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Product Spotlight: Tire Dealer Software

Essential for daily business operations, software is used for everything from searching for parts and matching tires and wheels to invoicing customers and balancing the books, Good software can integrate a dealer’s operation from the sales counter to the back office – and every place in between. In a few short years, businesses have become equipped with revolutionary technology such as mobile applications, social media, e-commerce and data clouds that can store and deliver an encyclopedia of information and choices. While all the options can seem overwhelming, software developers are making it easier than ever to find the right software tools and technology for your business. Here are a few of the latest developments.  

Hundreds of tire dealers are now using Epicor’s Integrated Service Estimator (ISE) software to increase vehicle parts and service revenue and gross margin, according to the company. ISE enables users to quickly capture all of the parts and labor information needed to estimate and complete virtually any common automotive repair, and provides seamless access to supplier pricing, OE-recommended service intervals, an aftermarket flat-rate labor guide, repair jobs database, parts interchange, and VIN decoder. The maker added all parts, labor and pricing information are then automatically imported to the user’s estimates, work orders and invoices.

Aftersoft provides point-of-sale, retread and e-commerce software to retail, wholesale and commercial tire dealers and retreaders. According to the company, some of the largest and most successful tire dealers in North America use its VAST Enterprise POS. OpenWebs is a B2B and B2C e-commerce platform that connects tire dealers and repair shops to consumers and business trading partners. Additionally, VAST ItemBroker allows dealers to shop online for parts, showing multiple vendor costs and availability from one screen. Aftersoft added that part orders can be placed from the customer work order and a purchase order is automatically generated and sent to accounts payable.

ASA Automotive Systems
ASA Automotive Systems said its TireMaster family of software products is comprised of a series of interfaced modules that can be tailored to meet the point-of-sale, inventory management, order processing, accounting, marketing and e-commerce needs of any size retail, commercial, wholesale or retread tire or auto repair business. The TireMaster family of software is completely adaptable, whether a shop is a single-store operation, a franchisee or a multi-store corporation. ASA added it also provides reliable hardware, training and database setup services.  

AutoWare Technologies
AutoWare Technologies recently launched the updated NextWheels Online e-commerce program: jegs.com. Customers can now buy custom wheels and tires directly through the NextWheels online program, after they have visually previewed exactly how the wheels and tires will look on their vehicle. According to the company, with a simple click of the “check price and availability” button, the program will guide users through the selection of the wheels and tires. The wheels and tires are then added directly to the software’s shopping cart feature.

50 Below  
50 Below has launched ProSites, with two e-commerce software options for independent dealers to participate in the growing online marketplace. The first integration with ATD’s tirebuyer.com e-commerce site provides dealers with a turnkey solution for competitive online pricing, optimized consumer experience and fulfillment from ATD inventory delivered to a dealer’s locations, 50 Below said. The second, Real-Time Pricing, allows the dealer to manage pricing and integrate with the ATDOnline platform. Both solutions provide an opportunity for dealers to capitalize on their current website traffic, capture online shoppers and close the sale, the maker added.

MaddenCo said it provides integrated software systems to the independent tire dealer and truck stop service center markets. The company’s integrated software packages bundle point-of-sale, warehousing, inventory, bar coding, retreading, accounts receivable and payable, and general ledger availability, as well as electronic interfaces to many of the industry’s leading rubber vendors. Whether your business is a single store or a multi-location operation, MaddenCo said it can provide the software and expertise needed to take your operation to the next level.  

Mitchell 1
ProDemand is the next generation of repair information software from Mitchell 1. According to the company, the new product will improve the way automotive technicians service vehicles. ProDemand presents service repair information in a concise, easy-to-understand format, providing all of the descriptions, procedures, specifications, diagrams and tire fitment data that technicians need to complete the job. Returning all of the relevant findings quickly saves time because technicians don’t have to conduct multiple look-ups to find what they need, the maker added.

