on the chainsaw engine shaft. Next, the chainsaw is mounted on the frame, after which the chain is put on and pulled on the sprockets. To control the engine, the gas cable is brought to the handle attached to the frame.

    Below are homemade drawings on a chassis, where a chainsaw is used as the main part of the drive.

    Based on trimmer

    But there is one caveat. The gearbox for this type of unit is quite expensive, and it is not advisable to buy it for the manufacture of attachments to the trimmer. Therefore, on the basis of the latter, rotary-type snow blowers are made, which will be discussed later.

    On the basis of a motor-cultivator (motoblock)

    The simplest addition to the motoblock is snow plow.

    A self-made snow plow attachment (shovel) on the walk-behind tractor is screwed to the frame of the unit, after which it turns into a small bulldozer.

    Tip! Instead of a blade, an auger can be attached to the front of the frame of a walk-behind tractor or a motor-cultivator, as a result of which you will get a self-propelled snowplow. This attachment for a walk-behind tractor, if not needed, can be easily disconnected from the main unit.

    Below is a diagram that clearly shows the design of a snow blower based on a cultivator.

    The scheme is decoded as follows.

    1. Snow blower drive connecting the motor to the auger.
    2. Track drive.
    3. Drive belt.
    4. Roller (stray) for reverse gear.
    5. Intermediate shaft.
    6. Belt tensioner. Thanks to him, the movement of the unit is ensured forward.

    The self-propelled snow blower makes clearing snow much easier, especially in large areas where the use of a device on skis, pushed by the operator, requires a lot of physical strength of the latter.

    Making a rotor

    You can use the drawings below to make a snow blower.

    The material for the manufacture of the rotor and its blades is sheet steel 2 mm thick. The rotor body is made of roof iron or sheet steel thinner than 2 mm. All dimensions of parts are indicated on the drawing.

    The transmission of rotation from the motor to the rotor shaft can be done using the belt or the chain. It is also possible to connect the gearbox shaft of an electric trimmer or lawn mower to the rotor shaft. Fortunately, these units already have an angular gearbox. The whole structure is mounted on a frame with a chassis. The result is a lightweight handheld snow blower on wheels.

    Remember that the electric snowblower based on the trimmer should not be subjected to heavy loads, as its gearbox may fail. The same recommendation applies to the lawn mower if you decide to assemble a snow thrower on its base.

    A simpler design of the unit mounted on a frame with skids can be assembled according to the diagram from an old magazine.

    Thanks to the above drawings, the assembly of a snow blower cannot be difficult for any home craftsman.

    Often there are situations when you need to remove snow at night: in this case, the snow blower headlight will be a useful addition to . If installing a headlight on an electric snow blower is quite simple, then with units powered by internal combustion engines, things are more complicated: you need to connect to the electrical circuit of the device using special relays and electronic boards. But still there is a way out of this situation. You can buy regular diode lamp and screw it to the unit.

    ATV snow plow

    Is an ATV blade right for you? If yes, then why? Will a snow plow be useful for an ATV and be able to handle heavy snow drifts?

    In the northern regions, concepts such as snow, blizzard, snow drifts are very common.

    In winter, in the outback, in the villages, and even in underdeveloped towns, you often go out into the street, look, and there the devil is. Everywhere there is a snowfield, you can’t get through. You have to wait half a day for a tractor or some other snowplow to drive by. Many have large areas in the yard on the plot, summer cottages, which are also covered with snow. But the difference is this: no one will clean your snow there. And you have to turn back such volumes yourself.

    Of course, some people are only happy, but for others, snow removal causes certain inconveniences, because it will take a lot of time and effort. And so, if you have an ATV in your possessions, or better on tracks and large areas of personal plots, I advise you to purchase a blade for an ATV.

    This item or an additional component of the quadric is simply necessary, and its purchase will make life more fun and free in time, and your paths, paths, parking lots, skating rinks will be clean. Who is not afraid of the cold, you can get a children's ATV and give the child the opportunity to frolic in the winter)).

