How to rebuild a honda atv starter

New Starter Rebuild Kit For Honda ATV TRX650FA TRX650FGA Rincon

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HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX650FA Rincon 2003 649cc
HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX650FA Rincon 2004 649cc
HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX650FA Rincon 2005 649cc

HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX650FGA Rincon 2004 649cc
HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX650FGA Rincon 2005 649cc

HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX680FA Rincon 2006 675cc
HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX680FA Rincon 2007 675cc
HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX680FA Rincon 2008 675cc
HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX680FA Rincon 2009 675cc
HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX680FA Rincon 2010 675cc
HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX680FA Rincon 2011 675cc
HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX680FA Rincon 2012 675cc

HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX680FGA Rincon GPS 2006 675cc
HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX680FGA Rincon GPS 2007 675cc
HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX680FGA Rincon GPS 2008 675cc
HONDA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) TRX680FGA Rincon GPS 2009 675cc


Part Type: Starter Repair Kit
Weight: 0. 23 lbs

Replaces these part numbers:

Honda 31200-HN8-000, 31200-HN8-003, 31200-MAH-008, 31200-MAT-003, 31200-MBB-000, 31200-MBB-A41, 31200-MCJ-751, 31200-MR1-008, 31200-MR1-831, 31200-MV9-671

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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ATV Starters


SA-101N 1987-UP LT80

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Repair and troubleshooting of children's gasoline ATVs


Most likely, you are reading this article either because your children's gasoline ATV or motorcycle for some reason does not start (does not work correctly), or you are just looking to this category of children's transport and trying to figure out what you want to get involved in.

Looking ahead, I want to warn everyone who does not have the appropriate skills necessary for maintenance, and is also not familiar with people who are willing to work with your equipment on the cheap, or at all, out of friendship: I strongly do not recommend messing with gasoline engines. No matter how much the technique costs and how well it is done, you will have to delve into a bunch of nuances that will make your head spin. If you still want serious powerful equipment, pay attention to similar models with electric motors. They, as a rule, are made on the same chassis, but at the same time they have a bunch of advantages, the main of which is the absence of the need for maintenance. You will not need to keep in mind all sorts of restrictions, ignoring which can cripple an expensive toy. Breakdowns in such models are extremely rare and are not related to the engine. And the most powerful models go faster than gasoline "subcompacts". Plus a bonus in the form of a reverse gear.

Let's get back to our sheep.

For those who want to dive into this issue especially deeply, especially since it will be extremely difficult to describe all possible malfunctions, I recommend entering a phrase like "common two-stroke engine malfunctions" into the search engine. The study of the material found will also save you from damaging the product "by ignorance." Jokes aside, do it.

Now about the main malfunctions of children's gasoline ATVs.

1. Clutch

The centrifugal clutch is perhaps the most delicate part of the entire system. Usually it fails either on the first day of operation, or after honestly serving and eventually worn out. Premature failure occurs for reasons that have little to do with the quality of the clutch itself. In the picture you can see his device.

The weak point is the springs, which can come loose from the hinges and get caught between the rotating parts due to vibration due to excessive resistance. That is, for example, when a low-powered children's quadric is forced to move off with wheels bogged down in the sand along the very axles or forcing it to wade through tall thick grass, this most excessive resistance appears. It is also worth avoiding starting off a steep hill.

If a breakdown does occur, there are two options left: replacing the entire clutch or just the springs. To implement both scenarios, you will have to remove the clutch. The procedure will most likely require the removal of the electric starter followed by the extraction of the rotor. When assembling the electric starter, use matches to fix the springs holding the brushes.

2. Ignition

One of the reasons for the impossibility of starting the engine is the lack of ignition. The verification algorithm is quite simple: we unscrew the candle and put it on the body. If there is a spark, we are looking elsewhere, if not, we disconnect the wire coming from the magneto / ignition module to ground. If a spark appears when the latter is turned off, then you can relax, most likely nothing serious. AT 9In 5% of cases, this is an emergency stop button located on the steering wheel (rubber plug with a cord). Due to vibration, the plug could simply loosen the pressure on the button.