Net Driven
According to Net Driven, in 2007 a few independent automotive dealers realized their customers were shopping online, but none had an effective way to market to Internet shoppers. The dealers decided to build their own solution to fill this need and lease it at affordable prices, thus Net Driven was born. Today, Net Driven is a leading provider of websites and Internet marketing solutions to the tire and auto repair markets, the company said. Focusing only on automotive businesses, it is the company’s mission to help its clients acquire new customers and keep existing customers using the Internet.

Total Auto Business Solutions announced the upcoming release of TireVault.net. According to the company, TireVault.net is an integrated e-commerce and website software system. Inventory and invoice history are available for both wholesale and retail websites, and orders are synchronized seamlessly with the AutoBiz Shop Management System. Thousands of available skins and modules allow for complete customization. Easy and intuitive setup puts shop managers in control.

Tasco Corp. has unveiled a migration plan for the company’s TireWorks customers. The conversion to TireWorks HD will provide sophisticated features for addressing business challenges faced by tire and auto service providers, the company said. The conversion plan addresses three major goals: economic feasibility, ease and speed of implementation, and the most appealing benefit –  payoff. TireWorks HD includes features to convert more inquiries into captured business, increase customer invoice values and margins, and ensure customer retention, the maker added.

TCS now offers a tire and wheel Facebook app that allows consumers to get a quote or even buy a tire or wheel from a dealer’s Facebook page. According to TCS, this new Facebook tire and wheel search capability is the latest step in allowing consumers to get product quotes wherever they are on the web. The Facebook tire search platform, built in tandem with tire, wheel and service websites provided by TCS, delivers a dealer’s inventory to Facebook’s more than 800 million active users. The app allows a dealer to specify what tire and wheel products are displayed when a user searches by vehicle, size or brand.  tcstire.com

WECnology’s Cloud Computing for point-of-sale, inventory and accounting has multiple features to access and manage business software. According to the company, features include automatic data back-up and security for protection, access to your business software anywhere and anytime, and quick and convenient software updates that are automatically done while your business is sleeping.  

BAYiQ and TCS Announce Full Integration for TireWorks HD



BAYiQ Announces Partnership with TCS TireWorks HD

Partnership to provide integrated Loyalty Program Services with TireWorks HD Software


October 6, 2017 | Mesa, AZ  – BAYiQ, an Intelligent Customer Retention & Marketing Platform and TCS, the developer of TireWorks HD, a leading Shop Management System software for auto and tire service dealers, announced the full integration of the BAYiQ platform within TireWorks HD allowing users to easily implement BAYiQ’s fully automated cloud based rewards, marketing, and data platform.  


BAYiQ offers a cloud-based and fully automated rewards program that will enable TCS dealers to easily enroll customers as reward members within their TireWorks HD shop management system. 


Once a customer is signed up, BAYiQ automatically starts managing the dealer’s customer database, making sure the customer comes back to the dealer time and time again. Customers earn points for every purchase which can be redeemed for dealership rewards certificates or donated to dealer-selected charities.


"We're excited at BAYiQ to add TireWorks HD to our growing list of integrations. We're ready to help TireWorks HD dealers with an end-to-end acquisition and retention program that is proven to increase revenue," said Patrick Murphy, founder of BAYiQ.


Utilizing a mix of text messaging, emails and physical gift cards, dealers have multiple avenues to improve customer spend and market to new customers.


“The BayIQ integration is a nice addition to TireWorks HD and adds yet another opportunity for dealers to acquire new customers and capitalize on their current customers base. We look forward to working with BayIQ and continuing to grow together to bring best in class solutions to the tire industry,” said Jeff, Director for TCS.


In addition to dynamic customer and dealer portals with analytics and ROI data, BAYiQ features a traffic-building customer referral program as well as the ability to create co-branded rewards cards with the dealer’s local groups, clubs and businesses. 