    ATV snow plow - easy and quick to install. Its main components are:

    • locking mechanism. Thanks to him, you can easily remove and install the dozer in a short time alone;
    • swivel mechanism. Has up to five rotation positions;
    • cushioning mechanism. Powerful springs will allow you to hit an oncoming obstacle, reducing the possibility of blade breakage. Adjustment is carried out by a screw tension;
    • winch fasteners. Under your careful guidance of the ability to control the winch, the fasteners will allow you to easily raise and lower the knife.

    The blade for the ATV is made of steel, the thickness of which is from 2 to 6 mm.

    When choosing a snowplough for your ATV, it is worth considering the necessary requirements. Judge the following: dumps differ in height and width. The width should slightly exceed the width of the ATV. This is explained by the following: during cleaning, the bucket must free the road from snow directly to the ATV itself, it is necessary in order to better grip the wheels with the road surface, and snow chains can also help a lot. Otherwise, the movement will be difficult for the quadra, and if there is a lot of snow, you will not be able to clean the required area.

    Depending on the control and method of lifting, plows can be divided into three types:

    • ATV snow plow with manual lifting;
    • lifting with a winch;
    • operation of electric motor or pneumatic control

    here is a video of the pneumatically controlled blade option, we are looking interesting

    The first method speaks for itself. But here you have to sweat a little, but such a snow plow for an ATV is the most affordable and cheapest option. The second way is a little better - maneuvers with a bucket are performed by a winch pre-installed on the machine, the third case is an electric motor. This method is the most technologically advanced, but also expensive.

    Remember, not every square can clear snow. Power should not be less than 300 cubes. Otherwise, the efficiency will be small.

    Plow examples:

    Snow plow from China - plus one - availability. In terms of quality, of course, not very good. The fastening of the bucket to the frame is weak, it is welded with a single point of poor quality. Most of the proposals have a width of 1.25 m, which is not enough for the production of high-quality cleaning. In operation, the bucket must have a rotation angle, and a width of 1.25 will not allow this. Also cheap low-quality components, simple design. Well, respectively, agree yourself, what price, such quality.

    Snow plow WARN – I will immediately note that the workmanship is quite good, the design is well thought out. The width allows you to do quality work in a short time. Reliable adjustment and control mechanisms. Accordingly, a good quality product cannot be without a good price. I note the high cost, a snow plow of this brand has a limited number of copies, due to delivery from America.

    ATV STAR snow plough, also of high quality. High-quality paint - will protect against corrosion. Pretty good accessibility in Moscow. The difference from the American counterpart is an affordable price. They are much cheaper. As a result, in my opinion, it is worth looking at this particular model.

    Video of making a homemade blade, dimensions of parts, fasteners

    This video depicts a homemade blade with dimensions of all parts, fasteners

    Do-it-yourself blade, drawings

    Many ATV owners have a desire to make a do-it-yourself blade for an ATV. This is certainly not a bad idea, and a person with arms growing out of the place from where it is supposed to construct a blade will not cause any special problems.
    do-it-yourself blade for an ATV video
    Why not. After all, this is a sure way to save money. It is almost impossible to get drawings of a blade for an ATV, since there is no such information on the Internet, but you can develop a manual yourself and make a blade according to your own methodology. In this subtitle, I can somehow help you solve this problem.

    And so, do-it-yourself blade - what is required?

    First: a sheet of iron, springs, a grinder, a welding machine, a ruler, a pencil (chalk), metal profiles, and of course, various components in the form of nuts, bolts ...

    that's what we should strive for

    to design a do-it-yourself blade for an ATV, you need blade drawings, which we will now provide. In fact, the design is quite simple and does not take so long, the main thing is not to be lazy and resolutely approach the matter. Garage quad masters have created many types of attachments and they all have different ones, they do what they can and what they think of.

    Learn more