If the spark does not appear even after disconnecting the mass, then either it is time to replace the spark plug or the ignition unit.

3. Electric starter

The latter rarely fails enough to require replacement. If you hear the relay clicking, but the starter does not turn, there is a fairly high probability that this is a short circuit. No, there will be no burnt wires and pillars of sparks. It just won't spin. In this case, you will need to disassemble the electric starter and inspect its parts. In most cases, the cause of failure is the displacement of the electric starter housing as a result of vibrations. Adjust the housing with the adjusting screw and voila! The starter is working again.

4. Mechanical starter

Breakdowns usually result from careless handling. Usually the reason for the failure is a jumped-out spring. Recovery is possible, but it requires dexterity, physical strength and lots and lots of patience. I recommend looking for relevant videos on Youtube. For those who are too lazy to mess around, or their patience has already ended, I recommend contacting a lawn mower repair shop. There, your starter will be restored for less than five dollars.

Repair of alternators for motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles

Held Way workshop provides repair services for motorcycle alternators of any model and regardless of the year of manufacture. Our masters have extensive experience in servicing motor generators and starters, incl. foreign brands (Yamaha, Ducati, Honda, etc.). For clients, a call is available to the master with a free inspection of a moped, ATV and other motor vehicles, based on the results of which the cost and terms of restoration are reported.

How to understand that the generator needs repair

You may suddenly encounter the fact that the motorcycle will not start. At the same time, the engine is working, and there is no rattle from the starter side, but there is still no ignition. In such a situation, it can be unequivocally stated that the engine does not start due to the lack of a spark from the spark plugs, because. generator is defective.

Even if the motorcycle can be started, it will not be stable at high speeds. Also a good sign of a malfunction is a complete failure of electrical devices on the panel or unstable brightness of lighting fixtures.

If a generator malfunction is detected, it is better to send it to a service center for repair. There are two reasons for this at once:

  1. The motorcycle generator fails mainly due to other problems (short circuit inside the circuit or on the housing, starter failure). Therefore, along with it, it is necessary to restore other sources of problems.
  2. Generator may need frame re-geometry or rewind. These works cannot be performed in a garage environment and professional equipment is required.

Sometimes a motorcycle alternator can fail due to corrosive substances or dirt. Even if you manage to restore it yourself, it is impossible to identify and verify all the negative factors that influenced its breakdown. Therefore, a new problem will soon come. To avoid these problems, it is recommended to contact only specialists.

How a motorcycle alternator is repaired

Maintenance of a scooter or moped begins with professional diagnostics, which includes:

  • External inspection and evaluation of the generator;
  • Checking electronic devices;
  • Disassembly and subsequent testing of the device (current collection, winding resistance).

According to the results of diagnostics, the client is informed of the price and terms of repair of motor vehicles.

Rewinding the motor generator

Faulty windings found after “ringing” must be replaced. The master selects a conductor similar in cross section and composition, and winds it in place of the damaged one. If necessary, intermediate cleaning of the grooves from dirt is performed.

With this method, all windings with severe deformation or multiple breaks of turns are replaced in a circle. At the end of the rewind, the motorcycle generator is assembled and its performance is checked before returning to the customer.

Starter repair

Often this situation occurs - the generator is working after repair and the lighting devices are working. But when starting the engine, flickering of the headlights and the dashboard is observed. The reason is a faulty starter, because of which the generator failed.

Therefore, together with the main repair, the masters rewind the starter. The method of restoring the windings depends on the severity of the damage:

  1. If there was a slight overheating, but the rotor turns survived and only the insulation was destroyed, it is enough to remove dirt with soot and apply new material. This will require unwinding, because. insulation residues get stuck between the inner turns.
  2. In case of serious damage (with breaks and deformation), the master winds a new conductor on the starter.

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