About BAYiQ

BAYiQ is an Intelligent Rewards and Marketing Platform specifically designed for the independent tire and auto service dealer. As a fully integrated and cloud-based product, it allows dealers to easily and seamlessly sign up loyalty customers through their Shop Management System. The program also helps dealer’s new customer acquisition strategy via web, social media and remote sign-ups with their smart device and third-party web pages. 

About TCS

TCS develops and supports an innovative suite of point of sale and business management software, eCommerce websites, digital marketing services and data-as-a-service products designed exclusively for dealers, wholesalers, retreaders and manufacturers within the automotive repair, tire and wheel verticals. TCS is the industry's only complete technology provider, and their platform outperforms the competition through its own seamless integration and superior functionality. For more than 20 years, TCS has provided the best customer support in the industry, giving them the tools to build stronger, more loyal customers and ultimately a strong ROI. 



Tire service for Hyundai County HD 65, 72, 78, Porter in Tolyatti

If you are looking for a quality tire service in Tolyatti, then you just need to contact Avtokar City. Behind shoulders of our experts there is sufficient experience of tire fitting. Currently, tire fitting services can be obtained almost anywhere in the city. And since the change of road surface from pure asphalt to snow and ice occurs unexpectedly, many motorists choose the car service closest to their location, not caring about the quality of the services provided and the degree of preparedness of employees. Even such a simple operation as changing a set of tires should be carried out on the appropriate equipment. Hyundai County and Hyundai Porter tire service is made in Autocar City at an affordable price.

The Hyundai County Autocar City service station has all the necessary conditions for this. When replacing rubber, it is dismantled, cleaned and washed disks and tires, wheel balancing on a special computer stand. Poor-quality wheel balancing will lead to the fact that the car will lead to the side, the load will be distributed unevenly, which will lead to increased wear of the vehicle components and the occurrence of malfunctions in them. Also, our car service is equipped with special lifts, which allows us to carry out tire fitting services on cars of non-standard dimensions and weights. If the disc edge is damaged and jammed as a result of incorrect balancing, our experts will help to cope with such a problem. If you need a Hyundai Porter or Hyundai County tire fitting, feel free to contact our car service. We will patch a tubeless tire, check the wheels on a wheel balancer, install a harness, disassemble the wheels if necessary, and prepare your wheels for tire fitting. For more information about services, please see our price list.


Service Timing Price Get a quote0023 Ask for a price
Install the harness (without disassembling the wheel) 2-3 days Get a price
Install a patch on the camera (install a patch) 2-3 days Find out the cost
Replacement chamber or valve installation/installation 2-3 days Get a quote
Wheel balancing 2-3 days Get a price
Pressure test, tire inflation 2-3 days Get a quote
Disassemble a wheel 2-3 days Get a quote Assemble a wheel 023 2-3 days Get a quote
Removing and installing a wheel 2-3 days Ask for a price
Cleaning, preparing for tire fitting a wheel 2-3 days Get a price

Also we can


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Engine repair

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Exhaust system repair

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Power system repair

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Cooling system repair

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Repair of ventilation and heating systems

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Repair of electrical equipment

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Clutch repair

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Gearbox repair

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Cardan shaft repair

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Rear axle repair

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Front and rear suspension repair

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Steering repair

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Brake repair

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Door repair

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Lubrication and filling work

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Collapse convergence

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Tire work in Moscow » Price list

Tire work in Moscow » Price list

+7 495 104 64 26

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    • Prices


Price* (for 4 wheels) R 12-15 R16 R17 R18 R 19 R20 R21 R22
Wheel set replacement 1790r 2200r 2380r 3030r 3580r 3850r 4125r 4540r
Tire set replacement 2650r 3300r 3720r 4540r


5780r 5940r 6600r

Puncture and cut repair

Prices* (for 1 wheel R 12-15 R16 R17 R18 R 19 R20 R21 R22
Puncture repair 1515r 1650r 1790r 1925r 2062r 2200r 2340r 2480r
Side cut repair 2340r 2480r 2612r 2750r 2890r 3025r 3170r 3300r


Prices* (for 1 wheel) R 12-15 R16 R17 R18 R 19 R20 R21 R22
Removal/installation 302r 372r 454r 514r 620r 695r 725r 802r
Balancing 220r 245r 317r 385r 330r 482r 495r 537r
Assembly/disassembly 247r 303r 330r 413r 449r 522r 550r 580r


Coefficient Price
Off Road / Low Profile +20%
Run Flat +30%
From 3 cars From 6 cars From 10 cars Advice to a friend Replacement + storage Record for 5 days
-5% -10% from -15% -10% -10% + free shipping -5%
* The final cost of the work may vary depending on the complexity of the damage, the time of departure.
** Herniation may occur after repair of a lateral cut.
*** Departure outside the Moscow Ring Road is paid separately


Conditions Price
Tire storage on rims 4990 rub (when ordering a tire service with a 15% discount 3490)
Tire storage without rims 4370 rub (when ordering a tire service with a 15% discount 2970)
Delivery kit 625 rub


Coefficient Price
Off Road / Low Profile +20%
Run Flat +30%


Designation Price
Check out until 22:00 500 rub
Departure after 22:00 1000 rub
Departure outside the Moscow Ring Road 1000 r + 30 r/km
Downtime over 30 minutes 700 rub
Minimum exit 2500 rub


Service name Price
Bag set 125 rub/set
Valve replacement 200 rub
Wheel recycling 250 R/pcs
Camera installation 1125 R/pcs
Removing locks from 750 r/pc
engine start 1125 R
Fuel supply 1125 R
Car towing 2500 rub
Wheel seal 250 rub/wheel

Motorcycle tire fitting

Name of work Price
Two wheel set 3440 rub
Front wheel kit 1650 R
Rear wheel kit 2200 rub

Additional services

Name of works Price
Removing/installing front wheel 625 rub
Removing/installing rear wheel 875 rub
Assembly/disassembly 250 rub
Balancing 500 rub
Camera installation 125 rub
Valve replacement 125 rub
Wheel inflation 65 p
Wheel cleaning 125 rub
Wheel recycling 250 rub
Puncture repair from 190 rub
Cut repair from 375 rub

Refueling air conditioner

Service name Price
Refueling air conditioner 134A (up to 500g) 2375 p
Extra freon 134A (100g) 125p
Oil dressing (30g) 500p
Freon/waste oil and harmful gases recovery from system 375p
System diagnostics 500p
Antibacterial treatment system 625p
Additional circuit coefficient 1. 7
Special equipment and trucks coefficient 2.0

Edit discs

Radius Price
R12-14 from 875 r
R15 from 1125 r
R16 from 1375 r
R17 from 1625 r
R18 from 2000 r
R19 from 2500 rub
R20 - 24 from 2875 r

Oil change

Service name Price
Oil change 3125 R

Auto opening

Service name Price
Domestic car opening 1875 R
Import car opening 2500 rub
Premium car opening 3125 R
Opening the trunk, hood, gas tank 1875 R

Argon welding

Service name Price
Argon welding 250 R/cm

Motor Assistance

Service name Price
Motorcycle transportation up to 1500cc (HD,BMW,Triumf up to 1200cc) from 2630 rub
Transportation of a motorcycle over 1500cc (HD,BMW,Triumf over 1200cc) from 3125 r
ATV transportation from 2750 rub
Transporting a snowmobile from 3750 rub
Buggy transport from 3750 rub
Motorcycle registration with the traffic police from 4750 rub
Registration of a motorcycle without your participation in the traffic police from 6250 rub
ATV registration with Rostekhnadzor from 6880 rub

Dry cleaning

Service name Price
Service package "STANDARD" 625 rub
"COMPLEX" service package 1000 rub
Machining of locks and rubber seals spec.

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